Letitia Dean Takes To The Stage

Hello and welcome Friday’s edition of A Slice Of Soap. So who’s in the news? Well, she’s blonde, she’s bubbly, she’s Letitia Dean. The former Grange Hill extra (she had a tiny part in the show – blink and you would’ve missed her kind of thing) may have found fame as Sharon Watts in EastEnders, but she’s gaining a new army of devotees thanks to her latest project.

The actress is among the cast of High School Musical, which opened at the Apollo in Hammersmith earlier this week. Not only is the role of drama teacher Ms Darbus giving her acting muscles a workout – the physical side of the show has seen the star shed the pounds, too. If you saw her on Strictly Come Dancing, you’ll know that although a bit top-heavy (and she’s the first to admit it), she’s got absolutely fantastic legs. I remember her saying so to Adrian Chiles on The One Show.

Letitia Dean spoke to The Sun and told the paper: "All the rehearsals for the show were quite intense and there were physical warm ups which I got involved in," she said. "And the adrenalin knocks it off you I think. But I finished the live Strictly tour and then I was only off a few weeks before I started rehearsals for this. It’s all high energy, which certainly helps." Anyway, here’s a taster of the Disney TV show that inspired the stage musical.

The real question is, will Letitia return to Albert Square? I’m willing to bet that she will at some point in the future. Letitia seems to be one of the few actors able to come and go in Albert Square as she pleases….   

* Sam and others who have asked, sorry about all the delays getting the new Friday Fun Feature replacing ‘Gus Watch’ off the ground. Last week Clive Hornby died and it wasn’t the right time. This week, something else has cropped up. I think my best bet is to go for the first week in August when things have calmed down….hopefully.

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