EastEnders’ Jack Branning Is Framed

Hello and welcome to A slice Of Soap. Today, we’ve got some news for you EastEnders and Hollyoaks fans.

I’m still trying to work out who gets the prize for soap villain of the year…Corrie’s greedy businessman Tony Gordon, or EastEnders’ love rat Max Branning? Well, if this story’s anything to go by, I’d say that the pair are currently neck and neck, with Max Branning just edging ahead slightly. Y’see, Max is apparently prepared to frame his own brother. Determined to seek revenge against Jack (actor Scott Maslen) for running off with his wife Tanya, according to the Daily Star, he hatches a plan to ruin the ex-policeman – and enlists the help of Jack’s rival Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

A show insider told the newspaper: "Phil buys the gun, Max hides it in his new house and the pair start spreading stories about how the previous occupant killed his wife." Later, Jack handles the gun and….well, you can guess the rest. How low can you get? Framing your own brother for murder! Alright, Jack Branning hasn’t exactly been a very good boy recently but it looks like this storyline’s gonna take a nasty turn when Jack and Max end up having a shoot-out on Albert Square (that sounds like the title of a western….or a Guy Ritchie movie, doesn’t it?). This apparently results in one of them fighting for his life. My money’s on Max surviving cos he’s like the great Houdini…he seems to be able to cheat even death itself – just look at him surviving being buried alive recently, for example.

As for Coronation Street’s Tony Gordon, well, he’s still a very strong contender for the title of Coronation Street’s most evil soap villain of all time. Tony ‘JR’ Gordon’s even beginning to make Richard Hillman appear saintly. According to  a recent rumour, it’ll be ol’ Tony ‘JR’ Gordon that ends up bumping off Liam Connor. He learns that Liam’s had been messing around with Carla from vixen Rosie Webster. It just goes to show that there’s never a dull moment on the soaps (apart from Emmerdale, of course. Pick it up a bit Emmerdale writers – and I don’t mean by giving Pearl a sexually transmitted disease either).

Hollyoaks’ bad boy Warren Fox is apparently set to sleep with his fiancee’s best friend Mandy Richardson. Bit tame for him, innit? After all, he murdered Sean. Anyway, Louise has already suspected that Warren has feelings for Mandy, but he complained that she didn’t trust him. Their relationship has always been fiery so this is par for the course really….

That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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4 Responses to EastEnders’ Jack Branning Is Framed

  1. Danni says:

     eastenders and hollyoaks are both lookin good.
    i loved the nial, keiron storyline thats aired this week. if ur looking for a vilain nial is your man.

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for the comment Danni

  3. Rebecca says:

    It woz doug that caught an STD, not Pearl. He caught crabs off Bonnie. And yh def Niall shud b a contender for this Years Villian award. He\’s crazy and actaully succeeded in killing someone this time, poor kieron 😦

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    Becky, I was being sarcastic with the Pearl comment. 🙂

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