EastEnders’ Roxy Has A Secret…

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EastEnders w/e May 16

Some EastEnders fans went wild over Aaron Sidwell and I must admit, I never could see it. I didn’t think he was all that hot and I don’t rate his acting skills either. In short, I’m glad Steven Beale has left Albert Square because his character went downhill and became totally unbelievable. So what’s happening in the post-Steven, post-Gus era? Well, Roxy’s got a date with the dishy doctor but her day is full of surprises, some more welcome than others. It’s Lucy’s first day back at school, but Ian’s the one having trouble adjusting.

Jane is pleased when Ian invites Christian back into their lives (oh no!). Liam’s struggling at school, but Ricky’s got high hopes for him and Bianca. Roxy’s pregnant and keeps her secret from Ronnie. Wellard goes missing, but when he’s found he’s not made welcome. Heather’s attempts at domestic goddess fall somewhat short when her and Shirley find themselves arrested after a boozy night out. Shirley and Heather are behind bars and both come to some life changing decisions. Shabnam and Zainab share an emotional moment when they question themselves, their relationship, their roles and their futures and Ronnie learns some devastating news.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Zainab panics because Uncle Imzamam is coming to visit
Christian causes chaos when he takes over Roxy’s shift at The Vic
Dot and Tanya discover they have something in common.

Emmerdale w/e May 16

Oooooh did you see the news about Matthew Wolfenden who plays David Metcalfe? The People alleges that he’s been playing away from home with Charley Webb, better known as Debbie Dingle. I don’t know how much truth there is in this story (an Emmerdale spokesperson refused to comment), but I’ll be watching the show very closely in the coming days. On to the action and Bob worries for Viv when she starts having nightmares about Freddie. Shadrach is surprised to find Gennie and Brenda at the door. Katie is disappointed when Jonny sides with Perdy and says he can’t go to the engagement party. Bob is arrested for breaking and entering. Paddy shocks Nicola by saying her services at the vets are no longer required. Ashley and Laurel venture out into the village but immediately regret it as they begin to attract knowing looks from other villagers.

On the morning of the hearing, Ashley fails to convince Laurel to attend. Instead, she bumps into Greg and spends the morning with him looking through pictures of Daniel. Ashley remains cold with Laurel following her revelation the previous day. After confiding in her dad about the kiss with Greg, Laurel is upset when he takes Ashley’s side. Meanwhile, Ashley goes looking for Greg but Edna persuades him to discuss his problems in church. Edna talks about her own experiences with Peter and warns Ashley not to abandon Arthur. Greg’s concerns grow when he speaks to Mel’s mother. Pearl is sick of being harassed about the cruise, but Lily is undaunted. Pearl shows Rodney her list of possible candidates and they discuss pros and cons.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
The Dingles persuade Brenda and Gennie to stay for dinner.
Nicola is unimpressed on her 30th birthday
Donna and Ross agree to help Viv

Coronation Street w/e May 16
Liam fans will be happy as it’s a Liam-intensive week on Corrie. Despite their previous closeness at the funeral, there is still clear distance between Liam and Maria. There’s a triangle developing between Fiz, Julie and Kirk, but it’s comic relief compared to the Liam/Maria/Carla triangle. Gail gets ready to meet her father Ted. Maria tells Carla that her marriage is over. Torn between the two women in his life Liam has a decision to make; does he go to Maria or go to bed with Carla? Gail is in shock over her father’s announcement that he is gay. Later, when Audrey meets up with them, Gail can’t resist dropping the bombshell news.  Becky and Jason have their first row and it’s the morning after for Liam. Maria tells him she wants them to register the baby’s death so they set off together.

Tina’s mother Anna barges into Gail’s home, demanding to know what Tina is playing at. Liz is missing Vernon. Rosie sees a clinch between Carla and Liam, but the whole thing is on camera. Maria opens up to Marcus – she’s missing Liam. Paul is feeling down about the thought of going to prison (yawn). Deirdre begins to notice Liz’s affections for Harry (yawn). David is surprised when Gail arrives at visiting time with Ted in tow. Harry invites Liz out for a drink but she refuses (yawn), while Carla gives Rosie a designer bag in a bid to buy her silence.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Audrey’s new temp stylist is a young lady named Natasha
Tina announces that she is moving into David’s room
Leanne lands a job behind the bar at the Rovers

Hollyoaks w/e May 16

It’s no secret now that Hollyoaks actor Matt Littler has quit after more than ten years of playing mild-mannered Max Cunningham. He first appeared way back in 1997, but he’ll bow out in July in a shock dramatic exit surrounding his character Max’s wedding to Steph Dean. O.B will make a fleeting appearance – no surprise there. After all, Max and O.B. are the reigning champions of the British Soap Awards’ Best On-Screen partnership gong. Talking of Max, his relationship with Steph hits rock-bottom as they clash over money issues. Warren finds out that Louise has been in a fight and is desperate to get her out of prison. He makes Darren an offer he thinks he can’t refuse, but it seems even Darren isn’t that desperate. Danny realises that he and Neville will never see eye-to-eye, but a loved-up Hannah insists she’ll never let it come between them.

Justin promises to back Frankie’s application for custody of Charlie if Jake confesses to murdering Sean. Niall persuades Steph to let him practice on her for the styling competition, but can’t find the right time to tell her how he feels. John Paul and Kieron head back to Niall’s flat for a night of passion, but as they get carried away, things take an unexpected twist. Darren worries that Jack is getting worse and Warren realises that Louise has changed; he is not sure it’s for the better. Frankie is adamant that Jake is innocent and is determined to get to the bottom of his "confession".

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Jake will have to spend the rest of his life in hospital
Warren refuses to give Darren the money until he is ready
Elliot can’t forgive Sarah for ridiculing him with Professor Kiddle

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4 Responses to EastEnders’ Roxy Has A Secret…

  1. Hayley says:

    I almost had a heart attack last night when Ian Beale said sorry to Christian – in all the years he has been in the soap I don\’t think he has ever said sorry to another character.  Was nice to see a kind side…I almost cried lol

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Ian and Christian could become as unlikely a partnership as Becky and Roy in Coronation Street. If the EastEnders writers play their cards right, it could be a winner….

  3. carol says:

    can someone tell me if im wrong but i thought you had to have to register a death before you can bury someone maria  said she had to register the babys death   on wendesday night

  4. amelia says:

    Carol, Sometimes they give you an interim death certificate so that you can make funeral arrangements, and then you get the official death certificate after you\’ve registered the death. xx

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