R.I.P EastEnders’ Jase

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap.

So. Did anyone watch EastEnders last night? Or maybe I should ask the question did anybody not watch EastEnders last night? Wasn’t it one of the saddest moments you’ve ever seen in a soap?
Watching Jase Dyer’s past catch up with him. Why oh why did they have to kill him off like that…it was so cruel! I’m still reaching for the tissues even now. And how about poor old Billy Mitchell? I feel sorry for him. How will he live with himself knowing that he did absolutely nothing to save his mate…what a yellow belly (can’t say I blame him though…Terry and his lads would have eaten him for dinner, that’s for sure).

So what’s gonna happen to his son? Poor little Jay Brown – he’s got no mum, no dad…Will Billy, out of sheer guilt, feel obligated to take Jay in? Or will the poor boy end up in care? One thing’s for sure, the death of Jase is certain to send Jay off the rails, so watch out Walford.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I reckon it was a big mistake to kill Jase off. Although he’d only been on EastEnders for just over a year, he was certainly beginning to make his mark. Personally, I would have preferred it if Jase got sent down for a few years; at least that way, he’d have the option of making a return to EastEnders at some point. Now the most he can do is haunt Billy from the grave. Hey, anything’s possible on soaps these days. So what’s next for actor Stephen Lord? Well, only time will tell, but judging by some of the credits to his name, it looks like good things await him.

So by way of a tribute to Jase, a look at the man who brought him to life.  R.I.P. Jase.

  • Stephen Lord was born 1 October 1972 in Manchester
  • He has appeared in many TV shows, including Heartbeat, The Bill and Sea of Souls.
  • In 2006, he played a villain in a Jean-Claude Van Damme film called Until death. He starred in another film with the muscles from Brussels called The Shepherd: Border Patrol.
  • In 2007, he completed filming for Kill Kill Faster Faster, which is a contemporary film noir inspired by the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by Joel Rose.
  • Stephen is married to Irish actress Elaine Cassidy.
  • He first appeared in EastEnders in July 2007. His character has been killed off

Jase Dyer:

  • 19 July 2007 – Jase arrives in Walford in search of his estranged son, Jay Brown.
  • Jase argued with Phil and Billy Mitchell about  his past, admitting that he’d been in prison.
  • October 2007 – Jase met up with his old friend Terry Bates.
  • November 2007 – Terry’s gang raided The Queen Victoria looking for Jase (this episode prompted loads of complaints to Ofcom and the BBC as viewers felt it was too violent. Ofcom upheld the complaints).
  • 6 June 2008 – Jase proposes to Dawn Swann.
  • Jase begins working for May Wright who later absconds with Summer.
  • May causes a gas explosion in Dawn’s house; Jase saved Summer’s life.
  • Jase told Dawn that he’d returned to his old ways.
  • Jase gets set up by Terry .
  • 28 August – Jase is greeted by Terry and his men who are wielding baseball bats. He is stabbed in the chest by Terry and later dies in hospital.

That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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40 Responses to R.I.P EastEnders’ Jase

  1. Tia says:

    What? Jase is dead? I just got back off holiday after 2 weeks, and I haven\’t watched the soaps in ages, and this is the first soap news ive read… I didn\’t even know he was leaving… 😦

  2. debbie says:

    why jase  why dont the directors get rid of the branens 

  3. jodie says:

    Omg… I watched EastEnders yesterday and the day before well all week it was horrible when he died as jay was heartbroken and yet jase had not bin in the soap for a long time …i thought EastEnders made a HUGE mistake by kicking off and now as well as this billy and honey are going to get a divorce (i read it in a magazine) I think dawn has bin through to much and now it just doesn\’t really seem realistic….

  4. Rachel says:

    i thought it was rather upsetting watching him die 😦 he should of got to stay and i think dawn should of went because it was her selfishness that gfot him killed in the first place that made him go back to working for terry :@

  5. Shomayla says:

    omg !!!!!!!! nooooo i cant believe jase is dead that was horrible i hope jay goes back to dawn and they get over it together he dosen\’t deserve to go to care and i really feel sorry for dawn .. on her wedding day !!!!!!!! how devastating .. terry realy needs a kick up his backside !!! haha lol xoxoxox

  6. Shomayla says:

    omg !! noo i love jase\’s charachter he was reallly good why did he wanna leave so quickly .. awwww i was hoping we cud go on a date oh wel now hes quitted eastenders i\’ve got a betta chance !!! haha and also if a may say i feel really sorry for dawn and the little boy jay they dont deserve this ohh well they\’ll get over it .. ohhhhh i miss him already .. bigg kiss to him tho mwahhhh .xx.

  7. rachael says:

    Eastenders have made a huge mistake, they should have got rid of garry and dawn (they both completely do my head in….

  8. amal says:

    of all da ppl dey had 2 kill y jase he was the best. wish jay accepts dawns help cause only she knows da pain hes feelin

  9. Aimee says:

    He was fit they shouldn\’t of got rid of him.x

  10. rachel says:

    they shouldnt of killed off jase,
    best one if you ask me.
    dawn should look after jay now.

  11. karole says:

    would have loved to watch it but missed it and am havin real trouble finding it on the website can only find a clip of it and then it wouldn\’t play could only hear the sound can you help me would really like to see this episode

  12. Fatema says:

    You can watch episodes on http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/

  13. jessica says:

    i was so upset wen they killed jase they shouldnt have he was the best n he was well fit, i feel sorry for jay now cos he has no one left   😦

  14. Tom says:

    what losers actualy waste there time complaining about it lol they are so gay.
    eastenders would be crap like it is most of the time if there wasnt the odd bit of violence.
    get alife and stop complaining.
    and apparently 1 person was physically sick hahahahahahahahahahah lmao get a life you gay heads

  15. Jade says:

    I cant believe people have complained, it wasnt even bad it didnt show them physically attacking him to death.this is what england is now like so its not as if its never been seen before,i think its patheic people complaine they knew that mondays show would show jase being killed so why watch it?? Stuff about gang crime is on the news all the time so do they complain to them aswell? dont think so…

  16. Chantelle says:

    i can not believe people are complaining of wht happened to jase,i women says she was phsically sick well she needs to get a life i wud hate to see wht happens when something on tv is shown that is not sutible for viewing

  17. Emma says:

    Can\’t believe people are complaining. How ridiculous. The things that are on tv, you\’d think they\’d have something else to do with their time. And how stupid that a woman was "physically sick". How does she handle things like Casualty and Holby City, and all the crime shows and whatnot.
    I thought it was a brilliant couple of episodes. Sad, but not sickening or anything.

  18. Alison says:

    Oh for goodness sake, do some people just moan for the sake of it.  The episode portrayed the end of a good storyline.  It was well written, well acted, and incredibly emotional.  For gods sake it was made quite clear it was going to be quite an emotional episode, and the person who was sick!!  Perhaps you should get rid of the tv and take up something far more sensible like knitting or drawing!! Well done Eastenders for a powerful episode.

  19. Chris says:

    Who are these moaning whingers that find real life so hard to take when it is portrayed on television.
    Wake up people, this is happening around you. Open a newspaper and it is there every day. Do you
    complain about that as well? 
    Great episode Eastenders. Well done

  20. Sharon says:

    I think the way that it was shown was very good, but it was like a bolt out of the blue,  I was not expecting that.  Jase was a good character in eastenders its a shame he has been written out. Will be interesting to see what will happen next and how jay handles it. Brilliant little actor.

  21. biatchy says:

    First i would like to say well done Eastenders for a great story and a ending that made me cry bucket loads.
    And second who are these people that keep complaining,all they have showen is real life, the fact that someone was sick….who cares? dont watch it women if you cant handle it, i\’d like to ask her if she watches the news and if she complains to them when they show dead bodies and violence…i doubt it!!!! And if your kid is gonna cry than they shouldnt be watching it. You all need to f%$king grow up and take responsibility for your own viewing and what you decide to watch rather than complaining everytime they show something you dont like.GROW UP!!!!!!

  22. Fomi says:

    I find it interesting that people complain over these so-called \’violent\’ and \’disturbing\’ scenes yet no one bats an eye when we see roxy n sean getting it on in the bedroom…or stacey dropping her towel in front of max and then full on snogging him. Is it ok for kids to see that??
    On a separate note, i thought the episodes were among the best in eastenders history. Kudos to stephen and especially Jay (can\’t rem his real name) for acting so brilliantly.

  23. jacqui says:

    Eastenders should be shown with scenes that portray real life, maybe if kids see its not cool to carry knives then it does some good.
    if people dont like what they are seeing on TV then dont they realise that these days with freeview/sky/cable and even just your normal channels there are others they can watch????? or just press the off button, and half the time there are more violence in cartoons where animations beat each other up and all we do is laugh!!!! its only a carton! isnt it! Eastenders should be proud of te way they concluded the story line with Dawn finally realising you dont need shiny things to be happy and Jase dying to get her those shiny things, in other words too little too late. I also think the kid who plays Jay is an actor to watch in the future, needs a little work as sometimes a little too much when its a tearful scene as in throwing himself on the floor in a dive on the floor at the hospital, could have been better if he had slid down the wall and into a ball that way crying. But giving himself to the social workers and the way he kicks off at all around was excellent, that kid does good hate and anger.
    Anyway best Eastenders i have seen in a while, keep it going!

  24. David says:

    Eastender\’s is just depressing and crap! Why waste your time watching it…do you take pleasure in watching other\’s misery? I have never seen one happy episode, and will refuse to watch it, it\’s a waste of time!

  25. David says:

    I agree with \’no name\’. Eastenders is a waste of time. I have never seen anything as bad. And for those people who get upset about it or are addicted to it…get a life!

  26. poppy says:

    I think all these compltes are stupid Tayna berring Max and This it\’s not vilant u cant see anyone lay a finger on the carricters and why are u complanning about that when there\’s mutch worse thing\’s going on in Eastenders. and If Eastenders is so appoling then why watch it?

  27. mandy says:

    I just wanna say that the people who have complained about eastenders need to rethink about it. i feel that eastenders do show what is going on in real life and if young kids at the age of 13 and upwards can be brought to tears seeing a man lie dead and the reaction from his son then they know what to expect when they themselves get brave and want to play with knifes. it just shows what effect an incident like this has on a family. we see the news where nearly everyday now there is a stabing and someones family memeber is killed but we dont see the effects it has and i think eastenders did a good job in showing this.
    goodjob to eastenders writers.
    i agree with poppy if the show is that bad why waste your time watching it.
    brilliant acting stephen lord and i hope we do see more of you on other programs ashame you had to die though and cant have a come back.

  28. John says:

    alot of this does happen in real life.. and i never miss eastender.. as me and my friends would love to live in that sguare life wouldnt be dull half the time… at least everyone sticks together in good or bad times

  29. carol says:

    I am a 67 yr old woman, I watch Eastenders avidly. I am glad that this episode was shown as it shows what is being experienced in every day life now. We have become a nation of violence and thugs and I hope that this will open the eyes of those who wouldbe like Terry and his thugs, and to see what heartache those who are left have to suffer as poor little Jay.
    To the lady who was sick, as always the BBC did give a warning of violence and you have only yourself to blame. While it sickens me to know that this happens in real life, there is nothing I can do about it except to ask the Media to show more coverage of what devastating effect these crimes have on the innocent.
    Eastenders carry on portraying the lives of an east end community.

  30. John says:

    I think its just shocking and appauling I have a small child and hippy wife adn she was sick she was physically sick I mean the bbc showed me and my family scenes from london cctv and I am outraged. OMG! you ars*hol*s you ***** ***** ******* you ***.
    Now that is what the people who complained are saying. I in response would like to say we here at planet earth are incredibly sorry for the distress we may have caused yoru grossly over sensitive family of tw*ts and I really hope that we can all put this silly saga behind us. And enrol you all in the army so that maybe you can get over your F*CKING SELVES I mean come on. Shut up. You are pansies if you were physically sick at watching that episode you must be the kind of person who requires resusitation when they pass wind!  you pillocks!

  31. John says:

    mandy02 September 22:55

    I just wanna say that the people who have complained about eastenders need to rethink about it. i feel that eastenders do show what is going on in real life and if young kids at the age of 13 and upwards can be brought to tears seeing a man lie dead and the reaction from his son then they know what to expect when they themselves get brave and want to play with knifes. it just shows what effect an incident like this has on a family. we see the news where nearly everyday now there is a stabing and someones family memeber is killed but we dont see the effects it has and i think eastenders did a good job in showing this.
    goodjob to eastenders writers.
    i agree with poppy if the show is that bad why waste your time watching it.
    brilliant acting stephen lord and i hope we do see more of you on other programs ashame you had to die though and cant have a come back.
    err mandy thats just a nice way of saying. Get over yourselves you pansies. And remember ditry den! I\’m sure he can have a comeback but I would love to see them write a story for it without usin reincarnation as  a reason. TA TA Y\’ALL

  32. PAULINE says:

    i was totally gutted when i read they were killing jase off ,im  hoping that billy ,dawn and jay will wake up and find its all been one big nightmare ,just like bobby ewing …i cried when i saw young jay hold his dads hand to his face and wept .please cut down on the violence as it just goes to show you what these young kids are picking up ..my son was totally beaten up when he was 15 hes now 27 and still scared to venture out .rest in peace jase ..

  33. kylie marie says:

    why did you kill of jase? i was totaly gutted  when he was killed off im hoping jay returns to dawn and summer  daw and jay need to be together as a family  please  do not kiill any more people off i wil be even more gutted i never miss eastenders if i miss it at 8 ror  7.30 i watch it  at 10  or on bbc iplayer catch up thres gettin g to be to much vilonce in easteders but i luv it and my litell sister was watching it and sed daddy why hes bbeing hit my dad had to explane  and hes only 6  she was so upset  rest in peace jase i think your wicked xx

  34. Dave says:

    whats gonna happen when the fight secne with becky and jason comes up everyone gonna complain then i dont think so if people complain why watch soaps will they complain when tony kills Liam in corrie i dont think so either why complaint then watch corrie then not complain this message is for the people who complain

  35. Catherine says:

    Re Johns comment from 3rd September. Are you serious??? If you dont like it,dont watch it!! Personally the only reason your comment caught my eye was all the \’*\’!! Also, i have tried to work out what they all stand for. Given that they are,presumably,numerically correct,i cant find the swear words that fit. Can anyone help me with this dilemma?
    BTW,i loved Jason and his storylines and wish he hadnt been killed off. Cant remember last time i cried so much over a bloody soap episode-probably never!! As much as i wish jason was still in it, i do think EE done well in those last episodes of jason. 

  36. Catherine says:

    Oh, and to JON from 2nd september. You tell the EE viewers too get a life. Yet you have the time and inclination to click onto a site like this to comment on a programme you NEVER WATCH???? Oh dear. Hope you find what you are looking for(a life, perhaps??)

  37. Alice says:

    I cied so much when jase died but i do that all the time poor dawn and jay are so devastated i feel for you both i no its not real life but the way it is it just feels real and theres nuthink betta than a cry (love it) any way looking forward to watchin calluam and stacey gettn togetha and maybe max killn jack or tayna who will it be or will it e both of dem ahhhh Interestn Eastenders is defo the best soap out of them all i have to say woooooo               GO EASTENDERS  oh yhh 1 more thing they defo shouldnt of split up billy and hunney mean people y did she have to fine the money but cum on u wouldnt be sick i thought that was a bit perthetic x bye have fun on watchn easto  x hehe x

  38. Mark says:

    i think its a joke eastenders why keep killing off the best caraters. i think they should kill off people like billy michell or ian beale max brannin i was so happy when i thought max was dead.

  39. J-O-R-D-A-N says:

    i think they shouldnt let terry away wiv it coz jase was getting married to dawn and his gang beat billy up i think iv jase was wiv phill terry n his gang wud ave been ded by now but bird as now arrested least its not jay .but any way terr shud be arrested 4 tht r.i.p jase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. J-O-R-D-A-N says:

    i should think so terry should get a life in prison coz hes mean and bird beattin billy up am glad she through tht wedin ring at him !!!!!!!!!!!!!! terry hopee u die

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