Family Woes For EastEnders’ Denise

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It’s Monday and that means it’s time to look forward to what the writers are treating us to this week. Let’s get to it.

EastEnders w/e June 13

How good is it to have Diane Parish back as Denise Wicks? I really like her as an actress and I think that Denise is a totally convincing character too. The poor thing has returned to find her family in a sorry state. What’s she going to do about it? An excited Dawn organises an engagement party – but who will baby-sit? Charlie meets a new woman and Lucy introduces her new love interest too. Jase and Dawn plan to let Jenny baby-sit for them – will they realise who she is in time?

To everyone’s surprise, Ian allows Olly to move in with them. Chelsea and Denise attempt to settle their differences and Chelsea tries to make amends for her previous bad behaviour. Squeal Beale is terrified Olly and Lucy will take things to the next level and Jase finds May in a bit of a predicament. The singles night at the Vic is a disaster. May makes an emotional visit to her long lost child. Bradley’s job prospects finally seem to be improving. Lucy manages to manipulate Christian into letting her use his flat – but is she as innocent as she claims to be?

Also on EastEnders this week:
Chelsea’s stash is discovered
Maggie gets her claws into a reluctant Bradley
Friday 13th proves unlucky for some

Hollyoaks w/e June 13

Lots of news regarding Hollywoodoaks. Guy Burnet, last seen on the telly kissing the latest batch of wannabe models in Britain’s Next Top Model, will reprise his role as Craig Dean for a new E4 late night version of Hollyoaks, currently entitled Late Night Hollyoaks (very imaginative name – not!). The powers that be hope the new hour-long format will give them greater scope to explore the characters. The special episodes will be begin filming in September and transmit in November. So to this week and Amy is frightened to tell Ste the truth about the pregnancy.

Rhys feels like an outsider in his own home. Niall is furious that Steph has chosen Max over him, but Max’s sister Cindy plans to scupper any reconciliation between them. Zoe prepares to take a pregnancy test. Rhys is angry when Neville employs Gilly to manage his new property. Tina collapses in agony, leaving Dominic and Jacqui worried. Frankie  is appalled that Nancy is working at The Loft after everything she did to Jake. Ravi turns down a repeat of his passionate encounter with Mercedes. And Newt  is worried when Eli  comes up with a plan to get revenge on Warren and Louise.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
The Ashworths do a good deed but it blows up in their faces
Fletch ends up homeless and hungry
Jacqui kicks Tony out

Coronation Street w/e June 13 

No Monday Corrie thanks to the footy. What a disgrace! I could understand if any of the home nations were involved – but we’re not! Anyway, Steve does a lot of thinking in his prison cell and, believe it or not, the boring feud with the boring bookie continues when he visits Dan in hospital. Steve has a row with Michelle and while comforting an equally lovelorn Becky – they end up kissing. Oh no! Gail considers going to visit Sarah in Milan.
It’s the morning after and Steve is stranded at Roy’s. Becky is also feeling guilty and confides in Lloyd. Carla is on edge knowing that Liam is coming home with Maria. Lloyd continues to hand over money to Teresa (is it me or is she Cilla Battersby-Brown, Mark II?) for Finlay. He suggests playing a more active role in Finlay’s life but Teresa threatens him with the CSA.

Tina is worried about David’s meeting with her dad; she tries to tell him how to act but David isn’t too impressed with being told what to do. Eventually he agrees to play it her way. A relieved Tina introduces the two men in her life – will they hit it off? Tom Kerrigan arrives to help Carla with her computer problems and wheelchair bound Tony is less than impressed with how well they get on. Elsewhere Sally is annoyed when Claire books Roger to help modernise the house.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
The neighbours rally round after Sinbad/Jerry
A desperate Steve tries to hide the truth from Michelle
Gail’s dad promises to keep an eye on Tina and David

Emmerdale w/e June 13 

The 5000th episode of the rural soap was pleasantly daft, silly, dramatic and funny, wasn’t it? The worst thing about it was the appearance of celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson. I’ve never been a big fan of his (I prefer Gordon Ramsay) so it’s a pity he didn’t end up permanently stuck in the mud somewhere. Anyway, here’s what’s going on this week. If you’re not a fan of the babyswap story, be warned that it gets a lot of airtime (yawn). Diane organises a birthday party for Sarah, but is unable to convince Debbie to attend. Ashley and Doug are worried that Laurel’s ignoring the baby. Greg tells Mel that he’s found a buyer for the house; is she ready to leave Arthur and the village behind?

Nicola is annoyed when Sharon and David turn up at the Woolpack together. Scarlett packs to spend six weeks in Canada with Carrie. Over at Butlers, Andy acknowledges that he was a little hard on Sam, but insists that they can’t afford to keep anyone on. Elsewhere, struggling to find somewhere to keep Beau, Nicola’s forced to leave him at home, against Rodney’s express wishes. Ashley decides on a family outing; Laurel is pleased to see Gabby so happy, but can’t bring herself to get close to Arthur.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Jake starts his trial in the pub kitchen
Is Ashley fighting a losing battle with Laurel?
Andy demands that Jo sack Sam

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23 Responses to Family Woes For EastEnders’ Denise

  1. david says:

    why dont you get stupid norris to confess instead of him laughing at all the trouble he is causing

  2. lee says:

    why dont they add a new tv channel for football instead of taking our programmes of,,not everybody
    likes football…….

  3. iain says:

    eastenders – denise is the most annoying crap ugly character ever – get rid of asap  

  4. Lambournes says:

    they are only soap operas they are not real!!!

  5. anne says:

    I stopped watching Eastenders because of all the shouting, violence and hopping in and out of bed with someone elses wfe/girlfriend/husband, boyfriend.   Now Coronation Street is going the same way.  Emmerdale is also going the same way.
    this kind of thing at this time of night eventually trivialises  adultery and wife beating and personally and is giving our young generation that is is okay to to this.  i am sick of it and will find something more useful to do in future between 7 and 9 o\’clock at night.

  6. (ℓ) • สzи Đσℓℓұ • (ℓ) says:

    alie rudeboi…dah no nme breh has lyk no lfe n no nme hahah,,,,daii aint bad 4 our generation!…juz intrest,,, in wah we lyk to watch!.. shush up babby boy or gal… oh n try watchin hollyoakz its really siik!..xx

  7. Soap Blogger says:

    $$RUDEBOYJAY$$, your message has been edited. Swearing isn\’t allowed.
    $$RUDEBOYJAY$$10 June 17:57
    ( dats why we watch it, its gd ….if u think ppl copy it and think its ok i think u need the help, dats wat tv is all about 

  8. Kevin says:

    I object to these programs being on before the watershed (9pm). Eastenders et al show a complete lack of morality and is not something I want my children to be watching. I\’m no prude, I work in a profession where I get to see the worst and best of people, however these programs only serve to nullify our own morality and any respect for fellow human beings. My license fee should be paying for quality, not chav TV.

  9. SUE says:

     If you don\’t like the programmes then don\’t watch them..simple! There\’s enough on tv these days to enable you not to have to watch the programmes you are moaning about,yes I agree there probably is too much sex,violence etc on the soaps, but nobody\’s forcing you to sit and watch it!!

  10. matthew says:

    Jesus, this obsession with no home nations in Euro is pathetic. Face it, we were too crap to qualify. Now we get a different aspect on football, its just our pathetic xenophobic attitude that prevents us watching great games of football.

  11. josie says:

    I so agree with Lee (10th June) Football should def have its own channel, Why should we have to miss out on our soaps, to make way for a bunch of over paid girlies.

  12. emma says:

    whats with all the animosity, this web page is designed for soaps if you dont like them read another web page, if you dont like watchin them change the channel, each to their own i say…  Some of the soaps have storylines people can relate to unlike football which is a bunch of overpaid winging queens

  13. martin says:

    mo from bristol  as a man i am a rare find cuz i detest football it played by premadonnas on toooo much money that the poor old fan has to pay for in his extortionate ticket price rugby now theres a game for men , as  for soaps there teaching young and old for that matter about life , things relationships , it gets families talking around the tv wot would you do in that situation stuff like that , why cant they have omnibus for football seeing england not in it its a joke .  eastenders roxs

  14. Russ says:

    Please…Please…Please…what do I have to do??? I\’ll do anything…What do you want from me my house? my bank account….I\’ll give you anything….only don\’t make Steve MacDonald act DRUNK AGAIN!!! It was bad enough when he got off with a trani while on holiday but he did it again the other night!!! it makes me CRINGE and am EMBARRASSED for the poor guy…he CANNOT act DRUNK…at least if you MUST do it again be humane and REALLY get him PISSED!!! before they record the programme….but no more acting drunk Steve PLEASE

  15. alex says:

    I like soaps and footie, but it always makes me laugh that people (normally women) complain about the soaps not being on because of sport. Then you always get the comments their is to much sport on TV. What a load of tosh….. soaps are on 52 weeks per year, if you worked it out the amount of Eastenders or Corrie shown over the year would far exceed the amount of football shown on Normal channels (1,2,3,4,5).

  16. Unknown says:

    what is it with adverts and soaps?
    Mad May Eastenders was in the advert where a kid has a temper tantrum in the middle of a supermarket and then so does she to shut him up.
    Becky Coronation Street was in the Leerdammer cheese advert. under hypnosis or something to try and resist the taste and the hypnotist scoffs it.
    Carla Coronation Street in the Daz soap powder adverts.

  17. Unknown says:

    football is trash and shud not take priority over our soaps! footballers get paid tons of money cos summat got to pay for there extravagant weddings. 3 million it cost the loonie rooney couple. as far as i\’m concerned they shud play football on the minimum wage overpaid and over rated bunch of pantaloonies!

  18. laura says:

    also to the person down there about the soap stars in adverts katie who was warrens sister in hollyoaks was in a spot clearance advert or summat like that??? they got to start some where!!! lol

  19. lee says:

    umm….soaps are on consistantly week in weekout i think the odd day of footie on the t.v instead of a soap is a godsend…. andc i think you will find more people watch football if you check out the t.v ratings and a weekly football stands take ins

  20. Cath says:

    I like eastenders cos im in it lol

  21. darren says:

    I think all the three main soaps on our tv are so rubbish, they are all set in a pub as its main story line, they all follow the same story line, watch eastenders and you have basically watched coronation street and emmerdale at the same time. why not just watch emmerdale at 7pm and then not bother watching the other two and do something better with your time, better still dont watch emmerdale or the other two and use your time for better things like say read a book and expanding your mind to greater things. 

  22. Desna says:

    Eastenders is really hotting up,Denise Wicks is back to sort her self self what about me Chelsea,she will have it sorted,then we have my god my daughter Summer is living in a pig sty,Dr Mad May will look after you,i am your real mummy,Not go back to the funny farm May She is not your Daughter get a grip Lady. You get your self a real live baby doll. Just loving Eastenders at the moment better than the other soaps.

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