Corrie’s Kebab Family Axed

Hello and welcome to another week in A Slice Of Soap. Big news in soapland as some of Corrie’s deadweights are finally going. If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that I’m dead against Corrie’s older actors getting dumped. A while ago, I listed the Corrie characters that should go – guess what? The Corrie producers have listened! Goodbye to the kebab family (sorry to see you go Sinbad/Jerry), Vernon and the boring bookies – hooray! More on this soon. Here’s what’s going on this week in the soaps.

Coronation Street w/e May 2

Liam is horrified when he wakes up on Carla’s sofa. Marcus is concerned about Maria’s baby and events take a devastating turn. Poor Maria. Over at the cafe, Roy’s furious with Becky for staying out all night and not telling him. Molly and Tyrone are concerned about Jack’s health after Paul’s shocking news. The manure really hits the fan when the police step up their investigation. Audrey is nervous at the thought of meeting Ted. Paul tells Jack, Molly and Tyrone that he’s been charged and will be up in court.

He’s convinced he’ll go down. Tyrone can’t hide how pleased he is but Jack wants to pay for a better solicitor. All alone with her grief, Maria breaks down. Vernon is excited about the cruise trip, but is gutted when Liz tells him that she can’t go. Elsewhere Claire is confused when her debit card is refused and calls the bank to investigate.

Also on Coronation Street:
Janice is furious with Leanne
Bill is concerned about Audrey’s strange behaviour
Clurrrrrrrrrr’s confused when her debit card is refused

Emmerdale w/e May 2

They’re really pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 5,000th episode of the old rural soap which airs in June. Loads of treats are planned including the return of former regular Sharon Lambert, played by Victoria Hawkins. She will be seen trying to make amends with half-brother Paul (Mathew Bose) and mother Val (Charlie Hardwick) prior to her wedding to Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell). Yeah, good to see her again – but there’s only one woman I want back on Emmerdale: superbitch Kim Tate! So to the action and TJ is sent home ill from playgroup. Terry and Jamie are fuming when Environmental Health suggest that Jo’s cheese may have caused the E. coli. Gray is horrified to find Perdy living in a shabby bedsit. Katie is suspicious and argues with Gray over his whereabouts. The Kings and the Dingles lock horns again – this time, over manure. Hilary offers to baby-sit Arthur but does a runner. Matthew tells Zak to keep a log of the hours he works or else face the sack. Elsewhere, Gray shocks Katie.

Also on Emmerdale:
Lily inspires Belle to begin selling organic manure
Laurel and Ashley argue over Arthur’s parentage
Matthew’s car gets covered in his own manure

EastEnders w/e May 2

The Stacey/Steven/Christian thing rumbles on this week. For the life of me, I can’t get into it. For my money, this is a really contrived storyline. Oh! Let’s make Ian’s tormentor Steven. Oh! let’s make him a nutjob. Oh! Let’s make Steven confused about his sexuality. Oh! Let’s make Steven snog his step-uncle (ewwwww!). It’s called bad writing….Anyway, Steven’s still chasing Stacey…or is he chasing Christian? Yuck. Sean is on a mission and has Gus in his sights. Roxy is consumed with guilt – will Ronnie see through her lies? Ian gets a call to go and see a girl in a run down block of flats – could it be Lucy? Has anyone else completely forgotten about her or is it just me? Steven is spurned by Christian (yuck!) so he turns the tables on him.

Our hero Gus is well into his last week on EastEnders; savour every moment! He feels trapped in Walford despite having slammed the door on evil Sean ‘Shout!’ (what a pantomime villain he’s been turned into). However, escape turns up in a pretty package – it’s Keisha and she offers a way out. So that’s the end of Gus. What will we do without our favourite waste of space? Sigh. Ben has a secret new hobby supported by Peggy but dad mustn’t know (think Billy Elliot people – or Benny Elliot). Christian is ousted from the Beales (but not from the soap? Damn!) when Ian takes Steven’s side. Speaking of the troubled teen, he’s got yet another big secret that he’s hiding!

Also on EastEnders:
The Slaters see another side to Sean’s life
Roxy takes the morning after pill
Zainab and Bianca get off to a bad start

Hollyoaks w/e May 2

The British Soap Awards isn’t far away now (the ceremony is this Saturday) – the question is, can Hollyoaks bag some of the big awards? It certainly hasn’t shirked from some of the bigger storylines, has it? Anyway this week, Leo wants the whole family to help Sasha get off drugs. Louise clings to the hope that Warren will find a solicitor to save her. Sarah arrives home to find Zoe and Mike in a compromising position. Amy’s futile attempt to cover up her bruised nose is interrupted by a contrite Ste. Steph’s uncomfortable around Niall so Kieron reckons he doesn’t stand a chance. Of course, that’s never going to stop him from pursuing her…

Zak lies low, keen to avoid Warren. Mike is fuming that Sarah invited her lecherous older boyfriend to stay over. Ste is getting ready for a job interview. Michaela is worried about her HIV test; she tells Josh she’s not sure if she wants to know the results.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Warren offers Zak £10,000 to walk away following Louise’s arrest
Roger makes a pass at Zoe
Tony and Jacqui celebrate their first anniversary

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That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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7 Responses to Corrie’s Kebab Family Axed

  1. Sam says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its a where were you moment……..hahaaaWhere were you when Coronation Street FINALLY seen sense? I read the article on the homepage and i love how the producers are being so polite about them, you can say they were a disaster…we don\’t mind :p You know you want to join in poking fun with us…gooooooooooo onnnnnnnnnnn.I wonder if any of the Coronation street cast read this if the producers have a little look..If they do byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kerbab family and pointless bookies BA-BYEEEEEEEEEE*waves hankey*

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello Sam and everyone. This is all about people power, don\’t you think? We spoke and they listened. I do like Sinbad/Jerry but his kids just didn\’t work. It\’s a shame he\’s going cos I liked him. Wonder if they\’ll use my idea about making Kelly and Lloyd the new Jack and Vera? Hmmmm

  3. april says:

    im feeling sad lol 😦 no more gus watch!! that wz funni lol larfed evry time!

  4. Tia says:

    Well, why can\’t they get rid of Claire and Ashley? I\’d rather see them go than Vernon or the Kebab family. I don\’t like the Kebab family though, but more down to their dull story lines, not the characters, and I actually (sorry to admit it) like Vernon. He can be funny, and is just stupid! He makes me giggle, and that\’s what I like about Coronation Street!

  5. Karen says:

    Kebab family can go for me along with the bookies/LeanneBecky is a brilliant character and Steve is great too-one of the best……Jack\’s grandson\’s acting is appalling! especially last night.I think we need Karen back alongside Steve.

  6. Anna says:


  7. Amy says:

    i totally disagree with the eastenders story line i loved the whole steven thing, the point was ment to be that he was a bit wrong in the head which you\’ve totally missed he craves attention and will go to anything to get it.

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