Corrie Star Shocked By Cigarette Scene

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. No smoke without fire, so they say and this story is both. Apparently Coronation Street actress Alison King, aka Carla Connor, has been ordered to smoke a cigarette in a scene with Deirdre despite being pregnant in real life…can you believe it?

The Press Association reports that the stunned star, who is pregnant in real life, has been ordered to start smoking again by soap bosses. In a controversial storyline, her bitchy character Carla Connor lights up because she is so stressed-out. When Alison King learned she was pregnant, she immediately jacked the fags in. She’s been told that she will be provided with herbal cigs for the scenes. But surely that’s not much of a comfort to a pregnant woman?

A source said: "She isn’t best pleased. It was hard enough for her to give up in real life. "And even inhaling smoke from herbal tobacco surely can’t be a good thing for a mum-to-be." Dr John Moore-Gillon, of the British Lung Federation, says: "If you’re smoking herbal cigarettes, all you’re doing is substituting the burning leaves of one sort of plant for another."

I think the scriptwriters are being downright irresponsible if this report is true. How can you ask a pregnant woman to smoke? Why have Alison King endanger the life of her unborn child just for the sake of a soap scene and TV ratings? This is terrible and sends out a bad message to young pregnant mothers. The scriptwriters have really got to be a lot more responsible – again I say, if this story is true. Still, I suppose Coronation Street has made some efforts with the Sinbad/Jerry poisoning storyline because at least there’s constant talk of his ‘healthy’ diet…it’s just a shame that he won’t live long enough to fully benefit from it if Teresa has her way… 

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35 Responses to Corrie Star Shocked By Cigarette Scene

  1. Pete says:

    I think it is disgusting that this girl is being told to smoke on TV.Smoking on TV should be banned as it is in pubs,restaurants etc. – what more incentive to give up than watching that Deirdre puffing on a ciggie – ugh!!!

  2. nathan says:

    I am a smoker and believe there are items out there the wardrobe unit could use to fake the scene.
    More importantly I thought that smoking in the workplace had been banned. However you want to dress the situation once the actor goes through the gates or onto the set they are at WORK are they not?

  3. Kat says:

    i agree, it disgusting making the character carla smoke any type of cigarrette i wud quit 1st out of concern for my unborn child, and corrie wonders why no one watches hardly, need we say more?

  4. Rachael says:

    I cannot believe they are making her smoke a cigarette wen she is pregnant, it could  harm the unborn baby and make her become addicted to smoking agen  

  5. David Ellis says:

    I can\’t see why they are unable to just insinuate that Carla is smoking but not actually get her to do it.
    Why can\’t someone else smoke the fag and then put the virtually finished ciggy in her hand and then film from that point onwards? I reckon she could then stub it out and they could then cut away when she goes to light up another one, that way both mother and child are smoke free and we still think Carla is smoking out of stress.
    If the producers of Corrie are reading this then I will happily accept any royalty cheques you wish to throw at me.

  6. Unknown says:

    Why the hell make her smoke, all it will do is harm herself and her unborn child, also she has given up in real life so why should she start again. There is no piont in ruining the life of herself and her baby just for a soap, i\’ve been in theater production and i know that they can supply fake fags, if they can\’t find them then go to a bleeding joke shop.
    The producers of this soap need to clean up their act if they want better publicity!

  7. Margarette says:

    These people have no idea how hard it is to give up smoking. OR PERHAPS THEY DO?

  8. Unknown says:

    Why does she have to smoke because she\’s under stress!! Not all smokers are under stress and this isn\’t always the reason for smoking. It\’s highly irresponsible of the writers to make Alison King smoke when she is pregnant and also send out a message to anyone suffering from stress that they should pick up a pack of cigarettes.

  9. martin says:

    well hopefully nothing will happen to the baby cos if it does  corry will be in the holefor millions ..

  10. Pamela says:

    If the "story line is true" re; Carla  then  surely the viewers realise it is a story.  but why the inclussion of a reformed smoker falling off the wagon is irrissponsbile  "scripting" is beyond me…  lets get real…………. corrie is over 50 years old, and still going strong.  Carla is a bitch and well played, by some one who appears to be sensitive and  in her shoes I do not think the ciggy issue is needed to emphasise the scene,  Carla is one of the finest characters we have had on the street for a long time.  Love her one moment hate her the next, pity her and envy her in the same well played scene. She is a brilliant character, and well played by Alison King. Who has her rights as a mum to be,  and as a person.  If she says NO then the script must be changed  and the public issues over smokers or none smokers is a matter of personal issues.

  11. Helen says:

    Why does she have to smoke in order to relieve stress why doesnt she just go to Roy1s and get a "big" cream bun, slump back with a bottle of red????? Thats how i`d relieve stress!!!!! 

  12. Gail says:

    I gave up smoking 6 years ago and even when my daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness i still didn\’t reach for the ciggies. Surely Corrie can show that there are more ways than just cigarettes to relieve stress. Also, i know how hard it is to stop, so why make her start again as she WILL be stressed trying again to give up for real!

  13. Amy says:

    i think that is wrong herbal or not i have a mate who was a extra on coronation street and he was given  a box of fags to smoke whilst on scene bearing in mind hes only 16 and doesnt smoke what is the obsession with smoking to apperantly relive stressalso we have never seen her charchter smoke before so why should she know all they are intrested in is the money they make not the actresses well beingx

  14. pauline says:

    i think this is BANG out of order corrie is just thinking of the ratings and not the actors/actress including her unborn baby
    corrie get a life for a change

  15. Alison says:

    I would of thought Carla was more likely to have a large glass of wine when stressed out rather than a smoke, I cant remember ever seeing Carla smoke. so why should the tv bosses or more to the point how can they make anyone do something they dont want to. At least a glass of squash or juice to replace the wine is safer than any form of smoking.

  16. Kate says:

    It\’s a ridiculous idea, and even to say that it would have any impact on the ratings whatsoever – who cares if Carla\’s smoking or not?! Why not replace it with an interesting storyline, and protect the unborn child in the process.

  17. Tia says:

    No way! That\’s just sick! And why is she forced to smoke because she\’s stressed? Does that mean that everyone smokes, because no one\’s life is easy. It gives off a bad message, telling people who feel stressed that they should smoke, as it relieves stress. My mum has smoked all of her life, and instead of feeling relaxed, and calm and stress free (as cigarettes obviously make you feel…) she gets stressed like anyone else, but get bronchitus often, and has other bad side effects of smoking. I think Alison King should stick to her guns on this one. She\’s obviously made the right choice, quitting smoking for her baby, and she should ask all of the makers of Coronation street if she\’s allowed to go and force a cigarette into the mouths of one of their young relatives, be it their own baby, or a young child in the family. It\’s wrong! And if they really are set on forcing her to smoke, get her a fake one! Not a herbal one! This is just disgusting…

  18. kirsty says:

    how is this right the corrie bosses making her smoke its ridiculous if she has to smoke herbal fags there probably make her sick cos there absoloutely vile , like in a previous comment posted by someone i agree with them about when have we ever seen her smoke this is ludicrious how can they do this to a pregnant women corrie need to sort there act out cos i for one wont watch corrie if there making people do things they dont want to

  19. sharon says:

    i am shocked about this she is a mother trying to protect her child smoking can damage the babys health and growth,everyone has a choice and if she doesnt want to do it they cant force her all she has to say is no

  20. Chris says:

    my god,   is this true,   pregnant or not everyone has the right to decide wether they smoke or not, she should tell them where to stick their job she is a talented actress and i am sure she would not be out of work long

  21. claire says:

    Is this what the world is coming to, do whatever is needed to gain the highest possible ratings, even if it means putting an unborn child at risk. Alison King should stand up to ITV executives and not give in to such absurd demands. Get a grip Corrie chiefs!!! 

  22. jim says:

    What is the world coming to for this to happen.
    The other cast members must be shocked  (what will they make them do next for ratings).
    The cast should stand together and nip this in the bud .

  23. Linda says:

    & I thought smoking in the workplace was now an offence

  24. francesca says:

    well all i have to say is that when she has her baby and it has something wrong with it i would sue them for indangering my babys life and allso her own as it can still cause her to have problims i would of told them to stick there job and took them to a dissapliery bord if it was not in her contract what have thay lowerd them selfs to not like corry at all and im sick to think that thay are like that

  25. Jacqui says:

    why do people think herbal cigs are better than normal ones. it has been proven that they are just as bad , i know as an actor you have to do what is required but i dont think anyone can insist Alison do this.

  26. jackie says:

    This is ridiculous do they not realise they are not only putting the mum at risk but also the unborn baby, we encourage mums not to smoke during pregnancy, why doesnt corrie come into the real world and think about the viewers for a change.

  27. alexca says:


  28. Unknown says:

    I think that Coronation Street scriptwers are utterly stupid & daft for wanting Alison to smoke any kind of cigarette while she is pregnant.  I think she has done really well to stop when she found out she was pregnant.  All the best Alison, hope everything goes well.

  29. Unknown says:

    i think;;
    its took her all tht tym to gt off the yabs and there making her smoke agen..
    aspsially wen shas pregnant its a dam disgrace and i think tht they shud buy one of those fake ones what u can gt from the joke shops
    its a dam disgrace
    kirsty anne lane (12)

  30. Brenda says:

    I think there should not be any smoking on the program, after all it goes out before 9pm and we dont want to be tempted do we?

  31. stuart says:

    if it fits in with the story line she should be forced to smoke. its supposed to be a real life soap opera, n with the amount of money she earns she should do it. I know loads of women when they been pregnant and smoked, never did them or their kids any harm. People find something else 2 moan about plz.

  32. Sarah says:

    Why don\’t they just give her fake cigarettes for the scenes, then the writers will get what they want and she won\’t be harming her unborn child.

  33. dave says:

    kirsty anne, i truly believe you should learn to write and spell properly.
    txt speak is the work (?) of a lazy mind.
    no wonder kids today are like they are if this is symptomatic of their use of english.
    downright lazy and ignorant.
    if you want to be taken seriously at least make the effort to be serious.

  34. Shannon says:

    She was the one who chose the job in the first place, she knew what it entailed and she should therefore do it properly. If they feel it absolutely necessary she should smoke then she should do it.
    I\’m no doctor, but i highly doubt that smoking one cigarette (if that) for a scene will affect her or her unborn child in any way.
    Although, saying all that i can understand why she might be annoyed.
    (Also, dave, kirsty anne is a 12 year old girl, how can you expect her to have perfect english?)
    ..I am suprised at how my ever increasing level of boredom has led me to even write a comment on here, but hey ho.

  35. Unknown says:

    I have just looked at this site for the first time. I would like to add the following-;
    43 years ago I did not smoke – daughter weighed in at 5lb 2oz
    40 years ago I did smoke – daughter weighed in at 7lb 3oz.
    Alas I still smoke, but at least I can spell, and maybe some of the contributers on this page would be better learning spending their time learning to spell than watching "Corrie"  

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