Is Minty Falling For Heather?

Hello and welcome to A Slice of Soap. It’s the start of another week so let’s find out what’s going on…

EastEnders w/e May 23

More storylines for Heather is always good news as she’s a brilliant EastEnders character. Have you noticed that sometimes, the best characters are the ones that arrive with very little hype? Heather’s slotted in well – can’t say the same about Bobby Davro’s Vinnie though. I’m really leaning towards ‘Vinnie Watch’ to replace ‘Gus Watch’ cos I think he’s just as pointless….

Anyway, Roxy continues to struggle with her news. Sean becomes suspicious of Jack’s relationship with Tanya. After a mysterious meeting with a man, Zainab tells Shabnam they will have to leave their home. Minty and Heather grow closer – is he falling for her?

Tanya and Jack flirt over lunch at his house and a jealous Sean becomes enraged. Darren also has a touch of the green-eyed monster over Libby’s relationship with Tamwar.  Heather catches Minty kissing another woman and is crestfallen – what is going on? Lucas attempts to reconcile with a hurt and angry Chelsea. A crazed Sean threatens Tanya and then goes after Jack. The showdown between the two provides Roxy’s shock revelation. Chelsea is persuaded by Patrick to meet her dad. Roxy tells Sean the baby is his – provoking him into a crazed rage.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Chelsea’s birthday brings an unpleasant surprise
Will Heather annul her marriage?
Zainab cooks a meal for her family

Emmerdale w/e May 23

Not good news for the rural soap; it’s recorded its smallest audience in more than eight months. Emmerdale has suffered a string of lower ratings in recent weeks, but it only drew 5.3 million viewers for its extended hour-long episode on Thursday night. Ouch. What will they do to turn things around? May I humbly suggest never ever have another baby swap storyline again? Anyway, Doug attempts to smooth the waters between Ashley and Laurel. Andy is furious with Debbie’s continued presence in Sarah’s life and Jo sends him over the edge with her defiance over the future of the goats. Viv and Bob lose custom and finance at the shop as the police investigation continues. Val is busy preparing the Woolpack for the Village Pub of the Year contest so the Dingles take the opportunity to steal the pub’s furniture.

Gray visits Perdy and she agrees to drop the custody petition in return for a part in the baby’s life. Ashley worries for Gabby when her behaviour worsens. When he explains the situation to Doug, Gabby slips out of the house and visits Laurel, pleading for her to return. Laurel is deeply moved and decides to acquiesce, much to Ashley’s delight. But will the continuing issue of Arthur’s parentage drive a wedge between them again?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Ashley questions the Dolands about Mel’s whereabouts
Katie keeps her discovery secret from Gray
Jo finds a buyer for the goats, then changes her mind

Coronation Street w/e May 23
If you’re on the side of the fence that thinks the bookies are boring, brace yourself. They’re gonna get a lot of action this week as the Corrie writers are doing a Liz/Harry/Vernon triangle…yawn. Actress Alexandra Boyd will play Harry’s ex Clarissa Mason. And so to the action and it’s all go at the Websters’ as Sally excitedly plans the decor for their new home. Clurrrrrr tells Ashley she thinks their house has been undervalued. She decides to ask the Websters for more money. Over at Molly and Tyrone’s, home improvements are also the topic of the day. Molly wants to remove the infamous stone cladding but Tyrone is worried that Jack might be upset. Baby swap time: Michelle has returned from her trip to Ireland with Alex. Steve and Ryan are pleased to see her but Michelle is less than impressed when she discovers Leanne working behind the bar.

Harry has spent the day trying to avoid phone calls from his ex-wife Clarissa but is caught out when she turns up looking for him. Harry isn’t pleased because he’s more intent on sorting out a date with town bike Liz. Becky is still avoiding Jason. House problems are also dominating the Barlows’ thoughts when the lounge ceiling springs a leak. Ken hastily calls a plumber but it looks as though it’s going to be a big job. Becky decides Jason has had the silent treatment for long enough. Jason is slow to catch on but finally realises that he is being invited back to Becky’s gaff…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Blanche is sceptical of Roger’s abilities
Paul starts to realise that he’s not welcome in Weatherfield
Liz lies to Steve about Harry

Hollyoaks w/e May 23

On to the soap with all the beautiful people now as we take a look at the action in Hollywoodoaks. Kieron finds his friendship with Niall tested after his affair with John Paul has been exposed. Max wallows in self pity over his split from Steph, and even a pep talk from Dominic doesn’t help. Niall is annoyed when he overhears Carmel telling Mercedes that he and Steph shared a kiss, but realises that Max finding out might be to his advantage. Kieron is angry with John Paul for telling Mercedes about their relationship. Nancy meets Hollyoaks’ newest resident and takes an instant dislike to him. Kieron and Niall put on brave faces as they lament their ill-fated loves. Furious with Kieron, Mercedes launches a full scale attack on him, but John Paul is unimpressed when she declares that she’s taught the priest a lesson.

Rafi decides to drop by The Dog where a stressed out Darren is reducing shifts for his staff. When a nervous Darren shows up wanting payment for putting Jake in the frame for Sean’s murder, Rafi realises that life in a small village is more interesting than he expected… Kieron and John Paul’s anxiety is somewhat relieved when Niall  promises to keep quiet about their relationship. Myra tearfully confesses to Kieron that she gave up her first born son.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Rafi’s cocky attitude gets him the doorman job at The Loft
Frankie finds Darren’s comedy night at The Dog distasteful
Louise returns a hardened woman from her prison experience

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10 Responses to Is Minty Falling For Heather?

  1. Sharon says:

    Funny.  Since Harveys \’bringing your home to life\’ took over sponsorship of Coronation Street the amount of decoration/renovation storylines have increased?  The last time anything mentioned about the decor of the houses there were Hilda and Stan\’s flying ducks!! and the awful cladding on the Duckworth\’s which is also under threat. Hmmm……

  2. Unknown says:

    im glad minty and heather kissed on monday 19th i didnt thnk it would ever happen .they are suited to  each other i  think.minty  and heather are the best.

  3. CheekyCharmer says:

    I spent most of tonight (Monday 19th May) watching Eastenders through my fingers… talk about depressing storylines. Heather & Minty?? Noooooo! Vinnie and Shell??? Noooooo! Libby and Tamwar?? Nooooo! Jack & Tanya?? Now you\’re talking heh heh heh.
    Although when the Jack/Roxy/Sean baby drama spills out into the square then things should get interesting.  Meanwhile looks like Pat will have to give up the breakdancing for the time being. At least she can use the crutches to support those ear-rings of hers, the choice of Champions!!!

  4. Betty says:

    I\’m not surprised the ratings are low for Emmerdale, the storylines are depressing, boring and are dragged out for too long.  Some storylines go on for weeks.  No-one seems to have a happy relationship either, this is NOT what goes on in the real world when are the writers ever going to get the message.

  5. derek says:

    the storyline about the pakistanis,is at best a farce,what shaun does all day is a mystery,and how does the club make any profit,who could pay a dj,150 quid for 3 hours work is beyond me,corra is always good,cos its northern as is emmerdale and hollyoaks.

  6. darren says:

    Can we not have a topic about the best programme on tv? yes, the bill! The bill is far superior to all the soaps. I have been an avid fan for years now, i honestly cannot rememeber when i last missed an episode, and cannot honestly rememeber when i was dissappointed with one. every week its action packed. The most action you get on eastenders is will heather and minty get it on? Jack & Tayna? and eastenders is the best out of the top three soaps! Jack is probably the most liked on their, and he\’s a bill legend!

  7. angela says:

    i wanted heather and minty to get together for real not just as a fake marriage as the both deserve happiness. but after the way minty behaved heather derserves better. i agree that emmerdale drag out their story lines and are very depressing. corrie is going the same way with its storylines too as its the same thing over again like liz mcdonald having an affair etc. out of all the soaps i loved watching eastenders is my favourite at the moment. and for once i would like to see a soap wedding without dramas and the couple are happy as they are ppl like this in the world not all the time is the loads of mishaps and ppl cheating.

  8. gary says:

    I really can\’t believe how so many sad sad people take the soaps so seriously…. it\’s frightening to think that you all have the vote to be quite honest…. dear old Angela…. Geather & Minty \’deserve happiness\’…. THEY\’RE FICTITIOUS CHARACTERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! 😉
    Oh dear….   go & get a life people… it\’s so much better than watching this rubbish on TV everyday… honestly it really is…

  9. Abeigh says:

    Seriously, (no name) do you not care about people. I am aware that they are fictional characters, but at the same time I cant help but care (or not care) about their stories… thats the point of soap.And Yes, Heather and Minty deserve happiness.

  10. Soap Blogger says:

    (no name) this is a soap blog. It\’s for soap fans – if you don\’t like soaps, do something better than leave a patronising comment on a soap blog…

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