Meet Archie Mitchell EastEnders’ Newest Arrival


Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap.

I thought we’d put EastEnders’ newest  arrival, actor Larry Lamb aka Archie Mitchell, under the spotlight. He’s father to Ronnie and Roxy and the younger brother of Peggy’s dead hubby Eric.

Now just in case you haven’t been around, he’s really making his presence felt in Albert Square…he’s even got his hard-man nephew Phil eating out of the palm of his hands. Anyway, here’s a bit of info about Larry Lamb. He’s a North London boy who was first bitten by the acting bug in American military theatres in Germany. He was working there as a salesman at the time. He’s been acting for 35 years, most recently in cult comedy drama Gavin and Stacey working with his good friend Alison Steadman, as well as Matthew Horne and James Corden who he describes as "lovely boys".

His son is dapper 6 Music DJ and Big Brother’s Little Brother presenter, George Lamb. He loves playing Archie Mitchell, who he describes as "shifty and Machiavellian." He reckons the EastEnders cast are "a real close-knit troupe" and has built up a "lovely relationship" with Sam (Ronnie) and Rita (Roxy). His favourite EastEnders characters are Dot and Peggy. He’s also a close friend of John Bardon (Jim Branning). In the 1980s, he starred in nautical North Sea soap Triangle, alongside foxy Kate O’Mara. He has also appeared in various films including the 1980s hit Buster which starred Phil Collins and Julie Walters.

Larry’s also appeared in The Bill, Silent Witness, Spooks, Casualty, Lovejoy and Minder! Other credits include The New Avengers, The Professionals, Minder, Get Back, Lovejoy, A Touch of Frost, Our Friends in the North, Taggart, Casualty, Kavanagh QC, Spooks, Midsomer Murders, and The Bill.

A seasoned actor, Larry Lamb’s Archie could well add a bit of ‘spice’ to our favourite soap (sorry  that’s a real  ‘baaaaahd’ joke…and why do I feel hungry all of a sudden?). Something tells me Archie could even end up being one of EastEnders top villans…will he give ‘Dirty Den’ a run for his money? Not if he’s written as unimaginatively as his daughters, that’s for sure.

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That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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2 Responses to Meet Archie Mitchell EastEnders’ Newest Arrival

  1. Princess says:

    i love him!

  2. shabba says:

    i was wondering when the little boys them such as Ian Beal son Peter and phil son Ben  was going to start behaving badly like the girls them.
    I was delighted to see the episode the other day when they stand up to their fathers and tell then what they think, mark you, am not supporting bad behaviour but i had a good laugh when Ben told Phill that he Ben don\’t want to come like him and Peter told Ian that he didn\’t do nothing for him Peter ,he did it because he hates the Mitchels

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