Burial For Baby Connor

Coronation Street w/e May 9

It’s the week after the British Soap Awards and although Corrie picked up a couple of gongs, I’m sure the people behind the soap will be very disappointed with the pickings at recent award ceremonies. Terrible storylines (baby swap) and bad casting decisions (kebab family, Sinbad/Jerry excepted) has cost them dear. The old soap needs to improve but it’s not going in the right direction with this credit crunch/house swap Ashley and Clurrrrrrr storyline. Booooooorrrrrring.

Liam and Maria finally discuss the funeral details and a name for their baby. Their grief brings them together, although Maria is gutted to see Carla hug Liam.

Gail is determined to get to the bottom of her mum’s meetings with Ted Paige. Fiz and Julie are still battling it out to be the one who works out whatever it is that is troubling Chesney. Gail is surprised by a visit from Tina who tells her that she has been to see David.

It’s the day of the baby’s funeral and Maria insists she won’t attend. Will she change her mind? Carla is alone with her thoughts as Liam grieves.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Clurrrrrrrrrr is dellighted that Ashley agrees to the house swap
The funeral of baby Connor is an emotional time for everyone
Gail and Ted make plans to meet up

Emmerdale w/e May 9

At the British Soap Awards, Emmerdale took away a couple of awards – literally. They got Best Single Episode (for ‘Heartbreak’ which saw the sad and tragic cot death of baby Daniel) and producer Tim Fee got a Special Achievement Award. So what’s happening in the Dales this week? Well, Mel gets a call to say that someone will visit later to discuss Greg’s DNA results. Fearing the worst, she decides to flee the village with Arthur. Has Val discovered the identity of Pollard’s blackmailer? Hilary is gutted when Laurel says that she can’t find it in herself to want Arthur in her life. Gennie and her mother Brenda witness a drunken Shadrach being led home by Lisa and Zak. Will Gennie introduce her adoptive mother to a drunken Shadrach or will she snub the Dingles?

In the Woolpack, Nicola jumps at the chance to cover for Chas at the vets whilst she’s on holiday. Will Paddy be pleased to hear that Chas has agreed to give Nicola her job? Donna tells Viv that there is still no news on Freddie and Viv is distraught. She creates a wanted poster with a photo fit of Freddie on. Will her poster only lead the villagers to cast doubt on her further?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
There’s a catfight between Val and Rosalind 
Hilary tells Laurel that she is going to have to leave the village
Nicola jumps at the chance to cover for Chas 

EastEnders w/e May 9

Quick! Get ready to boo and hiss as pantomime villain Steven Beale unravels. I’m sorry, but what planet are the writers on? Steven Beale gets more and more ridiculous. He’s not a character – he’s a caricature. In a face-off with Corrie’s ‘Damien’ David, the villain on’t cobbles would win every time because he’s better written. Anyway, the big questions this week are: what lengths will Steven go to in order to keep Lucy away from Ian? Will Phil find out about Ben’s dancing exam? Can Bianca ever find another job in Walford? Oh, it’s a must-see week on EastEnders – I can tell. And what’s up with Pat? Will she recover after the accident? Turns out, her leg is seriously broken. Elsewhere, in the café, hapless Arnold declares his undying love for minx Clare, who is only interested in him for his money.

Sinister things are about to go on in Pat’s A & E cubicle (get ready to boo and hiss at pantomime villain Steven Beale!). It seems that Steven has slunk in. He calmly closes the curtains around him and takes off Pat’s oxygen mask…Ian finally realises what’s happened to Lucy. At The Vic Roxy’s acting oddly (this is news?). Peggy tries to reassure Ben that real men do dance. Will cheating Clare get her comeuppance where Arnold is concerned? And, where will Roxy’s unwanted hospital examination lead? Well, as sources inside EastEnders have already let the cat out of the bag, you don’t need to be a genius to figure it out.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Bianca and Ricky are concerned about Pat’s welfare
Clare has tricked Bradley into a very dodgy visit
Can the Miller’s stand up to Sean Slater? 

Hollyoaks w/e May 9

Well, well, well! Although EastEnders walked away with Best Soap at the British Soap Awards, for me, the real story was how brilliantly Hollywoodoaks did. They took home a great haul of gongs and it’s fair to say that this soap has finally come of age. This week, it’s time to shake Amy as she decides to go along with Ste’s plan to pretend that Leah has recovered from leukaemia. Jacqui and Dom remain uncomfortable in each other’s company. Darren tries to cheer up Jack by thinking of inventive ways to make some more money. The village is in shock as a terrible truth finally emerges.

Steph is determined to prove that she’s the best mother in the world. Myra encourages Niall and Kieron to compete in the quiz night at the Dog. Aware of his dad’s money problems Darren tricks the punters into spending more money than necessary. John Paul tells Kris that he can’t stop thinking about Kieron. Darren is upset to see his dad in such a state and vows to help him. Jacqui isn’t happy to see Tina and Dom reading a baby book. Steph’s portfolio goes missing. Amy feels a pariah at school and Russ insists that he can’t protect her anymore.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Max presents Steph with a fab portfolio of pictures
Nancy prepares for Charlie’s homecoming
Newt and Lauren skip school

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