Goodbye To Hollyoaks’ Max Cunningham

Hello and welcome to another edition of A Slice Of Soap. It’s another big week for our most popular ‘continuing dramas’ so let’s find out what the writers have in store…

Hollyoaks w/e June 27 

In the soap with the beautiful people, it’s time to stock up on your tissues as we say goodbye to Max Cunningham (played by departing actor Matt Littler). I’m not going to reveal more than that, even though there’s been leaks to the tabloid press and soap mags and posts on forums about Max’s fate. To the action and Sasha and Fletch are so desperate for drugs, they mug Cindy. Lauren tells Newt that she knows the truth about the bombs and the stolen money.

Newt tries to reassure her that Eli has gone for good. Myra rummages in John Paul’s room and finds an empty pack of condoms. Skint and desperate for a fix, Sasha agrees to Nige’s indecent proposal. Ste and Amy arrive home to see Sasha and a half dressed Nige coming out of a bedroom. Ste throws them out and Amy is outraged that Sasha has put her daughter at risk…Everything starts to go wrong for Steph as her big day approaches. John Paul thinks that Kieron’s job is getting in the way. O.B. returns (yes! The double act are back together). He tries to persuade Max to leave England and join him and Summer in New York. Myra makes a shocking discovery about John Paul and Kieron. Will she keep the secret? Jacqui is angry when Mandy returns to Il Gnosh. However, it’s Tina who gets the wrong end of the stick. Will fate deal Steph yet another cruel blow on her wedding day?

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Danny’s upset about being dumped for sleeping with Mercedes
Justin starts his new job as a debt collector
Kieron makes an announcement that shocks John Paul

Coronation Street w/e June 27 

Warning: there’s loads of yawnsome Tony and Carla and Ashley and Clurrrrrrr stuff this week. Yawn. Tick, tock Corrie fans as it’s countdown to the departure of Rob James Collier. Maybe there’ll be a long lost Connor brought in so that Carla has someone else to sleep with. Anyway, Liam is bored stuck at home with only Ozzy for company (well, at least he’s livelier than bland Maria). Chaos reigns at number 4 as the Websters and the Peacocks battle for space. Yawn. Michelle suspects Steve is hiding something; Carla’s convinced he’s been unfaithful (takes one to know one). A terrified Becky is relieved when Lloyd makes up a cock and bull story about Steve blowing five grand in the casino.  More Ashley and Clurrrrrr rubbish. Yawn. Rosie insults Sinbad/Jerry and a catfight ensues with Terrible Teresa. Can I just say that Terrible Teresa (Cilla Battersby-Brown mark II, but much, much lower) has improved the Mortons? I’m actually hoping they get a reprieve now – but the Boring Bookies still have to go.

It’s the morning after the wild party of the night before; David and Tina survey the wreckage of the house – not quite sure how to break the news to Ted and Audrey. Meanwhile Sally and Kevin are still furious with Terrible Teresa for her attack on Rosie. Michelle is convinced Steve cheated on her with Leanne. As the day goes on she gets more and more angry until she finally sees red and erupts.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Audrey is furious with Ted for forging David’s reference
David and Tina have a party
It’s Jason’s birthday; he’s surprised to get a card from Becky

EastEnders w/e June 27 

So Mad May came back, did her Fatal Attraction bit and now she’s gone. And unless the EastEnders writers are planning a dafter comeback from the dead than Dirty Den’s, we can assume she’s gone for good. So it’s back to business and Jean gets ready for her dinner date – but she’s forgotten her medication. Jack tells Tanya he’s serious about her and Abi gets a surprise for her birthday. It’s also Morgan’s birthday but Bianca is skint. Dot and Bradley are at Tanya’s after the explosion, but Dot is concerned about Clare. Denise has her first customer – but doesn’t want him.

Max gets  a great welcome from his kids but Tanya reels; it’s like seeing a ghost. She rushes from the room feeling sick. Bradley confesses his feelings for Stacey. Ted comes to see Jean – but Stacey isn’t too pleased. Denise bonds with Lucas’ son. Someone settles Bianca’s restaurant bill – but who? Max begs Tanya to have him back. Well he would, wouldn’t he? Bradley and Stacey are locked in together – leading to some revelations. Oh my goodness, that’s such a cliché! It’s been done to death. Oh whatever. Anyway, Bradley opens up but does Stacey feel the same way? Tanya lets slip that Jack is her new man and Max reacts badly.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Denise and Masood fight for a job
Bianca, Ricky, Pat and the kids go for dinner
The Millers are packed into the Masood’s house

Emmerdale w/e June 27 

Remember Lisa Riley? She made a name for herself playing feisty Mandy Dingle. If you’re wondering what she’s up to, the curvy actress is currently starring at the Blackpool Grand in sassy play The Naked Truth and part of her performance involves pole dancing. Yes – you read that right. Pole dancing. Someone else who’s on a slippery pole is Val (get your minds out of the gutter!); besieged by money problems, she realises that desperate measures are called for. Pollard is forced to tell his workers that the factory will have to close. He makes an off the cuff remark to Sam that it would have been better if the factory had just gone up in smoke. The words are taken literally and…up in smoke it goes.

A fire officer informs Val and Pollard that the electric heater could’ve started the fire. There’s a mix-up over the pub of the year contest. Marlon turns on Val and a war of words ensues. At Mulberry Cottage, Mel asks Ashley’s permission to take Arthur to a baby signing class. Feeling terrible, Sam offers to help Pollard rebuild the factory but he insists he’s helped enough. As he drowns his sorrows in the pub, he blames Val for getting him involved with the Kings in the first place.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Gennie and Eli battle to offload the smoothie maker
Ashley and Laurel take Gabby to the psychologist
Jake and Jasmine continue their flirtation

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