Hollyoaks’ Newt In Shock Confession

Hello and welcome to Monday’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. It’s time to find out what the writers have in store for us this week…

Hollyoaks w/e August 8

Recently, a report was published criticising soaps for stereotyping ethnic minorities. Well the people behind Hollyoaks will be pleased that newcomer Lena Kaur has praised producers for not stereotyping Asians. She plays Leila Roy and she couldn’t be happier. Good news on that subject matter for a change…To the action in ‘Hollywoodoaks’ (as I’ve dubbed it) and Sasha is desperate for Calvin to get her more heroin. Darren panics over Jack’s inquest.

Newt is struggling with his own guilt and desperately tries to ignore Eli. Darren finds disturbing drawings that Newt has done – he feels guilty but is oblivious to the fact Newt believes he killed Jack. Still in disbelief over their kiss, Elliot thinks Sarah will have changed her mind about their date. The day of Jack’s funeral dawns and Darren breaks down. It’s the reading of Max’s will but Cindy’s fuming. Newt makes a shocking admission; he ‘confesses’ to Jack’s murder.

Russ bumps into the mysterious Caroline while out running with Zak. Mandy’s trying to put together a model agency. Josh tells Rhys and Gilly that he failed his driving test. In an attempt to cheer him up, Rhys and Gilly agree to help him put the band back together, with them as the new members. While having a kickabout with Zak in the village, Russ accidentally discovers that Caroline, for all her mystique, is actually just a postman! She attempts to cover up the truth but Russ isn’t impressed at being deceived and is about to call a day on the whole thing until Caroline promises she’ll be totally honest from here on in. Russ agrees but wonders if Caroline can really be trusted…

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Josh is thinking of asking Amy out
Frankie gets a shock as the awful truth is revealed
Zoe and Mike plan a holiday

Emmerdale w/e August 8 

There’s a new face heading for the rural idyll of Emmerdale later this month. Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi is joining the cast to play new factory worker Leyla Harding. The latest addition to the show’s characters is described as ‘streetwise’ and ‘savvy’ – can’t wait to see what impact (if any) she makes. This week, Debbie offers Daz his job back, but as he can’t start immediately, she is forced to ask the Dingles for repayment of Belle’s school fees to cover her mortgage. Jimmy complains about his dire love life, unaware that Matthew has arranged him a date with an admirer. Andy surprises Jo by arriving home early. During a conversation about Debbie’s poor finances, Jake reveals that he and Daz stole the Kings’ van and have a hefty loot to show for it. Despite his family’s concerns, Sam goes to see Jo and she can’t deny that Andy has hit her.

The police question Debbie over the van theft and she angrily confronts the Kings, who directly accuse her of hiding the thief. The factory workers are upset when Pollard gives them all duties at the launch, while he schmoozes with his guests. Anna decides to find Miles and criticises Donald for not doing likewise. Debbie, Jake and Daz spread word of a goods amnesty for the Kings’ merchandise. Stealing Andy’s tractor, they salvage the van itself and Debbie attempts to repair it. Jasmine, Jake and Daz set about reloading the goods and when all is done they leave the van outside Pear Tree. The Kings are astonished to find the van has returned, but will their curiosity lead to further investigation? 

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Daz encourages Sam to go for Jo
Anna joins Carl for a drink in the Woolpack
Matthew suspects Eli and Debbie of the van theft

EastEnders w/e August 8 

The biggest news for EastEnders fans this week is the departure of actress Gemma Bissix as Clare. Well what a humongous waste of time she turned out to be! However, it’s not Gemma’s fault because, as any Hollyoaks fan can tell you, she’s absolutely fantastic when she’s got good material. This is 100% down to the EastEnders writers who have been, frankly, pathetic when it’s come to writing the character of Clare Bates. Anyway, Clare reflects on her life in Albert Square and decides that things haven’t quite gone to plan (ya think??!?). Archie tries to get Phil to come round to their way of thinking. Family relations remain strained in the Vic as Archie tries to host a family meal once again. Shirley and Heather find themselves homeless as Vinnie tries to convince Shirley she’s making a terrible mistake throwing away their relationship. And there’s another waste of space right there – Vinnie.

Again, the EastEnders writers haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory. I’d be very surprised if Bobby Davro returns….The atmosphere is tense above the Vic: Phil is about to lose control, as his demons of his past rear their ugly head once more and Peggy is taken down a welcome trip down memory lane. Clare has had enough of people trying to ‘save’ her. Dot is upset about not being able to look after Jim properly, thinking she has failed him. Stacey and Bradley hatch a plan to help her. Ricky, Bianca and the kids return from holiday, with Ricky hoping to stay with them at Pat’s. Peggy makes a surprise announcement in The Vic.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Shirley feels threatened by Suzy and Peggy
Things hot up between Max and Ronnie
Ian tries to sweeten his deal with Masood 

Coronation Street w/e August 8

How funny has Corrie been the last couple of weeks? I’ve been laughing and laughing – cracking stuff. The booze cruisers head home but things are strained and disaster strikes when, during another argument, Audrey takes her eye off the road. Dev is feeling on top of the world after his night with Nina. David’s still stressing about Tina and the internet. Clarissa continues to rub Liz’s nose in it by ordering champagne to celebrate her and Harry’s ‘non-divorce’. Audrey tells Bill that the weekend was a disaster and she no longer thinks they have anything in common – is this the end of Audrey and Bill? Dev introduces Nina to Amber but she is less than impressed about her dad’s behaviour. Sinbad/Jerry is flat hunting for Teresa. However, she decides on a drastic plan of action and takes one of his pills and grinds it into his evening meal – oooooh!

Kevin is furious that he can’t get onto his forecourt because a truck is parked outside Underworld. He’s even more angry when Rosie comes out to explain and he accuses her of doing Tony’s dirty work. Dev is starting to feel like the ball in Prem and Nina’s game of marital ping pong. Darryl sets alarm bells ringing in Tina’s head. Not the sharpest tool in the box, he digs an even deeper hole for himself and David when he tries to backtrack however the damage is done. Ken has become increasingly engrossed in writing his novel much to Blanche and Deirdre’s irritation. When he decamps to the library, Blanche sneaks a peek at the manuscript. Teresa carefully quizzes Gail about the risk of Sinbad/Jerry overdosing on his medication. What is she planning?

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Norris is intrigued about Dev’s love life
Tony continues to play Sally off against Kevin
Harry has unwelcome news for Clarissa

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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