EastEnders’ Hunt For Hot New Man

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of A Slice Of Soap.

According to the Daily Star, EastEnders bosses are apparently on the lookout for more hot male characters (ones with a body like the pic below, perhaps?). This is down to departures that has seen the likes of Matt Di Angelo (Deano Wicks) and, errrr, Mohammed George (who played our hero Gus Smith) leave. In addition, they’re losing Aaron Sidwell (daft pantomime villain Steven Beale), Rob Kazinsky (Sean ‘Shout!’ Slater) and, eeeee, Joe Swash (Mickey Miller).

Had to laugh when I read the Press Association write-up about this: "Joe, who plays Walford’s resident dodgy dealer Mickey Miller, is the latest in a long line of attractive males to quit Albert Square…" I’d call Joe Swash’s Mickey a lot of things (beginning with useless), but "attractive male" isn’t really one of them. EastEnders executive producer Diederick Santer told the Daily Star: "It does mean we need a new 20-something fella. I’d like to see a new Wicksy style man arrive in Walford. A real charmer but a bit of a rogue at the same time. "It’s a real shame to see Rob go, I would love him to stay and of course we will always welcome him back. He will go out in spectacular style."

It’s a bit ironic that they’re looking for a ‘hot new man’ because the best characters, the ones that fans still talk about to this day, weren’t exactly what I’d call hot, stunning conventional lookers: the likes of Dirty Den, Grant Mitchell and even Alfie Moon are brilliant, charismatic characters but you’d never call them sex symbols. Anyway, it will be interesting to see who they come up with. Let’s just hope that whoever it is, they make them a great deal more realistic than rent-a-villain Steven Beale.

First Friday without Gus Watch and I’m thinking of a replacement. I’ve had a suggestion for Dev Watch, which I’m considering. If you’ve got any ideas or preferences, let me know.

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16 Responses to EastEnders’ Hunt For Hot New Man

  1. Sam says:

    *spits out orange juice*

    LOL!!! Mickey Miller attractive!?! Yeah and with Keith Miller also said to be parting ways….damn it there goes another attractive male!! :[[[  Hmm i wonder which attractive males
    next to go? Gary? Minty? Pat? haha Im sorry  but what is going on at
    Eastenders these days? Okay, okay we all like a bit of sarcasm but you
    get the feeling it isn\’t an in office joke anymore, they\’re deadly
    serious with these fantasy comments. Dont get me wrong its hilarious
    stuff but some of it is sad. Just sad!

    And can i just add how does picking on weeds like Mickey Miller and Gus
    place Shawn Slater in that elusive bad boy category? Out of all the
    soaps its the one thing Eastenders USED to continuously get right (the
    Michelle\’s, dirty den, various gangsters) I mean lets be honest even
    your nan has stopped saying "oh he\’s a bad un, him"

    Shawn\’s an national laughing stock. Roll on his departure!

  2. Afro says:

    How about Winston watch?!?

  3. april says:

    whos winston?? lol

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    Sam, thanks for your comments. You totally get A Slice Of Soap! 🙂  I will think about a Winston Watch as I will also think about a Dev Watch. Keep \’em coming….

  5. kaia says:

    Erm, excuse me. I dont care if I\’m the only person in the world who has this opinion but I can\’t have a bad word said about Joe Swash, cause he is hot!!!! I saw him once in Yates in West End, and all I could manage was a "I think your really hot" before disappearing into the crowd. He\’s a bit of a\’ight! And I don\’t mind saying so!

  6. Soap Blogger says:

    (no name) who left a comment here on 2 May at 14:18, if you like Joe Swash – good for you. One man\’s meat is another man\’s poison so they say.

  7. carmen says:

    hi … i dont see the point in them fetching in fresh meat so 2 speak i dont know abou u but i was happy watching as it was….. i know there trying 2 freshen things up but come on if they keep looseing/ kicking out people theres gonna be no1 we wanna watch !(and yes joe swash is cute hes got that something about him more personality than brawn ! 🙂

  8. Daisie says:

    Hi .. I Think They Should Bring Some New People In Because Everyone Seems To Be Going!! But Why Are They Going To Bring A New Attractive New Mn In?? As Much As We All Love Our Eye Candy I Think They Shlould Bring A Charasmatic Man In And Maybe A Family With Him?? Eastenders Should Just Add To What They Have Already Got Not Take Away To Get The Best Soap Possible.

  9. Sam says:

    Why thank you, i do love a slice of soap :]lol they also say should\’ve got to spec savers..*cough*I\’m firmly sat in the Dev watch camp…i mean the man has done nothing in a year or is it 2? Anyway he runs his little shop, with his random daughter and ermm well thats it. I think you could even go with as far as having a "Alahan" watch because the writers have done nothing with her either! At least Norris and Rita run their show with comedy :/

  10. angelina says:

    Bring back Kat and Alfie Moon starting a family. Kill off Ian Beale (stupid grin) leaving Jane with the family business. Get Lucy pregnant to show hard it is for spoilt little girls to suddenly have to learn to grow up and be responsible. Get Christian a partner (he makes Eastenders a lot more interesting). Instead of getting rid of Sean sort his brain out and pair him up with Dawn. Pair Roxy up with Jay (he would look after her and baby)

  11. Laura says:

    See, I dont know about them straightening Sean out..
    You need to have a character in the story-line who\’s slightly out of it in the head. But you cant deny that, also he\’s somewhat phsychotic…Sean Slater IS EXTREMELY hot.
    I\’m getting kinda bored with Bradley Branning though. He\’s a sweet guy, but it doesn\’t seem that his character has any real meaning anymore.
    I agree with Angelina; – Bring back Kat and Alfie!

  12. shelley says:

    I agree with Angelina bring back kat and alfie moon starting up their own family that would be great. Also i think that sean should get sectioned as he clearly has lost the plot and get stacey and bradley back together as they showed that it is possible for a popular girl and a boring guy can get it on.
    Also I think that phil should get together with shirley as they clearly had something.

  13. shelley says:

    One more thing bring back Beppe di marco he was the hottest eastender man by far and you could pair him up with Ronnie she could do with a real romantic man!!

  14. jean says:

    we cant lose sean.he,s one of the most exciting things in eastenders at the  moment.he`s keeps us on are toes wondering what he`s going to do next, WE NEED TO KEEP SEAN.and he`s sex on legs without a doubt.

  15. Tammy says:

    Joe is so fit and i am glad that he won i\’m a celebratey

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