Davro Quits EastEnders

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Just in case you didn’t know, news has emerged that Bobbby Davro, who plays Vinnie Monks on EastEnders, is leaving. The comedian’s decided to say goodbye to Albert Square after being approached to take part in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Or so the rumours say.

The Daily Star claims that the actor has snapped up a £100,000 offer to join Ant & Dec in the jungle.  "It’s all been kept very hush-hush, but it’s a good deal," an insider told the newspaper.

"We tried to get Bobby a few years ago but he always resisted. Now he finally appears to be up for a laugh in the jungle."

Speaking last week, Davro explained: "I’ve  had a fantastic year with EastEnders and made lots of friends. I hope to be back at some point." Executive producer Diederick Santer added: "We’ve really enjoyed having Bobby with us at EastEnders. I hope this is not so much goodbye as see you later."

Well, I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned Vinnie’s not gonna be missed. Like Mohammed George’s character Gus Smith, Vinnie Monks was hardly ever on EastEnders and when he did make an appearance, his character added very little to the show. I hate to say I told you so, but any EastEnders fan worth their salt will also be saying ‘I told you so’. We knew he wouldn’t work out. When he signed on the dotted line, the people behind the soap were hyping him as the next Alfie Moon. Two words: As. If.

In all fairness to Mr Davro, he wasn’t entirely to blame. I reckon the producers got the pairing of him and Shirley Wicks wrong. They were a total mismatch and lacked any kind of on-screen chemistry, unlike the classic pairing of Shane Ritchie  and Jessie Wallace as Alfie Moon and Kat Slater. Still, as Bobby Davro said, he’s made a lot of friends (more like money) on the set of EastEnders and could be back at some point (when it all runs out). Davro will bow out of EastEnders in the autumn, but his on-screen son Callum, who appears for the first time next month, will provide him with a link back to Albert Square. Will they kill him off horribly like they did with Phil ‘Parklife!’ Daniels as Kevin Wicks?

That’s it for now. Join me on Friday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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14 Responses to Davro Quits EastEnders

  1. mrs says:

    Bobby Davro was a good actor, far better than Shane Ritchie, who just seemed like a puppet.
    and as for chemistry between him and Kat, it was abismal.
    Gwt some new good actors, not like Bianca, who ever thought to bring her back, it is like watching paint dry.
    Please get some new good actors .

  2. Sarah says:

    When I read that Bobby Davro was going to join the cast of Eastenders, I wasn\’t sure what to make of it. Is Bobby Davro an actor then? I asked myself. But, hold on, I quickly pointed out, Shane Ritchie wasn\’t exactly known for his thespian tendancies, but he turned out to be ok.
    Once I got over the realisation that I was talking to myself I got a grip.
    But seriously, Bobby Davro didn\’t stand a chance right from the very beginning. Vinnie and Shirley? Come on now. They are hardly love\’s young dream. I\’m not entirely sure why the show\’s excutive producer has "enjoyed" having Davro on the show considering he\’s hardly been on it and when he has, the storylines and dialogue he\’s been given have been absolutely diabolical. The scriptwriters could have done a lot more with that character – who knows, Vinnie could have been a legend. Instead, we have the same old tired story of Billy "just give me a chance" Mitchell trying to prove to his family and anyone else that cares that he can make something of himself. Here\’s an idea Mr/Ms scriptwriter, either give Billy a semi-happy ending to his lifelong suffering or get rid. Easy!

  3. karlene says:

    To Mrs Ward:
    While I agree with you that the actress who plays Bianca will never win an Emmy… I do not lay the blame on her as much as the writers/director, for giving her such drivel to say/do. The only time she is not "cringe-worthy" is when she\’s serving a customer in Ian Beale\’s "caff".
    I also believe that Shane Ritchie is a much better actor/entertainer than you intimated in your comment. For the period that he was protraying Alfie Moon, I found Eastenders to be much more "must-see TV", than the recent fare.
    Oh, by the way, the word is \’abysmal\’, NOT \’abismal\’. Please do a spell-check before posting your next comment.

  4. Donnamarie says:

    i wont be sad to see vinnie leave, but iam sad that most of the good old characters like martin fowler and sonia, pauline most of the slaters are all gone. the story lines keep getting worse by the minute. i must say i dont watch eastenders as much as i used to anymore it bores me now.

  5. Unknown says:

    I find Eastenders more and more unbelievable and boring as time goes on.  The height of storyline now seems to be Bianca\’s ear-splitting shouts and Tracy\’s constant "SHOOOOWN!  SHOOOOWWWWN!" while said Neanderthal brother glowers and tries to intimidate everyone in range.  We had enough of that for years with the Mitchell thug-brothers.    Like many others, I\’m sure, I would love to see the departure of the twisted Mitchell sisters, who seem to be on a taped loop of repetitive behaviour, as do Max and Jack Branning, Lucy Beale, Billy Mitchell.  The only real characters are Mo Harris, Ian and Jane Beale, Patric Truman, and the lovely Dot.  And PLEASE, no more outrageous fantasy lines like the live burial of Max. A real one would be better.

  6. Mandi says:

    Mrs ward,
    you are I am sorry to say a brain donor.

  7. Charlie says:

    \’Kay G\’ you are an absolute batty
    \’nanoloo\’ dont watch it then

  8. Richard says:

    I heard Richard Bailey see imdb and Midsomer murders is joing eastenders, hes so cute

  9. blue rose says:

    i love to watch east enders when i was study in london, even now i miss to watch there

  10. Stephen says:

    To Kay G: I trust that criticising other user\’s spelling, on a message board that\’s intended to be fun rather than an English test, makes you feel all big and important. That is until somebody notices that you can\’t spell "portraying" in your own post. Awwww – does poor ickle Kay G feel a bit of a numpty now…..?

  11. charlotte says:

    ur all as bad as each other….time to grow up and concentrate on the matter in hand……bobby is not as good as alfie i know but eastenders is made up of every character that is on it whe you think of eastenders you think of pat ian mitchell brothers etc the list goes on….eastenders wouldnt be the same without every little actor or actress that takes part even the extras i applaude them all my hat comes off to them its harder than it may seem acting…….nobodys perfect!!!!

  12. Curley says:

    Please,do away with this horrible series!I disliked a few weeks ago,but hubby still watches it–"has to" it seems.Nothing nice seems to happen-always this violent side to things.I don\’t expect a comedy,but let\’s have some smiles,not grunts.

  13. Donna says:

    I have got to say I Eastenders and have to watch it every night! But im not to bothered that Bobby Davro is leaving, the show has still got pleanty of great actor/actresses in it as well as alot of the old favs!
    Now then i\’ve been reading some of the comments and ive gotta say ( no names mentioned ) some of you are actin like a bunch of kids! Its a TV show for gods sake, if you dont like it theres a simple answer dont watch it.

  14. james says:

    i think you all need to get a hobby, go out for a jog or something its got to be better than watching the same storyline that you did ten years ago but with different people.. come on, look, you got the ginger one that scream\’s ricky and hes back aswell.next month pauline wll be back  in ghost holding martins hand  

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