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It’s been a very busy time for some former soap stars. Now we’re hearing that Emmerdale and Coronation Street veteran Matthew Marsden has apparently landed a part in upcoming movie sequel Transformers 2.

The actor will be playing Graham, a member of British Special Forces, according to Empire magazine. The film is a follow-up to the 2007 Transformers film – which raked in millions worldwide – and it seems it will reunite its stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and John Turturro.

Michael Bay is apparently back in the director’s chair. The film starts shooting soon and is expected to be released next year.

Midlands-born Matthew made his soap debut as Emmerdale’s Daniel Weir back in 1995 (he was rather upper crust but that didn’t stop him getting someone pregnant). He then played mechanic Chris Collins in Coronation Street (he was the one everybody fancied). He’s been carving out an impressive movie career for himself since he left soapland in 1998. He’s been in Resident Evil: Extinction, appeared alongside Sylvester Stallone in John Rambo, was in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down and also featured in Michael Caine vehicle Shiner.

He’s done what the likes of Rob Kazinsky (Sean Slater in EastEnders) and Rupert Hill (Corrie’s Jamie Baldwin) would love to do. It’s a big leap from a UK soap – even if it’s just to bit parts in Hollywood movies (I mean, Matthew Marsden’s hardly a household name, is he?).

You may have noticed ex EastEnder Sean Maguire (Aidan Brosnan in Enders) recently in dumb movie Meet The Spartans. He’s been in Los Angeles for eight years now and he still hasn’t had a hit TV show yet (every single one that he’s been in has been cancelled eventually) or graced the cover of one of the premier US magazines (unlike ex EastEnder and ex Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan). But the point is this, he’s out there. And knowing that a couple of soapsters have made the jump from UK soaps seems to inspire others to try it and as long as Americans are happy to see British actors on their screens, that trend won’t stop. Got to admit though, I can’t see Rupert Hill making it out there – he could barely act when he was in Coronation Street! I look forward to being proven wrong. In the meantime, so many US stars are coming over here to do panto, I’d really like to see a few of them in our soaps. Can you imagine Patrick Duffy (Dallas’ Bobby Ewing) as Michelle Fowler’s other half in the (hugely unlikely) event of a return for the Enders favourite? That would be funny!

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