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Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap.

Coronation Street fans are probably united in their love of Becky Grainger (played by Katherine Kelly). She arrived on’t cobbles as the scuzzy ‘mate’ of Kelly Crabtree’s (and then landed her in trouble with the police). At first, she was nothing more than a plot device. But then, the writers got busy and her character was fleshed out and Becky’s now become an essential part of the action. Funnily enough, a similar thing happened with Sean Tully (played by Antony Cotton). He was only there to be a mate to newly-gay Todd Grimshaw when he first popped on’t scene. 

As if to confirm Becky’s increased status, she’s now going to get the seal of approval – it’s the one that says you’re somebody on’t Street….Becky’s going to become a Rovers Return barmaid! But not just any barmaid – she’s the 50th! In celebration, Coronation Street fans can vote for the Rovers Return’s best barmaid. Viewers can log on to to vote from their favourite pint puller from Monday.

There will also be a special picture gallery of some of the most memorable barmaids. Corrie will celebrate bar staff from leopard-print and gold draped Bet Lynch right up to today’s Michelle Connor (played by Kym Marsh).

Katherine Kelly said: "50th barmaid in the Rovers is very exciting. We’ve been working on Becky’s look, cos she’s always got to get it a bit wrong. So we’re thinking maybe a bit of Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner. I think she’s going to adore Liz McDonald. Liz is her idol – she’ll want to be Liz." Well for me, there’s only one winner and it’s brassy tart-with-a-heart Bet Lynch. I remember watching a clip on that compilation show that Matthew Kelly voices on TV and Bet had borrowed a dress from (queen) landlady of the Rovers, Annie Walker. She came into the pub wearing the really revealing dress; all her flesh showing. "Bet!" Annie said aghast. "You’ve got it on backwards!" Ha, ha, ha!

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