EastEnders’ Rickaaaaaaay’s In Love

Hello and welcome to A Slice of Soap. It’s time to see what’s in store for us soap fans this week.

EastEnders w/e September 12

It’s news that won’t surprise anyone, but on EastEnders this week Rickaaaaaaaaay realises he’s still in love with Bianca. What’s more, Pat discovers the awful truth too. Now that would be good news for the romantics out there, but Tony arrives back home from prison. Personally, I’m glad because Rickaaaaaay and Biancaaaaah were getting a bit too cosy for my liking. I’ve always thought that they work best when they’re at each other’s throats. Will true love find a way? Well of course it has to eventually, otherwise why go to all the bother of bringing back Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen?

However, for the time being, they’ll continue to kid each other. So Rickaaaay’s got a date and Bianca doesn’t appear too happy with the news. Ho, hum. Meanwhile, Christian wants Jane to go to ‘Fightercise’ with him, but she has other ideas. Callum’s not happy when Ian gives him his wages (I bet Squeal’s not happy about having to hand over money either). Peggy’s not happy that Archie’s let Billy move into The Vic…Is anyone happy in Albert Square? Silly question. On with the show and Ian becomes suspicious of Jane’s antics after speaking with Callum. Max suggests that he and Suzy have a housewarming party and invites Jack and Tanya; he then proceeds to wind Jack up. Phil assures Max that he’ll have the item he’s getting hold of by the end of the week….and we’re not talking dodgy motors. Dot tries to reassure Bradley that there’s nothing going on between Callum and Stacey. Minty and Garry try their hardest to keep their boat on the Square. Rickaaaaaaaay tells Pat that he’s planning on moving out. Bradley feels left out during a football match and is gutted when he’s dropped from the team….

Also on EastEnders this week:
Max shows Jack the gun
Roxy and Sean are excited about their second scan
Max lets Tanya know he’ll agree to a divorce

Emmerdale w/e September 12

The writers of the rural soap must still be on cloud nine. The latest hour-long edition of Emmerdale topped the ratings last Tuesday, according to early figures. The episode, which included a gun-point hostage, pulled in an average of 6.23m (30.7%) in the 7pm hour, a week-on-week rise of 400,000. EastEnders managed 5.77m (27.2%) but if the figures for the BBC Three repeat are included, the BBC soap returns to the lead. It just goes to show that the rather icky storyline about Doug’s scratching after having contracted a sexually transmitted disease worked out after all – ratings-wise. The rest of us would’ve had trouble eating our dinner. Back to this week’s drama and Bob tries to make Nicola and Val reconsider the legal action against him. Heath manages to lock himself and Cathy inside the car. Bob leaves the twins with Edna and heads off to see Viv.

Val persuades a reluctant Pollard to give Lexi a trial at the factory. Edna convinces the villagers to put the legal action on hold and Nicola refuses. Lisa is in two minds over whether to apply for the supervisor’s job. Bob is dealt another blow when he receives a large bill from his solicitors. Katie is shocked to hear that Matthew has gambled the future of the business on a single deal. Gennie feels awkward about her mum’s new living arrangements. Elsewhere, Donna suffers a panic attack in her physiotherapy session. Can Marlon save his wife’s broken mind?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Bob hits rock bottom
Debbie sees a disturbing picture drawn by Sarah
Jimmy hires Zak to drive Scarlett to college

Coronation Street w/e September 12

Not long to go now before actor Rob James-Collier departs from Coronation Street, so it’s time to resurrect a storyline that’s been lying idle for a little while. This week, it looks like Carla’s finally found a way of getting her claws back into sexy brother-in-law Liam. Not only does she put up the much-needed cash for his new business venture, she also demands a 25% stake in the business. Sounds like she could teach Dragon Den’s Theo Paphitis a thing or two…As if we didn’t know it by now, this woman will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Mel can’t help brooding about what happened to Abi. Jerry tells Terrible Teresa to stay away from the kids. John’s in shock following the sudden death of his grandmother. So who’s he gonna call (and don’t say Ghostbusters!)? Of course it turns out that Fiz will be the shoulder to cry on. Sean’s lovesick following his split from Marcus. What fantastic acting from the now-departed Charlie Condou – he acted Antony Cotton off the screen with his portrayal of Marcus’ anguish over the end of their relationship. I really liked Marcus and I’m not too happy about the prospect of Sean and Tom getting together. I prefer Marcus and Sean together. Anyway, Liam’s furious after discovering Tom’s made Carla a partner in their new business. Mel celebrates when she hears Abi’s operation went well. ‘Brad Pitt’ (John Stapes) is surprised when Fiz asks if she can accompany him to his gran’s funeral. Why is he so surprised? Doesn’t he realise that he’s The Street’s love magnet? Amber consoles Darryl and gets herself a date with him, but Dev’s not happy. Talking of Dev, he’s forced to hide Nina in the bedroom. Is their affair about to be discovered?

Also on Coronation Street:
Carla flirts with Tom (is there any point?)
Mel’s out for revenge
Dev insists he’s going to finish with Nina

Hollyoaks w/e September 12

Hollywoodoaks has covered some pretty serious subjects in its time: anorexia, mental illness, drug addiction to name a few. This week we move into equally heavy territory as Malachy finds out that he’s HIV positive. It’s a devastating blow and he struggles to keep the news to himself. Let’s hope that the soap treats the subject in a responsible manner. Figures for sexually transmitted diseases are on the up as far as young adults are concerned so this is a good way to raise awareness. Anyway, back to this week’s action and Niall receives a call from John Paul, informing him of Kieron’s apparent suicide. Sad. Kris is furious when he discovers that Malachy’s failed to reach Ireland in time for their mum’s birthday. Hannah announces her intentions of running for Entertainments Officer, and is surprised when Elliot also announces his plans to run against her.

Malachy discloses he’s HIV positive. Mike finds himself making a decision which will affect his future. Calvin forgets to sort out a best man for his wedding and offers the job to Leo and Danny. Sarah books a band downstairs in the SU. Leila takes the opportunity to make some money by offering Reiki massages. Danny’s in trouble when Lauren reads his best man speech. Hannah’s concerned about how Sarah’s life has been taken over by the election. Carmel’s full of romantic notions about her forthcoming wedding. Talk of hen nights and stag dos dominates the Valentines’. Sarah’s perturbed to hear that Zoe’s going to be filming an interview with Hannah, Zak and Elliot for HCC student channel. Kris’ agony is clear to see as the PEP drugs take their hold.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Mandy coerces Warren into going back to Steph’s flat
Carmel voices her concerns about Calvin to Valerie
Nancy’s shocked when a drunken Malachy appears

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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16 Responses to EastEnders’ Rickaaaaaaay’s In Love

  1. Tammy says:

    I think its about time Ian Sqeal got off his high horse and took a long harsh look at reality!!! He really does my head in!!!
    The Mitchell\’s need to realise they are not the East ends Mafia!!!!!!!!
    Love watching Eastenders but it really does annoy me how so un-realistic some of the storylines can be!!!! The writers need to have a re-think!!!

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comment Tammy

  3. Dominic says:

    They are not having a story on AIDS, just HIV. There is a big difference!!

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comment Brad

  5. Sam says:

    :O I just saw this on digital spy!!! \’Emmerdale\’ star due in court over GBHEmmerdale star Luke Tittensor is to appear in court tomorrow on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm.The
    actor, who plays Daz Eden in the ITV1 soap, could face five years in
    prison if found guilty of the incident, in which another man\’s jaw was
    broken.A source told the News Of The World that Tittensor is worried that a spell in jail could jeopardise his career."He\’s been in Emmerdale
    for five years and has worked his way up from child actor to one of the
    biggest stars in the show. He\’s petrified of losing what he\’s worked so
    hard to achieve," said the insider.Tittensor, 18, will appear before magistrates in Rochdale, where he is expected to be sent for trial at crown court.How shocking is that!!!! Sorry to jump in and post it on here, i couldnt wait until tomorrow. lol I think its disgusting how his only worry is his career, where\’s his remorse? Emmerdale need to get shoot of him, think of the message his behavior is sending out to young fans of the show. It certainly reflects badly on Emmerdale too, there not going to be the soap equivalent of Newcastle United are they, and continue to hire a waste of space thug? 

  6. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for posting Sam. 🙂  Bad news for Emmerdale and Luke. There\’s a saying that all publicity is good publicity, but I don\’t think it applies here because GBH is very serious. Then again, being a convicted criminal hasn\’t done Cheryl Cole\’s career much harm, has it?

  7. christine says:

    The storyline is a very strong on Eastenders and upsetting but unfortunately this is what goes on in the world.
    Children and Parents should be aware that its not all undercover and the kids understand what is happening because perhaps they dont see any wrong in some cases or to scared to say anything , so the comment that some one made about perhaps the kids will speak up  is a good and valid point.

  8. lisa says:

    I think eastenders is brilliant the story line is only true to life it happens everyday.  Eastenders you are the best

  9. Hannah says:

    i think that eastenders is a good soap, there has been storylines in the past about real life events such as rape and bullying, so i don\’t see why this storyline is any different. if some peple are against the story line then don\’t watch the soap, no ones forcing anyone to watch it.

  10. Unknown says:

    I think its about time that people got a grip, with soaps, and the story line s they create. If they don\’t by now know the reasons behind why soaps do create stories, then they should just simlpy not watch them.
    It may not be nice but it is done to try to get a message across, and hopefully will have a good outcome. 

  11. Amrina says:

    shes bloody 15 its not like shes 7

  12. shania says:

    If it saves one child from abuse then it\’s worth showing, too many ppl bury their heads in the sand hoping it goes away.

  13. Paul N Sarah says:

    Soaps have been tackling tough storylines for years. Why all the moaning now I dont know.  I dont like the storyline. But rather than sit and moan about it. I just dont watch the soap.  I stopped watching eastenders months ago as it has gotton boring. Why moan about it. Just do what I do and dont watch it.

  14. Paul says:

    Whats the point of discussion. Anyone who watches this sort of crap is brain dad anyway. Why not spend 30 mins a day doing something useful or learning about the world instead of all this utter diatribe!

  15. Tom says:

    who is sad enough to complain lol i wish i had enough time 2 waste it complaining about tv. if you dont like it then why r u watching it and whats even more pathetic is people who dont actully watch eastenders complaining about it. i watch it and its alright not the greatest programme in the world but its nothing to complain about. and are you all old farts for god sakes, oh its so upsetting and this is uttr diatribe lol get a life people. im 15 and theres a few girls who go out with men in the20\’s. tbh its not like its sum 70year old getting wih a 7 year old. anyway whitney is fit id have a go with her fair play tony lol get alife people hahahah

  16. Ellie says:

    i think that Tony should leave whitney alone

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