Corrie’s Steve And Michelle Engaged

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Coronation Street w/e July 18

Isn’t it funny the way the Corrie writers are turning Carla’s Tony into the JR Ewing of Weatherfield? JR loved power – but he also loved women. Is it possible that at some point in the future Tony’s gonna stray? It wouldn’t surprise me because he’s already getting more screen action than Liam. Remember Liam? Anyway, the Tony v Kevin storyline is intensifying. Steve is still trying to avoid Michelle who is becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of a proposal. Lloyd confides in Eileen who tells him that he should tell Michelle that Steve has no plans to propose. But in the meantime an increasingly under pressure Steve has now proposed to a delighted Michelle. Ken surprises Roy by resigning. Blanche says it’s because he was too embarrassed to admit his current occupation to his uni friends.

Elsewhere, Dev is also wanting more out of life but doesn’t know where to start. Lloyd inadvertently drops Steve right in it; Michelle plans to make her other half sweat and see just how far he will go with his little charade. Tyrone tells Dev that he wants to propose to Molly. Dev tries to get Tony to play golf with him but Tony isn’t interested. Tyrone books a swanky restaurant for his big moment but things don’t go quite to plan. Tony gives Sean his job back and tells him that it was Rosie’s idea. Sally and Rosie are getting increasingly annoyed at Kevin’s paranoia about Tony.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Mel is still furious at Teresa
Molly’s aunt turns up and gets on Bet’s bad side
Rosie is enjoying her new found power at Underworld

Emmerdale w/e July 18

Big news for Emmerdale; Pop Idol’s Gareth Gates has said he wouldn’t mind starring in the rural soap: "I have almost been in it before," he said. "I went for an audition years ago but sadly it never came to anything. But you never know what the future holds." Wow! Can he even act? But then again, sometimes that doesn’t matter in soaps…On to this week’s action and Donna discovers that Freddie may have been sighted. Viv becomes desperate to find the money to pay Rebecca and is driven to cashing in the twins savings. Jo begins her first day at the Woolpack and soon steals the attention of the punters making both Jasmine and Andy jealous. Jo wakes up in the barn to find her arm covered in bruises. Andy says she must give up her job at the Woolpack, but will Jo listen to her husband’s orders?

Bob and Viv share a picnic with the twins and she makes an emotional confession that she shared a kiss with Freddie and that she was blackmailed by Louise; Bob reacts angrily. Terry is starting to regret allowing the factory to operate in the B&B’s basement. Bob confronts Louise about blackmailing Viv. Perdy is thrilled when Katie asks if she would be willing to look after the baby when it is born so she can return to work full time.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Anna befriends the Dingles and invites them to Donald’s party
Nicola gets a call from a publisher raving about Rodney’s book
Louise and Jamie return from their holiday content and loved up

EastEnders w/e July 18

I’ve tried really hard, but I’m still not enthralled by the adventures   of The Mitchell Sisters; I just can’t warm to them at all and I can’t put my finger on why. They just bore me to tears. This week, the focus is on Dawn who is struggling with life in a B&B. Sean and Roxy are back and are all loved up, but Roxy’s shocked when she receives a call from Peggy. Bianca is concerned about how Whitney has got £5000. Actually, concerned is probably putting it lightly… Jase is taking mystery calls. Billy’s hoping business will boom but a spider ruins his and Charlie’s luck. Yes, you read that right – a spider. We should all just accept that Billy is never going to be lucky or happy and save the EastEnders writers years of desperate storylines for him. Roxy’s moved in with the Slaters but it isn’t going to be easy for her. Dawn makes a U-turn and accepts fiancé Jase’s money – she wants to live in luxury.

Darren makes life comfortable for himself by playing off both Dawn and Jase. Ronnie loses her locket and her dignity down a U-bend and she’s got a hangover from hell, but she’s also on a mission of revenge. Without Roxy and her locket, she is feeling lost. Billy is in the firing line for compensation for nearly killing Charlie. Dawn’s gone cash mad and is soon throwing a lavish house warming while Jase secretly slips out to do one last job.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Bianca’s guardian angel drops off yet another gift
Dawn is worn out by living on the breadline
Mo’s on the warpath

Hollyoaks w/e July 18
Jack’s struggling to cope with his mounting debts and doesn’t know what to do next. Niall’s enjoying sharing a flat with John Paul and suggests that they make it more of a permanent arrangement. He can’t help worrying that Kieron will ruin his plans when he admits he still loves John Paul and wants to see him. Newt’s manic and wants Eli to leave, convinced the longer he stays around, the more chance there is of people realising it was them who targeted the village. Newt’s behaviour becomes even more erratic, resulting in him losing the one true friend he has when he tells Lauren to get out. Life at the McQueens’ is awkward with the overnight arrival of John Paul and Myra’s still hurt by his relationship with Kieron.

Elliot and Eamon strike up an unlikely friendship, with Elliot determined to defend and support Kris to his dad. A desperate Jack leaves a heart-wrenching voicemail for Frankie, before making a shocking decision. Kris and his father finally meet, but Eamon refuses to accept him for who he is, so there’s no point hanging around. Kieron tells Myra that he loves John Paul, and they’re staying together – no matter what. When Frankie and Steph return, Darren struggles with his emotions and fails to tell Frankie about Jack’s fake death. With Steph there, he can’t confess the truth about their awful lie. Frankie insists Darren tells her exactly what happened and as he recounts his story, the enormity of the lie hits home. Darren’s sent into a panic when Frankie insists she wants to see Jack’s body…

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
On result day, the students all anxiously wait to find out their fate
Newt and Darren reach an uneasy understanding
A lonely and drunk Eamon leaves Hollyoaks for good

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2 Responses to Corrie’s Steve And Michelle Engaged

  1. Zoe says:

    I totally agree with the above blog about the Mitchell sisters.  For some strange reason I have never warmed to either of them due to either shallow story lines or pathetic acting skills.  Maybe a mixture of both methinks.

  2. Heather says:

    i actually really like them i think they make good screening and there storylines are always very true to life.

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