Clare Bates Leaving Albert Square?

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. I’m scratching my head over this one; it appears that Gemma Bissix is reportedly set to quit EastEnders. That was quick! She’s only been back for two minutes.

Gemma, as we all know, plays Clare Bates. She returned to EastEnders in February after her brilliant stint in Hollyoaks. A source told the Daily Mirror: "Clare has been working her way round the men of Walford for the past few months but what she had thought was a masterplan to bag the man of her dreams soon gets out of hand. She is forced to flee as it is clear she is not welcome in Albert Square anymore."

The blonde bombshell has been doing her best to ensnare several men on the Square, including Bradley. I have to say, I’m not really convinced with what the EastEnders writers have done with Clare so far; I actually think they’ve got a bit of a dilemma. Gemma was so good as villainess Clare in Hollyoaks that any attempt to move EastEnders’ Clare in that direction is only going to invite comparison. And inevitably, nothing EastEnders’ Clare can do will in any way match some of the things Hollyoaks’ Clare got up to. Remember when she tried to kill Max by tampering with his medicine after he’d had a heart-attack? What about the way she made poor little Tom look like a liar? A child! Drawing on the walls, pouring water on his bedsheets – I can’t imagine EastEnders’ Clare doing anything like that because it’s already been done. So what can the writers do? Make her a goody-goody?

We’ll see where they take her character, but if she’s out of EastEnders, I’d love to see her back in Hollyoaks.

I still can’t make up my mind about whether I should have Vinnie Watch or Dev Watch and were it not for the fact that the actress who plays her is on maternity leave soon, I was almost leaning towards Clurrrrrrrr Watch.

Clurrrrrrrr Watch

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The humble toilet seat. Far more captivating.

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5 Responses to Clare Bates Leaving Albert Square?

  1. Tia says:

    DEV WATCH! Definitely Dev watch! Oh, and I think Gemma Bissix is a really good actress! Imagine having to act like such a cow! People know her as Clare, and whether that\’s Clare off Hollyoaks or Clare off Eastenders, neither is a nice character. I think they should have let her have a nice role after Hollyoaks. Show her different acting skills! And also, I still see her as Clare off Hollyoaks. I think that Clare is almost like one character, they are both soap \’villains\’, both played by the same person, and they even have the same name! The only difference between them is that Clare has become a bit less of a cow since she moved to Eastenders!

  2. Lisa says:

    I\’m not sure how anyone can tell if Gemma is a good actress – as everyone agrees she is just playing the same part.  And because of this I haven\’t been able to take to her in Eastenders at all… It was very disappointing to see her come in and play a similar role – if i record eastenders i skip through her scenes as its been done and i can\’t bare to watch her.

  3. Oli says:

    She is the only good looking female in eastenders since stacey put on all that weight.
    I cant believe im commenting on eastenders, argh im such a loser.

  4. Claire says:

    RE No Name, that is such a nasty thing to say. No wander so many stars are anorexic when people like slate them for putting on abit of weight. God Lacy Turner is really pretty. I\’d rather see curves not a walking talking coat hanger.

  5. Tia says:

    I completely agree Claire. It\’s horrible shallow people like you (no name) 28 may that make many girls anorexic. And Gemma Bissix isn\’t exactly skinny anyway, she\’s a normal size.
    And (no name) 27 may, you can\’t deny she is a good actress. She has played 2 horrible characters. Clare off Hollyoaks was better though! But both were believable. And I\’m sure she isn\’t horrible, not like either of the Clare\’s any way! Clare (both of them) are characters everyone loves to hate, and I think that she needed to be convincing as an evil person for this to happen.

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