Corrie’s John Stapes Is Back!

Hello and welcome to another week of A Slice Of Soap. So, what will be going on in soap-land in the next few days? Here we go…

Coronation Street w/e July 25

Lock up your daughters cos this week sees the return of Weatherfield’s answer to Brad Pitt…yes John Stapes is back! Let’s just hope that he’s learned his lesson and keeps far away from Rosie Webster, otherwise one of two things will happen; either he’ll end up losing his life or Kevin Webster will end up doing life. Anyway  I’m sure that the return of Brad Pitt will bring nothing but excitement to the cobbles. So what else is happening on The Street? Well…how funny was Corrie last week with Steve and Lloyd’s childish pillow fight? The bit with the spit was disgusting but I laughed my head off. It reminded me of play fights in primary school. Hahahah!

Anyway, Steve uses Amy as a pawn to get back into The Rovers. Fiz and Kirk are planning Chesney’s birthday, but Fiz is troubled by silent phone calls. Sinbad/Jerry’s getting a little confused about his medication and Mel discovers that Teresa’s partner Gary is in prison and she wasn’t lying about the domestic violence. Gail arrives home to find her house has been tidied up. Tina’s up to something in Cyberspace and ‘Damian’ David isn’t pleased.

Fiz is shocked when she sees John (Brad Pitt) is back. The news soon filters through to Sally, who tells Rosie. Meanwhile Michelle’s finding it difficult having Steve around all the time and pretending to play happy families with Amy. Jack tells Tyrone that he’d be a fool to let Molly go and suggests he have another go at proposing.

Also on Coronation Street:
Chesney gets a big present…who’s it from?
Sinbad/Jerry collapses and is rushed to hospital
Clarissa tells Harry that she’ll agree to a divorce

Emmerdale w/e July 25

The soap revolving door is spinning a little stronger in this rural soap at the moment. Who’s next? That’s what I’m wondering. Anyway, there’s more baby drama as Jonny’s concerned after Perdy returns from a shopping trip with lots of baby items. Elsewhere Pollard’s stunned when the health and safety inspector arrives to examine working conditions. Louise is also troubled after Jamie reveals that he’s considering their future together.

Paul’s conscience is troubling him – should he tell Gray about Katie’s plan? Gennie expresses an interest in helping Eli get hold of a hot tub for the Dingles, but Chas warns her not to allow the Dingle influences to turn her into a layabout. Elsewhere Sam is concerned about Jo. Brenda accuses the Dingles of corrupting her daughter. Paul begs Jonny not to give up on their relationship but is it too late? Gennie’s attempts to help out get her arrested by the police. Have Brenda’s worst fears come true?

Also on Emmerdale:
Paul is stunned as Katie carries out her threat
Gray returns home a broken man
Gennie spots a matchmaking opportunity

EastEnders w/e July 25

I don’t know about you, but the sight of Sean ‘Shout!’ Slater losing his rag and clobbering Ronnie Mitchell wasn’t pretty at all. On the other hand, Michelle decking Steve on Corrie was more like a classic Corrie slapstick comedy moment (with a right hook like that, she could have easily floored Mike Tyson). Back to the action on The Square and it’s Bradley’s day in court after his careless driving, but will Max make it in time to support his son? Meanwhile Roxy’s moved back in and Ronnie seems happier, despite wearing a black eye. I really wish the writers would hurry up and get rid of these two. As I expected, Bobby Davro’s already on his way out (he barely made an impression). Let’s hope they’re next. Billy’s down in the dumps, but that’s nothing new. Clare’s tidying up the house and beautifying herself – but for who?

Lauren isn’t happy about her mum and dad’s situation. Meanwhile ‘Squeale’ Beale’s at the Masood’s and gets a shock when he receives a phone call from the head of the committee he’s catering for. Zainab’s world is rocked when a money lender comes knocking. Tanya overhears Lauren and Abi arguing about the DVD that started the breakdown of the family. Meanwhile Max, Tanya, Jack and Ronnie all face each other…Elsewhere Yolande is not happy – what else is new? This time it’s because Patrick’s still not home for their anniversary celebration.

Also on EastEnders:
Ronnie worries as Roxy head to the Slaters
Jase makes a secret phone call
Dot’s house is trashed

Hollyoaks w/e July 25

Time to check out what’s happening with all the beautiful people on ‘Hollywoodoaks’, as I call it. The post-Max era feels very strange but I suppose it’s the same on any soap when a major character goes. Anyway to the action and Darren’s weighed down by his lie. Newt’s fears that he’s responsible for killing Jack are amplified. Sasha’s frustrated at being mollycoddled by her family. Danny persuades Sasha to take part in a cup cake bake off to stave off the boredom of her house arrest, but she goes missing.  Elsewhere, Mandy attempts to get to grips with making smoothies. Kieron prepares for his interview while an inventive John Paul has an idea after overhearing a conversation between Mandy and Louise. Tony’s driving Jacqui mad with his constant fretting and mollycoddling over baby Max. Jacqui attacks Amy over a music box they both want to buy.

Kieron’s really struggling to fit into life outside the Church. Amy’s thrilled with the karaoke machine that Ste brought home and takes it round to the Barnes’, hoping to have an afternoon of fun, but unfortunately, Sarah has other plans. John Paul and Kieron tell a pleased Niall about their engagement. Discussing their immediate future, they agree to keep it a secret for the time being, until they tell Myra their news. Elliot’s bought Sarah a necklace after the Pharteze fiasco to prove how much she means to him, but attention soon moves to Kris when Malachy makes a surprise appearance and informs him that Eamon’s gone missing.

Also on Hollyoaks:
The McQueens have a naming ceremony for Baby Max
Cindy lament about how hard done by she is
Kris and Malachy continue to clash

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2 Responses to Corrie’s John Stapes Is Back!

  1. Hannah says:

    Urhh. A whole new Platt Story Cant Wait :@ It annoys me how they go on for months on end and Gail Platt Is just soo boring although whoever plays her dad brings a little fun into it. Dont get me wrong im hooked on eastenders but i wish this whole Jack/Max/Tanya thing would be over and done with its been goin on since Christmas for goodness sake . Max should be killed off or something So annoying and how many times must his stupid jelousy for his brother lead to his childhood memories of Sherbet  Lemon.   Anyone Agree !

  2. jo says:

    I have got so bored of east enders ths week everything seems to just drag on where has the excitement gone .Personally i think Tanya should have left max in the coffin!

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