Credit Crunch Hits Corrie Star

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Well it looks like the credit crunch has claimed its latest victim in the form of Coronation Street star Bev Callard. Better known as town bike Liz MacDonald, the Corrie actress has reportedly had to take a pay cut as bosses tighten the purse strings. According to a report in The Sun, Bev has been forced to cancel her wedding to fiancé Jon McEwan, thanks to a new contract that sees her paid per episode. A source close to the star told the tabloid: "Bev’s really shocked by just how hard times are on Corrie. She’s not the only star facing bad news, but she’s been hit the hardest so far." At the moment, the actress is said to earn just over £120,000 a year, but the new deal means she could lose out on a whopping £50,000. And according to The Mirror, the credit crunch has also seen the closure of her own bar in Hale, Cheshire.

Earlier this year, she had harsh words for PM Gordon Brown about the economic situation, saying: "It’s tough for real people running their own businesses and I want the Government to take note of that." I tell you, things must be really bad with the UK economy when soap stars are having to take huge cuts in their salaries. But then again, look at Carol Vorderman – she was asked to take a 90% pay cut. If the bosses at Coronation Street continue cutting the wages of their hard-up workers, the next thing you know, we’ll be back to one episode of Corrie a week. And we can’t have that, can we? Bev chuck…my heart goes out to you girl, but keep your chin up cos panto season’s just around the corner.

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20 Responses to Credit Crunch Hits Corrie Star

  1. katie says:

    i dont understand y there cuttin actors money down wen it dosnt sound like the earn an awfull lot.  for example y not cut footbal players wage by 90% they would get alot more out of it that way all they do is play footbal where as actors do an awfull lot throughout the year!

  2. stephen says:

    I think most so called "celebrities" and many sportspeople,get paid obscene salaries,few live in the REAL world,many could,nt care less,welcome corrie star to the 21st century,learn some survival instincts,and stop whinging,pleeeeeeeeeese.

  3. Katie says:

    £120,000 a year?!?!?!For crying out loud, I\’m sure she still has enough money to be living comfortably.Thats a ridiculous amount of money to be paid for being an actress to begin with!!! Pfft…I don\’t understand how these people earn more than doctors or policemen or firefighters…y\’know, people saving lives on a daily basis…

  4. Heather says:

    I agree with all of you especially Katie i think footballers get paid a ridiculous amount of money for what they actually do as a \’job\’ you only see most of them when its season time anywyas and the rest of the time most of them are spending there \’hard earned money\’ on holidays and shopping, its rediculous i\’d love to see a tv show where they got highly paid so called \’celebrities\’ try live off the wages that us in the real world live off.

  5. Tricia says:

    For 70K a year, her cheque after the pay cut, I\’LL do her job! She is old and can retire on her pension to sunny wherever. No questions asked!

  6. Eric says:

    Poor little thing having to live on 50 grand a year, my heart bleeds. I am on Pension Credit and live day by day because I dont have a choice. But, I manage ok because I have to, bout time these people learnt the value of real money instead of earning megabucks, having to take a cut, then moaning about it afterwards.

  7. Thomas says:

    haha. all they do is play football? they train all day everyday week in week out for the duration of the season. not to mention they need to be the best of the best in order to get these salarys. wht do these ppl do? bawl at eachother over fictional arguments that never end. its the worst idea ever for a television programme. these ppl don\’t even need to be talented, sure they can learn some lines and recite them, who can\’t?! you can pick anyone up off the street to play a soap character. you need real dedication and skill to play top flight football where the most money is earnt.

  8. Roz says:

    I think all celebrities whether they be on TV, films or sport could take substantial pay cuts not to mention politicians. There are people having to survive on only a few thousand pounds a year and they have to work hard to get that.

  9. dale says:

    about time that a star has to suff we all day eveyday of our lifes.

  10. Unknown says:

    Err, lets see how many people could just deicde they want to try and get on a soap, and how many could make it as a Premiership Footballer. I can pretty much guarantee that the people here slating wouldn\’t have the talent, physical fitness and mental strength to maintain a full season in the Premiership playing at top form. Ok, celebrities of all kinds should take Pay-Cuts (Including footballers) but claiming Acting is harder than playing Football full time, hah, don\’t make me laugh. You clearly have no clue and just follow the media circus and tried to add your own opinion, an opinion that i will think very little of with such a poor grasp of English grammar, it\’s not even in \’Internet Language.\’

  11. Mandi says:

    Hi. I have just read all your comments and have to say I agree with them all… to a certain extent. Footballers yes, are indeed very talented and have to train incredibly hard throughout the season, including pre season thats like mst of the year. However actors also have to work very hard too. Im sure if it takes a lot of hard work to become an actor and it also takes a lot of effort and time. Maggie from casualty was on This Morning the other day and she said she works 12 hour days and is seperated from her kids for 6 out of 7 days. Either way you look at it both get paid stupid amounts of money. And I have to say footballers do earn lots and lots for what they have to do ….at the end of the day they love the sport and should play for the love of the game – keeping the original ideas as to why it was created in the first place. No other sports come away with that kind of money… even the olympic gold medal winnrs will only get expenses, burseries and interview deals. Phew rant over … Neway gutted for Bev… tbf if uve lived with a certain income then getting a cut is gunna hurt no matter how much u earn!!!

  12. Sheelagh says:

    The point about high-earning stars, both sports and TV, is that the money is actually THERE, paid for by ticket money, licence fees, advertising revenue etc.  If the footballers or the soap actors don\’t get it, someone else will, and they are not the ones who do the work!  Be assured that, if they didn\’t get it, nobody will be giving it back to the customers!

  13. peter says:

    £120.000 a year for a actor on a television soap watched by millions of fans which is on 5 nights a week is peanuts,for a start of that the tax is 40%which is over £40.000 then they might have to rent a place close to the studio also be paying a mortgage on their main home when a pro footballer can demand £100.000 a week no matter how badly he plays no one seems to query that,of course i can understand someone earning £20.000 a year with a family to support might look at the figure those soap stars earn and feel very envious but when you see what those so called pop and film stars pay out in divorce settlements many many millions it puts their salary in the shade these soap stars give pleasure to many many people and when the likes of graham norton and jonathan ross sign contracts for millions that is what i am against more then anything

  14. JAYNE says:

    Perhaps if she cuts down on orange foundation and push up bras, she\’ll save a small fortune.

  15. Peter says:

    120K a year, plus all the other things she does like \’the Bev Callard fitness\’ DVD. She must be more than comfortable. Plus the fact that at anytime soap stars could lose their jobs at the scriptwriters whim (just imagine if she got written out of the series, running off with Vernon to start a new life etc). In this life you take the rough with the smooth, the key is not to whine about it (take note Ms Callard). The footballers in the premiership are paid lots of money, but that has not always been the case, when Norman Whiteside scored the winning goal in the cup final he was on 30K A YEAR. So once again, take the rough with the smooth. What could be said of our highly paid footballers is that we were useless against the CZKs, whilst our Olympians have performed superbly on considerably less money. Does this prick your conscience guys?? Funny how none of the so-called experts have noticed this.

  16. Adam says:

    i agree that footballers do have to work pretty hard but actors have to work just as hard, there\’s all sorts of stuff that they have to do like vocal projection, eloquence lessons and other stuff. the reason she\’ll find it harder taking a 50 grand pay cut is that she WILL have to keep up rent ona place near work, she WILL have to keep plowing money into her own business to get it through the coming recession and she WILL have to sit and watch while other actors can get up to $30 million for a few months of work doing a movie. and to top it all off she, along with everyone else will have to watch as the government  increases taxes so MPs can keep their Third houses and Mercedes Maybachs. don\’t bitch about one actress complaining about a 30% pay cut, you should really try taking this a bit less serious and focus on the damn politicians giving themselves a record pay rise and screwing everyone else over.

  17. Peter says:

    Politicians are scum. Great at spending OUR money, especially on themselves. Liz Mcdonald and eloquence….now theres two things I never thought I would see together. Also, do you really think that Beverley Callard would be worth putting in a film and getting paid 30 million dollars ??? Maybe she could do a film about MPs with their noses in the trough. By the way, did anyone see the programme about Liverpool and their soaps? The resemblance of Billy Corkhill and Derek \’Deggsy\’ Hatton is amazing.

  18. Peter says:

    By the way, I have nothing against Beverly Callard.

  19. jonny says:

    Possibly some people are alittle confused between talent and capitalism, All high earners get what the market says is the right price, if youre a footballer or an actor,or if your in a successful show or in a band no one has heard of.
    If a TV show which is a product no different to baked beens or a football club has to make money saving measures it it obvious to anybody that cuts with the \’talent\’ are  good places to start as they will be the biggest expence, it\’s not going to be the special effect or the script writting dept for some old toss like corrie is it!.
    I\’m sure many people are in the position were there companies have had to make choices in either job cuts or reductions in cost, unemployment will rocket thius year because of this, if attendence at football clubs fall this season, then the days of the £100.000 pw player will go too.
    And for gods sake please please stop blaming the government for the credit crunch, its a global effect, we have no industry, we have no power generation, no exports of anything tangible, we import everything, and other countrys who dont have the high living costs we do have capitalized on it, just as we did for the last century, get used to. weve been robbing peter to pay paul for years, its only now its caught up with us, and we all will feel it, even sad to say….. thingy of corrie. 

  20. eddie says:

    Do people forget that she also has two public houses, she can\’t be that hard up!!!!!

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