Celebrity Chef Celebrates Emmerdale 5000

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It’s time to find out what’s going on in soapland this week and we start with Emmerdale…

Emmerdale w/e June 6

It’s been one of the most popular TV shows for the past 35 years and its 5,000th episode will be marked with a complete story and an appearance by celebrity chef Antony Worrall-Thompson. So to the action and with a target of 1000 tablecloths to sew, Lisa struggles. In the Woolpack, Val and Lisa have a slanging match. A more demure Sharon returns to the village, but Val hides from her. Jake enjoys spending time with Jasmine, but Miles is jealous of their closeness. Eli takes Val hostage in the barn, insisting there’s money to be made from her capture, since she’s getting married. Pollard is distraught to hear of Val’s kidnapping and breaks down. Will either make it to the Church on time? Marlon comes face-to-face with celebrity chef Antony Worrall-Thompson.

Ashley is disheartened when Laurel refuses to attend the parental hearing.  Andy is furious after the E. coli scandal hampers his efforts at the cattle market and he insists that Jo sells the goats. The hearing begins and the judge acknowledges the difficult nature of the case, but the verdict is announced. Val agrees to loan money to David, not knowing that the cash is in fact to cover Pollard’s debts. Pearl returns from her cruise and her friends are eager to learn what happened with Joe. An unusually guarded Pearl shows off her photographs without making mention of her male admirer.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Marlon cooks a romantic meal for Donna in the Woolpack
Mel and Greg say their goodbyes
Lily demands the gory details about Pearl’s cruise

Hollyoaks w/e June 6

Look out for an appearance by football star Jermaine Pennant! He has paid £2,500 to appear in an episode with girlfriend Jennifer Metcalfe who plays Mercedes McQueen. A soap star and a footballer – how original. To the action and it’s a nervous time for Michaela, Josh, Fletch, Sasha and Amy as they prepare for their first exam. Sasha is struggling to cope with her heroin withdrawal. Myra is attacked, but unaware of the identity of her assailant. Suffering badly from withdrawal, Sasha is forced to sleep with Nige for a hit. Justin feels guilty when Nancy talks about the upcoming custody case and Max is missing Steph. Amy comforts Josh and doesn’t realise that a jealous Ste has seen them together.

Dominic decides to take on the role of O.B., and be a good friend to Max by setting him up on a date. Amy isn’t fooled by a contrite Ste. He begs her for forgiveness but she leaves him with Leah. Max tries his best to back out of his date. Steph finds herself agreeing to a night out in The Loft with Niall. She convinces Nancy to tag along, unaware that Niall was planning a cosy date for two. Sasha is desperate to win back Fletch but he’s too disgusted to speak to her. Steph lets it slip that Justin is backing Frankie’s appeal for custody.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Rhys attempts to re-build his friendship with Gilly
An enthusiastic Myra tries to help Dom in his hour of need
Amy is confused over her feelings for Ste

EastEnders w/e June 6

Charlie Brooks has been talking about why she’s returned to her full-time role as Frank Butcher’s scheming, greedy daughter Janine Evans. Basically, it’s for her daughter – the salary will definitely come in handy. It’s good to have her back. So in Albert   Square this week, Chelsea is relying more and more on drugs – it’s bound to end badly because it can’t end any other way in a soap. Keith and his family have had some good fortune for once, but how long will it last? A bemused Bradley gets more than one romantic proposal, but is it from who he really wants? Keith attempts to make amends for the lost lottery ticket amid fears that it’s gone forever. Bradley is confused by the female attention he has attracted. Jack and Tanya get hot and heavy but will they get rumbled? Chelsea’s life nosedives as she is caught feeding her habit.

Keith dumps himself on the Masood household. Bradley attempts to impress Clare on a date. Jack and Tanya’s relationship progresses and Ricky and Bianca have to cajole Liam into taking a test. The family learn of Chelsea’s habit; how will they react? Dawn becomes suspicious of Jase’s behaviour – is he cheating on her? Zainab wants to get rid of lazy Keith – blimey, who doesn’t?Liam finally takes the test but it’s Ricky who ends up disheartened. Chelsea disappears – only to turn up in R+R, enjoying the ‘high’ life…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Bianca’s lack of money leads Tiffany to take drastic action
Chelsea confronts a girl who has stolen from Stacey’s stall
Chelsea’s estranged father Lucas is looking for her

Coronation Street w/e June 6
There’s a suggestion of a "Luke I am your father" storyline in Corrie and it involves cabbie Lloyd and Teresa Morton’s son Finlay. It turns out that Lloyd and Teresa had a bit of duvet action a few years ago; is Finlay the result? When Becky starts speaking about babies to Jason, he realises it’s not what he wants. How will he break the news to a besotted Becky? Vernon arrives back from the cruise. Steve is sceptical but Lloyd is convinced that he’s Finlay’s dad. Sinbad/Jerry’s operation is a success.  Blanche causes a row between Steve and Dan. Sinbad/Jerry tells the kids that when he is out of hospital he is going to change a few things. Teresa continues to fleece Lloyd.

Clurrrrrrrrr gets Michelle and Steve interested in buying the house. Becky has sensed something’s not right with Jason and in a bid to keep him keen, splashes out on some new sexy underwear. Gail and Tina meet a delighted David as he leaves the detention centre. He ignores Norris and Blanche’s comments as they arrive back in the street. David ask Audrey about getting Tina a job at the salon, but is disappointed by her response. Gail fumes about her decision and mother and daughter argue. Tony arrives back and surprises Carla. Ashley forces Clurrrrrrr to apologise to Sally.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Chesney can’t believe he’s managed to win Kayleigh’s affections 
The yawn-inducing rivalry between Dan and Steve intensifies
Gail prepares for Ted’s visit and David’s return

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That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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