Explosive End For EastEnders’ Millers

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EastEnders w/e June 20

Typical EastEnders. They bring back ‘Mad May’ and then do stupidness with her. Not that what they did with her before was believable or rational. Now it’s all about to get very Fatal Attraction (not that it wasn’t before) but instead of Michael ‘saggy bottom’ Douglas, it’s a baby that’s provided the trigger into madness. She’s there for one reason and one reason only – to cause an ‘explosive’ end for one of the Millers…but which one’s gonna get it?

Anyway to the action and Jack begins to become suspicious of what has happened between Max and Tanya. Jase has some bad news for Dawn, and things take a turn for the worst as she gets an unexpected visitor for Summer’s birthday. Abi is missing, and so is Jane. May attacks Dawn and her lifestyle, saying she isn’t worthy of Summer. Meanwhile, Christian comes to the Beale’s to apologise. The Square is rocked when there is an explosion; the Miller’s house goes up in flames – but who’s inside? Keith gets off his sofa and puts his life at risk.

Also on EastEnders this week:
The Best of British celebrations are in full swing
Lucy and Olly continue to get caught in the act
Zainab is distraught as old memories are aroused

Coronation Street w/e June 20

The clock is ticking….can you hear it? We all know that it’s only a matter of time before Michelle finds out about Steve’s sordid night with Becky. Oh dear. For the moment, she’s getting tired of hearing about his attempt to apologise to Harry. Becky is uneasy around Michelle. Mel is stunned when Lloyd confesses that he’s Finlay’s dad. She demands he tell Jerry but how the convalescent react to this bombshell? There’s more yawn-inducing rubbish with Carla and Tony and the sale of the factory – who cares! It’s Carla and Liam’s duvet action that’s more interesting. Vernon is suspicious about Liz.

Ted surprises David by giving him a new reference which is infinitely more glowing than the one Audrey had given him. A stunned Audrey has no idea what Ted has done. Elsewhere Vernon is unhappy that Liz wasn’t more jealous about a runner at the recording studio who was flirting with him… It’s the day of the Webster’s and Peacock’s house swap but as they settle into their new homes, disaster strikes.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Ken has been invited to a university reunion
The factory girls are pleased to have Liam back
Tina finds a job for David 

Hollyoaks w/e June 20

Hollywoodoaks fans will be pleased to see some familiar faces returning in the coming weeks. Mandy Richardson (played by actress Sarah Dunn) and OB (actor Darren Jeffries) are back for the on-off marriage of Steph and Max. OB tries to convince best-mate Max to quit England and move to New York with him and Summer. Can’t wait! Until then, here’s what’s going on now…Frankie is still devastated at Jake’s confession to murder.

Newt blames Warren for Frankie’s misery and is determined to have his revenge. Mercedes challenges Darren to bed Hannah in return for a night in her own company. Fletch asks Sasha to leave Hollyoaks and come to London with him. Hannah confronts Darren over his scam with Mercedes. Lauren can’t understand why Newt won’t stand up to Eli. Newt orders Eli to return some stolen money but Eli disappears. Hannah is shocked when she sees the state of a downtrodden Fletch. Tom is concerned that Max and Steph will never get back together. Newt is desperate to put an end to Eli’s reign of terror once and for all.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Louise is visibly shaken by a smoke bomb going off
Danny wakes up with Mercedes in his bed
Newt catches Eli stealing the takings from The Dog

Emmerdale w/e June 20

To say Emmerdale’s Mel Doland has had an emotional few months is something of an understatement. She’s had to come terms with the fact her child, who was swapped at birth, died while in the care of Ashley and Laurel. Meanwhile, those of us that watch both Emmerdale and Corrie have had to come to terms with the fact that both soaps have made hard work of their baby swap stories. I never want to watch another one ever again. This week, Jasmine watches teary-eyed as Miles leaves for France alone. David is quietly impressed with Nicola. Viv is furious with her legal aid solicitor. David publicly dumps Sharon and Ross stuns Donna with a confession. Pollard’s in a tight spot; will he finally reveal the truth about his tax problems to his wife? Rodney is concerned for his granddaughter when he hears Gabby hasn’t been sleeping.

Val vetoes a business deal and Pollard is left a broken man. Will the newlyweds survive the first crisis of their marriage? Gennie offers to test her mettle as a Dingle when Eli needs volunteers to sell some cheap liquor. Donna is thrilled with Marlon’s success on television and equally cheered when things return to normal with Ross. As Ross and Paddy head out for a night on the pull, will his feelings for Donna get in the way?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
A catfight breaks out between Nicola and Sharon
Jasmine returns to work with Val quizzing her about Miles
Marlon’s television debut is ruined

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4 Responses to Explosive End For EastEnders’ Millers

  1. Sam says:

    lol i read on sky afew days ago (pre-explosion) that keith "shocks the residence of Albert Square with his actions" and me and my sister laughted and both said in unison "what does he get off his couch" And to be honest that would have been more entertaining than his hero part in it all…a big drum roll as he considered moving off the chair….teasing us "oooooooooh he\’s nearly up"…"no he\’s juuuuust fidgeting"…so clossse…"ooooooooh YESSSSSSSSS he actually STOOD up..look at him go" Because after all the news on his character going, all the press and interviews various characters have done (mad May on this morning being the most irritating) giving the impression a twist was in store…WHICH DIDNT HAPPEN..i mean her character dying was already a forgone conclusion, my dog could have predicted that!!! I just dont understand what the producers etc at Eastenders are playing
    at? Like Gus here\’s an actor (Keith) we already knew has left (or
    leaving)…so why not let him go out with a bang?! After yeaaars of
    being bored stupid at this slobs behaviour, WE the audience not the
    charactor deserve some entertainment from him! Keith will get
    just a boring random leaving story like Gus (my moneys on Rosie
    suddenly phoning and asking him back)And at least Keith getting UP off the couch in between the explosion scenes would have been more entertaining than the Masood familys "heartache" scenes about Pakistan! Im not trying to be rude and yeah i know im rambling but, no ones interested!! Simple as that. Its boring, i mean i get there\’s a culteral divide…as do we all… but it isnt one that shocks us, we are all aware of how different our societies are and how certain behaviour in their culture is frowned upon to the point of harm…and in my opinion anyway…it doesnt make the audience warm towards them…it isolates them further! I mean whats with the mothers character constantly slagging off of everything British like its far less superior to her culture and heritage? Constantly shouting at little children, and not just any children..one of the soaps most popular characters children..Bianca? And dictating to her daughter she cant be friends with Dawn because Dawns "upbringing"?! Its dull and ignorant and lets face it anything similar said about their society would be handeled a little differently! Eastenders are just awful at showing different ethnicities in true light…instead they always go for cheap stereotypes and it always fails. I wonder how long the Masoods will last….

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Well said Sam! Very well said. The EastEnders of today is such a long way from the glory years of Den and Ange and Grant and Phil. Oh well. At least the Masoods are better than the Ferreiras (shudder).

  3. pete400h says:

    The Emmerdale \’Cot Death\’ storyline was a disgrace.  It started out sensitively dealing with a horrific subject and rightly bringing it to the fore, but then degenerated into insulting sensationalist nonsense.  My Wife lost a baby Son to Cot death in 1980, his name was Scott, he was 3 months old and he stopped breathing in his pram when she was out for a walk with him.  Back then, when a lot of people did not even have phones in their house and ambulances just had people who ferried you to hospital, she had to run to a neighbours house with him in her arms and he stood no chance.  It eventually ended her first marriage and she spiralled into a decade of irrational guilt blaming herself. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of women.  Babies dont get swopped in Hospitals, they dont come back, they (in his case) die right infront of you for no known reason when they are at their most vulnerable and it destroys your life forever.  That is the cold reality.  It would have been a brilliant benchmark for soaps if Sickly sweet Laurel and Ashley had to deal with this properly but instead the producers opted for the Hollywood cop out solution.  My wife, someone for whom Emmerdale is the only soap she watched now refuses to watch the programme.  I think that says it all but my opinion is that by broadcasting the nonsense that they have, the producers insult every family who have been through this.

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    (no name), thank you for your very moving perspective on cot deaths. I remember EastEnders doing this story very well back when it started – the Osmans baby, the people that used to run the \’caff\’. However, Emmerdale needs the ratings and so the sensationalist route was the road they took…A shame really.

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