Corrie Stars Are Gay Soap Icons

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It’s news that won’t surprise ardent Corrie watchers, but the soap’s stars have topped a poll of Britain’s gay heartthrobs.

Rob James Collier – who plays the soon-to-be-departing Liam Connor – topped the list of male soap stars who set British gay men’s pulses racing with 33 per cent of the vote.  Alison King – who plays his sexy sister-in-law (with whom he’s had an affair) – was the number one female soap actress lesbians would like to date with 39 per cent of the vote. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that the top two are the two that have been having a steamy affair.

The survey was conducted by gay dating website Adrian Gillan, gay-PARSHIP spokesman, said: "Lesbians and gays nationwide are doubtless all hoping Corrie’s Carla and Liam are granted same-sex storylines. "From Albert Square to Weatherfield, credible gay and lesbian characters may be scarce on our small screens, but this poll proves there’s clearly still no shortage of gay love-interest in many of our Great British soaps." Channel 4’s Hollyoaks came second with its stars Roxanne McKee (jailbird Louise Summers) and James Sutton (the soon-to-be-departing John Paul McQueen who recently had an affair with a priest).

Corrie’s Samia Smith – drippy, bland hairdresser Maria Connor – came third in the lesbians favourite poll, while gay men placed EastEnders’ Robert Kazinsky – who plays bad boy Sean Shout! Slater – third. The news about Corrie should barely raise an eyebrow as it’s long been the gayest soap on UK TV. And I mean that in a good way.

Today’s Coronation Street has a permanent gay couple (gay actors Antony Cotton, who plays camp underwear factory worker Sean Tully and Charlie Condou as Marcus). But even before Todd Grimshaw’s gay kiss with Nick Tilsley, the gay undertones permeated t’cobbles. Go back to the 1960s and watch legends like Elsie Tanner (Weatherfield’s very own Rita Hayworth – like the Hollywood star, dead glam and always looking for love), Annie Walker (the snob with the cutting tongue) and Bet Lynch (the inspiration for millions of drag queens).

Corrie was created by Tony Warren, who is himself gay. He revealed that much of the dialogue given to his iconic female characters were straight out of the mouths of fellow gays. It’s a tradition that continues to this very day. Remember when Gail found out that Todd Grimshaw was gay and had a right set-to with Eileen in the Street? She saw Jason and Charlie arrive in their builder’s outfits and said: "Oh! Here they come then. The rest of The Village People!" If that’s not the epitome of Corrie’s campness, what is?

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3 Responses to Corrie Stars Are Gay Soap Icons

  1. megan says:

    no offence 2 gays but liam and carla are straight and homosexuals should just get over it.

  2. kaleb says:

    no offence 2 dumbos called megan it was a poll luv ppl voting knew that carla and liam are straight now u just get ova URSELF oh n homosexual bit 70\’s GET STREET ALREADY

  3. Wayne says:

    And no offence to either of you but CARLA and LIAM are fictional characters!

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