Corrie’s Rosie Does The Dirty Again

Hello and welcome to another week of A Slice Of Soap. So, what will be going on in soap-land in the next few days? Here we go…

Coronation Street w/e July 11

Rosie-haters, she’s gonna give you more ammunition this week; wait until you see what she does next. I’m still reeling from Becky and Roy’s fight last week – that was really hard to watch and that, as far as I’m concerned, is the kind of real drama that Corrie does so well. Anyway, Tony is still determined to buy the garage off Kevin (don’t do it Kev!) and resorts to underhand tactics with Rosie to try and get his own way. Eileen’s got a house full of lodgers and asks Becky what her plans are.

Sean is enjoying being the breadwinner while Marcus investigates college courses, but he loses his job. Liam meets up with his cousin Tom to discuss business options. Lloyd is uncomfortable about Becky working behind the bar and tells her he thinks she should quit before Steve returns. Sally is annoyed at Teresa for throwing cigarette butts onto her conservatory roof. Steve arrives back only to be faced with his supposed plans to marry Michelle and also the presence of Becky in the Rovers. Harry’s Clarissa makes too many demands on Lloyd and Deirdre is unhappy with Ken. Steve blames Lloyd for the mess he’s in.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Ken’s reunion depresses him 
Teresa leads convalescent Sinbad/Jerry astray
Rosie sells her parents down the river

Hollyoaks w/e July 11

Ever watched an episode of Hollywoodoaks and thought you could do better than some of the actors? Well, viewers are being offered a unique opportunity to win a guest appearance in the soap, £1,000 in cash and the chance to take part in Liverpool’s Capital of Culture closing ceremony: find out more here. It’s been a highly dramatic couple of weeks in Hollywoodoaks (as I’ve dubbed it). Tina and Dom want to keep baby Max after all. Justin gets caught up in Leila’s plans to get Ravi and Nancy together. Nige discovers that Steph’s flat is empty and orders Sasha to help him break in. O.B. struggles to write Max’s eulogy as Steph makes the final arrangements for the funeral. She is distraught when she discovers she’s been burgled.

Calvin and Val have a heart to heart, and share an awkward kiss. It’s the day of Max’s funeral; Steph prepares to bury her husband and O.B helps Tom to get ready. The funeral procession including Darren, Jack, Tony and Dom escort Max Cunningham out of Hollyoaks Village for the final time. O.B. waves goodbye to his friends in the village, safe in the knowledge that Max is looking over them… Lauren returns from her Paris trip and pays Newt a visit. Russ is mooning over Caroline

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Zak and Russ contemplate their future
Alek returns and faces Carmel’s fury
Mike’s thrown when his decree nici arrives in the post

EastEnders w/e July 11

We recently said goodbye to Keith and Mickey Miller and now we know that at some point, we’ll be waving Yolande off too. Question is, how will she go? Will Patrick force her hand by getting into Pat’s knickers again? Will Yolande be killed off? My bet is that she’ll want to go back home to the West Indies and Patrick will want to stay in Albert Square – something like that. Let’s see what they do with her. On to the action and Peggy takes matters into her own hands and decides to take Ronnie to Dorset to find Roxy. Omigod, how pointless are the Mitchell sisters? They’re the next lot that need to be written out of the show. Phil is determined to cut the apron strings…but will Peggy let him?

Sean’s temper flares as he tries to find out where Roxy is; Peggy and Ronnie are on their way to find Ronnie but things aren’t going as smoothly as Peggy was hoping for and Phil makes his first encounter with Suzy Branning. Ronnie is stunned at seeing her father after all these years; Phil does Suzy another favour but she refuses to tell him anything. Sean tries to get Roxy to return to London with him.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Sean is desperate to track down Roxy
Janet has a chest infection
Dean continues to flirt with Roxy

Emmerdale w/e July 11

It’s so sad to think that we’ll never see Jack Sugden again – RIP Clive Hornby; you were magnificent. To the action and Lexi is stunned to overhear that Donald is leaving the business and calls Carl. Eli arranges a lunch with Gennie to discuss the misunderstanding over their kiss. Katie is unnerved when Gray tries to arrange a date for the caesarean. Jasmine and Jake flirt with each other at Donald’s party, but she is worried to see Miles has returned. A happy Jasmine suggests to Jake that they tell Laurel and Ashley about their new relationship. Katie begins the next phase of her plan and invents a sob story about her mum’s financial ruin to play on Gray’s sympathies. Can Katie continue to lie, cheat and steal her way to destroying Gray’s future?

Donna witnesses first hand the troubles Viv is experiencing. The atmosphere reaches its peak when Nicola makes a veiled comment about prison; Viv loses it and throws the troublemaker out. Nicola is confused when Gabby calls her ‘Trixie’ but is shocked to discover the reasoning behind her nickname. With Bob tied up at the pub, Donna has no options but to pick up the slack for her mother. At the end of the day a visibly emotional Donna explains her fears to Marlon that Viv is about to crack.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Marlon is fed up with Viv
Donald’s daughter Anna turns up
Diane and Val offer Marlon his job back

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