Goodbye To EastEnders’ Wellard

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EastEnders w/e August 15

Tissues at the ready this week in ‘Enders. We will be saying goodbye to a long-serving member of the soap…and I ain’t talking about Dot Cotton or ‘Squeale Beale’. No, I refer to man’s best friend, Wellard the dog. Or maybe that should be Gus’ best friend because I can’t think of anybody who was more faithful and loving to poor old Gus than Wellard. In what promises to be one of the saddest episodes of EastEnders since Gus’ last attempt at true love, Bianca takes Wellard to the vet after Whitney finds him unconscious on the floor…Wellard’s going to that great dog kennel in the sky. He’ll be sorely missed.

But back to this week’s action and it’s Jim’s birthday. Bradley and Stacey organise a trip home for the day as a surprise for Dot. Jim’s extended family and friends gather at his house to welcome him back but Max can’t decide whether to attend the party. Wellard disappears and Tiffany’s distraught. Peggy’s worried because Archie’s acting strangely (eerrrrrr….when hasn’t he acted strangely?). Max searches through Jack’s things and Peggy finally loses it with Ronnie at her engagement party. Ronnie suggests to Roxy that they find a flat together. Liam accidentally stains one of Zainab’s shirts in the laundrette, causing her to threaten Ricky and the family. Denise and Bianca come to an understanding and Roxy and Sean move back to The Vic.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Ronnie gives Archie some shocking news
Tamwar and Libby get their results
Dot has an emotional reunion with Jim

Emmerdale w/e August 15

What is it with some of these soap characters? They all seem to be fighting over the same thing. On Corrie, Ken and Deirdre are at loggerheads over Ken’s book and on Emmerdale Diane and Rodney are bickering over the exact same thing. Either the Corrie and Emmerdale writers are in cahoots or there’s some Twilight Zone stuff going on. Then again, both soaps have recently broadcast baby swap stories too. Anyway back to this week’s action and Donald grows weary of Carl and Anna’s fighting. Pollard begins to have second thoughts about turning on his workforce. Daz is furious when he catches Victoria selling home made alcopops. Diane visits Terry to try and garner information about Rodney’s books.

Brenda encourages Gennie to leave the Dingles. How will Gennie react? Diane’s paranoid that she’s boring and decides to get revenge on Rodney. Viv is in a sombre mood when Bob arranges a family picnic. Turner suggests that Pearl join the quilt making competition at the village show. Pearl and Edna’s rivalry soon gets nasty. Rodney defends his book to Terry. Viv decides she wants to have a mock trial. Nicola pushes Gabby to get more Rollercoaster Rod stories. Viv and Bob prepare to drive into the sunset. However, Jamie takes Viv to one side and suggests that Bob has been forced into leaving. Will Viv call off her escape and face the music?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Anna quizzes Carl about their kiss
Diane gets revenge on Rodney
Lexi makes a shocking revelation

Coronation Street w/e August 15

Blanche Hunt is, for me, as much of a national Corrie treasure as Betty’s hot pots. She’s so funny! She’s made me crack up laughing recently. The writers are doing a great job there. Her belief that Ken is turning gay is too funny. But what about the Sinbad/Jerry plot? He’s really beginning to feel the effects of Teresa’s poisoning and I’m really beginning to feel the effect of this storyline. This whole poisoning saga is a bit off and although I know it happens in real life, I think the motivation that we’re provided with on Corrie is a bit far fetched. It’s right up there with the yawn-inducing Michelle Connor baby swap saga. And why-oh-why didn’t they poison boring ‘Cluuuuuurrr’ Peacock instead? That’s what I want to know.

Anyway back to this week’s action and Deirdre’s concerned about the similarities between her and the character in the book but Ken refuses to discuss it. David’s determined to sort things out with Tina. Jason confronts Steve about Becky. Michelle changes the rota so that Steve has to work…will this warring couple ever make up? Ken makes a decision which sends his dreams up in smoke. Tina’s still trying to avoid David. Tyrone’s worried about Auntie Pam’s knock-off ham and Steve’s worried about Michelle’s night out with Becky. Well, he’s got reason to fret hasn’t he? Jerry’s starting to feel the effects of Teresa’s poisoning and Tina gets her own back on David. Gail and Joe enjoy a secret date and disaster for Molly as she loses her engagement ring.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Ted asks Audrey go with him to the opera
Auntie Pam starts a pickle business
Michelle is stunned by Steve’s ultimatum

Hollyoaks w/e August 15

You may have heard that a major storyline is in the offing once again on Hollywoodoaks. Malachy will be diagnosed as being HIV positive. The storyline unfolds as Malachy, played by Glen Wallace, embarks on a romance with Mercedes (actress Jennifer Metcalfe) – and seems to be falling in love for the first time. But his life is turned upside down when he goes to give blood and the results reveal his diagnosis. As he faces a future with HIV, Malachy refuses to deal with the problem and rather than share the news with Mercedes, he goes missing. Oh dear. More drama to come but to this week and Frankie demands to know the truth about Jack’s staged death. Newt finds it difficult to cope with life in hospital. Zak struggles with his unrequited feelings towards Zoe.

Russ and Caroline continue to flourish. Carmel’s frosty with Calvin over his lies about buying drugs for his sister. Zoe’s ecstatic when she lands a contract to produce a student TV channel. Frankie’s devastated as she becomes embroiled in Jack’s fake death scam. Carmel’s worried she can’t afford the wedding of her dreams. Warren and Nige argue violently. Gilly demands Neville’s rent from an impoverished Ste and Justin. Leila attempts to get a date with Justin. Ste gets his hands on some stolen jewellery. Newt opens up to Lauren about Eli. Tina gets a bit too close for comfort when she helps out with baby Max.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Rhys is worried about the Dirty Diegos’ gig
Russ pays Newt a visit
Warren reveals the extent of Nige’s injuries

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13 Responses to Goodbye To EastEnders’ Wellard

  1. George says:

    Love the \’Cornation Street\’ typo!

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks George; I\’ve corrected. D\’oh!

  3. Sam says:

    It irritates me when each soap copies the others successful storylines. And thats exactly what Coronation Street are (poorly) attempting with Becky, Steve and Michelle. Clearly trying their own (not funny) take on the hugely successful "love-triangle" Eastenders had with Tanya, Max and Stacey. Coronation Street for me, are cheapening themselves!
    The Eastenders love-triangle is the storyline that just keeps giving. There\’s new twists and turns everywhere …more recently seen with Max\’s brother. Its brilliant. Bradly and Stacy back together, believable.
    Whereas…..Coronation Street can\’t even be bothered with any affair. I\’m guessing Coronation Street cant really be bothered with any fireworks when it comes to light either. So no twists and turns here ..Michelle will find out and within two weeks her and Becky are back to being best friends forever and she\’s still be with Steve. YAWN!
    With Liam being killed off they had to scrap his long drawn out affair and doesnt it show? So who else has a girlfriend not involved in another storyline? Steve completely unbelievable he\’d carry that cheating-Max manner off.. so the first short cut was the one night stand. But he suddenly wouldnt be the funny/cuddely guy anymore and Becky wouldnt be that straight-talking northern good time gal we\’ve all come to love (apparently)…if they were both sober so… alcohol. And sure enough they have a starter for the christmas main course of Liams death…or maybe something just for christmas with Liams butchering being saved for New Years! I hate this storyline …Beckys looking extremely two faced getting all friendly with a supposed "friend" she betrayed and a little *cough* treating the whole thing as a joke, widing Steve up about spilling the beans. Steve\’s looking like a sniffling coward. 

  4. Sam says:

    Where are my manners..
    RIP WELLARD :*-[

  5. nicola says:

    we\’ll miss u wellard!!

  6. Neil says:

    How many people know how old Wellard is? He was around in Roman times. The proof is out there…..
    Look at the opening scenes from the film Gladiator. You will see Wellard walking long with Russell Crowe.


    more typos!!!!
    steve getting "WIDING UP"

  8. Tricia says:

    The storylines MIGHT work a little better if we really didn\’t know what was going to happen months in advance. I know I\’m bored until New Years already and the kids aren\’t even back at school yet!!

  9. Soap Blogger says:

    Chris, I can\’t find that typo. Not sure where I\’ve made it…

  10. June says:

    very sorry that wellard had to leave the show. I found the whole scene very distressing,I am shocked the BBC could ever show something so upsetting to all animal lovers. I was amazed that the vet arrived at the house to "put wellard to sleep" How callous!!!! come on you BBC story line writers lets have some happy moments instead of all this doom and gloom you are dishing up.

  11. Bamber says:

    It\’s about time the scruffy mutt went !

  12. W says:

    Poor dog. You old now you being chucked out, oh well, it was going to happen anyway. 😦

  13. SUE says:

    OH MY GOD it made the memories come flooding back to when my dog Zeus was put down. I had to walk out of the room
    when the programme was on I was in floods of tears.
    I still have nightmares of the time I sat on the floor in the vets surgery with Zues laying across my lap as the vet did
    his deed.
    I watch Eastenders regularly but I  really do not thing that Eastenders should have been so full on with this story – it hurt.

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