My Name Is…My Name Is…’Ben N EM’

Hello and welcome to  A Slice Of Soap! It’s Monday so it’s time to see what the writers have in store for us this week…

EastEnders w/e August 1

The cast of EastEnders may be banned from appearing on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, but that won’t stop Ben Mitchell from doing his Billy Elliot routine this week. ‘Twinkle toes’ Mitchell, aka ‘Ben N EM’, is determined to make his dancing debut at the Community Centre but in true EastEnders style, Phil "aint ‘appy" and is determined to put an end to Ben’s dancing career before it’s even begun.

Meanwhile Dawn finds Jase and he finally reveals what’s been going on.

Billy and Honey talk business and Stacey finds out Sean and Roxy’s secret. Denise decides to sort through Kevin’s clothes. The wedding talk continues at the Slaters’ but Sean’s not planning on sending everyone an invite. Max and Jack are at loggerheads. Shirley finds out about Suzy. Billy’s keen to impress Ian but needs to raise £5000. Lucas and Chelsea spend the afternoon together. It’s Sean and Roxy’s big day… but Ronnie tries to put a stop to the nuptials. Shirley and Phil are growing closer. Denise goes rummaging around Lucas’ past. Never a good idea, is it?

Also on EastEnders this week:
Denise receives some bad news
Roxy gets stuck on the garage roof
Jean’s left devastated when Ted has a change of heart

Hollyoaks w/e August 1

‘Hollywoodoaks’ – the soap with all the beautiful people – has tackled some pretty deep subjects in its time: anorexia and drug  abuse to name but a few. Next month, Newt’s mental health takes a turn for the worse and this soap will turn its attention to the issue of schizophrenia. Whether they do the subject any justice is another question. Back to this week’s action…Amy can’t stop thinking about Ste and what he’s done to her. Frankie’s finding life in The Dog difficult without Jack. Russ bumps into a stressed Tina in the village and asks her to join him for a drink and a catch up. Mandy’s struggling to keep Mobs running without Max. Mike and Sarah realise that this isn’t the first time Ste has hit Amy…

Kieron comes face to face with a heavily bruised Ste in the SU. Tina’s happy with her decision to return to college and tells Russ about her future plans. Malachy prepares to leave Hollyoaks. Tensions between Tina and Dominic are increasing. Jacqui’s feeling envious of Mandy’s ‘perfect mother’ image. Elliot and Hannah help Sarah out at MOBs. Calvin feels helpless as their search for Sasha proves fruitless. Elliot sets up the Comic Fayre in the SU Bar. Ste’s discharged from hospital but with no-one else to turn to, he begs Justin for help. Jacqui’s exhausted so she calls on her family to help out. Elliot’s determined to find out why Sarah never made an appearance. Josh is furious with Ste for his assault on Amy.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Mike snaps and lashes out at Ste
Hannah gives Elliot advice on wooing Sarah
Justin is struggling to find somewhere to stay

Coronation Street w/e August 1

Liz McDonald has had more affairs than I’ve had hot dinners. Anyway, it’s no surprise to find her in yet  another love triangle after Harry invites her out for the day. When Clarissa discovers what’s happened, it’s catfight time! Who come out the winner? My money’s on Liz… Meanwhile Fiz is being stalked by Brad Pitt (aka, John Stape – because he was so irresistible to so many Corrie women for some reason) and is finding it increasingly difficult to avoid him. Dev’s gobsmacked when he meets Prem at the golf club.

Blanche is concerned about Ken’s friendship with Ted (she thinks homosexuality can be ‘caught’ – like a common cold). Tyrone wonders if Molly will be happy with a small wedding. Becky decides to play matchmaker and tries to get Steve and Michelle back together. The booze cruisers set off on their trip. Kevin’s feeling the pinch after having his prices undercut by a rival garage. Meanwhile Liz decides to play Clarissa at her own game. John Stapes makes some headway with his friendship with Fiz…with looks like his how could Fiz possibly resist him? He is Corrie’s Brad Pitt after all.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Ken rediscovers a manuscript for a novel
Auntie Pam teaches Tyrone how to turn the pennies into pounds
Jason and Becky arrive home from their holiday

Emmerdale w/e August 1

Blimey it seems like they’re all at it this week! First Corrie’s Liz MacDonald and Clarissa have a set-to and now Paul and Grayson come to blows. I suppose EastEnders’ Dot Cotton and the departing Yolande will be next… Anyway, on Emmerdale this week Paul comes to Katie’s rescue when Grayson attacks her. Sam offers to help Jo. Lisa warns Sam off pursuing Jo but will he listen to her advice? Carl is secretly becoming attracted to Anna. David offers to clean Rodney’s house for free and seizes the opportunity to search for the manuscript. Carl’s sick of hearing Anna’s ideas to improve the business.  Chas needs Gray to sign a document for the vets and is surprised to find him drunk. A guilty David retrieves the Dictaphone and transcribes Rodney’s story before faxing it to Nicola.

Gray apologises to Paul after hearing the problems he’s caused between Paul and Jonny. Jimmy’s surprised to learn that Carl and Lexi are back together. Lexi announces that Carrie’s getting married in Barbados. Val is furious when Pollard hints that they may not be able to go on honeymoon. Jonny confides in Katie that he can no longer trust Paul and decides to leave the village. Jasmine complains to Jake that Anna is criticising her work. Debbie’s desperate for cash with Carl badgering her for mortgage payments. Jimmy secretly arranges a date over the internet and tries to hide it from Matthew.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Diane implores Paul to help Gray
Jake takes Daz joyriding
Gray forces his way into Victoria’s cottage

That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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  1. Chanserey says:

    no offence but ben is sooooooooo weird and i dont like him lol

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