Corrie’s Gordon Plays Dirty

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Coronation Street w/e August 22nd

Hey guys, I’m really beginning to dislike Tony Gordon. Or maybe he should be nicknamed Tony ‘JR’ Gordon because his business ethics would make Dallas’ JR Ewing proud. This week, the greedy businessman takes things a step too far by causing poor old Jed to collapse in his own home. Since Tony Gordon first stepped on’t cobbles, he’s grown more and more despicable and will stop at nothing to build his business empire. The rate he’s going, they’ll have to rename Coronation Street "Gordon" Street. Somebody stop him please!

Back to this week’s action…Tony’s had enough of people getting in the way of his business plans and decides to take serious action. At the Rovers, Michelle’s looking forward to her trip to Belgium but Steve’s not happy about her going. Elsewhere Sean worries about his relationship as Marcus heads off to London to train as a botox practitioner. Botox on Coronation Street? With the likes of Rita, Blanche, Gail and Deirdre around (not to mention Norris), Marcus has got enough clients to become a billionaire. Steve and Michelle continue to bicker about her tour. Kevin comes to blow with Tony over his pick-up truck. Fiz allows John to help mend her DVD player….Is Corrie’s ‘Brad Pitt’ breaking down her defences? Tony continues his plan to force Kevin to sell him the garage and turns on the charm with Rosie. Julie gets a job at the factory. Norris finds an envelope at Emily’s titled ‘to be opened after my death’…will he be able to resist temptation (knowing Norris, the answer to that is an emphatic ‘no’!).

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Gail continues her secret liaison with Joe
Jed collapses
David invites Tina to a music festival

Emmerdale w/e August 22nd

Isn’t it amazing how much mileage you can get out of a quilt-patching storyline? Well, the whole saga drags on this week when Pearl heads down to Keepers Cottage to steal her quilt back…(like any of us really care). The scriptwriters on Emmerdale have got real bizarre imaginations because they’re really scraping the barrel with this quilt-making storyline….OK, it’s just a subplot, but still! Would it really do them any harm to have something with a bit more bit to it? Oh well. Anyway, on Emmerdale this week, Donna’s astounded to spot someone who looks suspiciously like Freddie when she’s viewing some CCTV footage at work. Nicola’s delighted to hear that Rodney’s finished his latest story. Pearl heads into Keepers Cottage to try and steal her quilt back. Viv tells Bob that she’s decided to change her plea to guilty. Diane donates a bag of her clothes to Nicola and Paul’s quilt making project. Nicola and Paul have a fun day together trying to find matches for Diane’s ruined clothes. Andy mentions to Jo that Sarah’s been talking about having a little sister. Can Jo really bring herself to have Andy’s child? Val arrives home early from her holiday; Eric spots her tattoo. How will she explain her way out of this one?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Turner pays Pearl a visit
Nicola and Paul have a fun day together
Ross tries to calm Donna down

EastEnders w/e August 22nd

It’s the end of an era…. Wellard has officially gone to the great dog kennel in the sky, but the question that’s on everyone’s lips is, who killed Wellard? I really don’t believe this – do the EastEnders writers have to stretch the credibility factor in every single storyline? Poor Wellard – such a faithful loving dog to our departed hero Gus. Anyway, the loyal doggy’s post mortem results are revealed. One thing’s for sure…’Enders won’t be quite the same without him.

Anyway, back to this week’s action…Stacey’s acting strangely around Bradley and he’s worried he’s upset her somehow. The Masoods get a visit from an Environmental Health Officer, much to Tamwar’s horror. Lucy has a well-dodgy party in Christian’s flat (well, no surprise there). Suzy goes to the allotment to dig up her hidden possession. Stacey takes a pregnancy test and makes a decision about her future with Bradley. Bianca’s convinced that ‘Squeale Beale’ killed Wellard and is determined to get to the truth. However, he’s got problems of his own after Christian tells him that Lucy’s going on the pill. Tamwar comes up with a plan to save the family business and Ian finds something on Christian’s laptop. Jane has a secret date with someone and Max gives Bradley an early birthday present. Billy’s desperate for a job as he and Honey are broke (well that’s nothing new). Bianca’s children accuse her of killing Wellard. Jase reluctantly takes on a job from Terry and Phil loses something precious… 

Also on EastEnders this week:
Christian discovers that Jane has a secret
Stacey drops a bombshell
Brenda has a surprise for Charlie

Hollyoaks w/e August 22nd 

On Hollywoodoaks, a storyline that some may find as unpalatable as Emmerdale’s quilt stealing saga, Tina gets caught breast-feeding little baby Max. I suppose you could say it’s her mothering instinct taking over after all. Leila returns from her night in the cells. Nancy mopes about the flat mooning over her missed opportunity with Ravi. Kris and Zoe bicker over ideas for the student TV channel. Louise struggles to cope with Carmel’s wedding deliveries at Evissa. Jacqui fumes over Tony’s decision to let Tina keep Max. It’s the day of Amy’s GCSE results; Amy’s concerned she won’t make the grade. Louise drowns under the weight of Mandy’s wedding business. Carmel’s giddy with excitement over her forthcoming wedding. Kris desperately tries to think of ideas for the student TV channel and Steph relishes in her role as weather reporter. Nancy’s nervous and awkward as she wakes up with Ravi. What did the night they spent together mean? Neither of them know. Nancy attempts to keep things light and suggests they head to the Dog for a drink, unsure what else Ravi would like to do. Michaela is irritated by Sasha’s presence but Amy is beginning to find some common ground. A fed up Michaela tells Sasha how angry she is with her over her heroin use. Sasha understands and the old friends decide to put the past behind them and look forward to their future… Aware that Warren wants to bury the body, Calvin tries to avoid him at all costs.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Ste worries about Neville’s rent money
Calvin’s having flashbacks
Tony dwells on his beak up with Jacqui

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