EastEnders’ Jack And Tanya Get Close

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It’s time to take a look at the action in the soaps.

EastEnders w/e May 30

With so much of the action revolving around Sean ‘Shout!’ Slater, I’m wondering what EastEnders will do without him when he eventually leaves. Who will take his place? Rumours suggest a hunk of some kind is the preferred choice. Will Vinnie have a long-lost son? He may as well as he’s not really fit for much else, is he? Love is in the air as Darren plans a romantic evening for him and Libby, but someone scuppers his plans. Sean goes to desperate lengths to make Roxy see how much he has changed, but will she agree to his proposals? Chelsea is furious with Patrick for his interference.

Sean is making an effort, trying to convince his family and Roxy that he’d be a good father, but meanwhile, what are Ronnie and Roxy planning? Jack and Tanya grow closer. At the club, Ronnie confides in Jack that she and Roxy are planning to leave (if only it was forever!). At the Trueman’s house, Yolande tries to talk to Chelsea, but she won’t open up. Jack has to make a decision between two ladies – Tanya or Ronnie? Sean catches Roxy trying to leave the Square. Chelsea gets caught with drugs in her bag. Tanya goes around to see Jack, and apologises for comparing him to Max. Jack tells Tanya that he thinks she still loves Max. She insists he’s wrong and they kiss passionately.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Chelsea seems to be sinking further into the gutter
Dot warns Jack that Tanya is vulnerable 
Bianca’s troubles with Whitney continue at Pat’s house

Hollyoaks w/e May 30 

Hollywoodoaks, as I’ve jokingly dubbed it (cos it’s the soap with all the beautiful people), has had a fantastic year so far. It was triumphant at the British Soap Awards and its audience is increasing. Producer Bryan Kirkwood is keen to keep the momentum going and he’s promising some cracking storylines. Get ready for even more of what Hollyoaks does best. To the action and it’s the day of Jake’s court case. Louise insists that Warren shouldn’t pay Darren the £100,000 he owes him. John Paul tells Myra that Elliot is his boyfriend. Jack loses his temper when he realises that Darren’s gambled the money away. Louise wants to flaunt her freedom by having celebratory drinks in The Dog. 

Fletch’s birthday lunch is overshadowed by a surprise visit from Rhys. Louise is furious that Rafi has moved into the spare room. Neville, Josh and Gilly decide to leave home after a family argument about Rhys. Sasha and Fletch share a wrap of heroin. Jack and Darren worry about their secret when Frankie insists on going to the police. Sasha and Fletch are desperate for another fix but don’t have any money, so Sasha tries to con some out of her dad. Zoe’s father arrives earlier than expected and thinks Mike’s son is Zoe’s boyfriend; and when Mike takes everyone out to lunch Michaela reveals all about the Barnes family’s troubled past. Tina admits to Dominic that she’s scared about the birth and giving up her child.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Eli takes revenge on Niall
Zoe worries about telling her dad the truth
Michaela uses underhand methods to get what she wants

Coronation Street w/e May 30 

It’s the week when youth violence finally catches up with Corrie; it’ll be interesting to see if they handle it better than EastEnders did with their laughable E20 gang (now coming to a panto near you). Sally is miffed when she sees Claire showing two prospective buyers round. A teenage gang strike fear into the heart of the street. A group of hoodies led by Chesney’s schoolmate Kenzie target Roy Cropper and then Norris. The robbery has far reaching repercussions for the residents of the street. Tina is pleased when her dad Joe (1980s TV star Reece Dinsdale) arrives to see her. Fiz realises that Chesney is in love.

Kenzie and his gang return, but this time Darryl and Sinbad/Jerry   give chase. Unsurprisingly, the latter collapses. Has he paid the ultimate price for his heroics? The Morton kids struggle with the business while their dad’s away. The neighbours rally round, but Kayleigh thinks more help is needed and decides to call her mum. Becky and Jason discuss their duvet activities, unaware that every word is overheard by Sean who takes great delight in telling Eileen and Marcus. Chesney gets to kiss Kayleigh…and then his bottle goes. Becky looks forward to her date with Jason but he turns up with Bill. It isn’t quite the night out she was expecting. After a rocky start Leanne and Michelle get along like a house on fire.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Sally and Claire’s (boring) feud continues
‘Boring bookie’ Dan and Steve turn into rivals
Ken manages to delay the bathroom fitting even longer

Emmerdale w/e May 30

Pity poor Emmerdale. Just as the old soap is coming up to its 5000th episode, all is not well. Ratings are on dropping like flies and fans are apparently furious with new producer Anita Turner for getting rid of some staunch favourites. Since she took over, the following have been axed: Christopher Villers (he played Grayson Sinclair), Richard Grieve (Jonny Foster), Georgia Slowe (Perdy Sinclair) and Aydan Callaghan (Miles De Souza). Time to steady the ship. This week, Viv is devastated that her own husband doubts her; she asks Bob to leave. But will Louise’s false alibi reunite them? Jimmy confronts Lexi. Falling into the trap, Carl heads over to Home Farm for Matthew’s presentation and sees that all his ideas have been ripped off. Will Carl rise to the bait and lay into Matthew right there and then?

Lexi feels terrible when she hears Jimmy’s intentions to not only leave the business, but to move out of Home Farm too. Meanwhile, at the Woolpack, Diane and Paul put two and two together and realise that Val will essentially be charging guests at her own wedding. Belle gets her errant father to admit to being sacked, and suggests he tell Lisa. Paul hands Pollard a list of duties for his best man, but Pollard retorts that he can’t be bothered finding anyone. He finally asks David. Will David do it?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Eli accidentally reverses the van into a delivery for Matthew
Carl storms over to confront Matthew
Diane confronts Pollard

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