Will Minty and Heather Get Married?

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EastEnders w/e April 25

So how are we feeling about the Steven-Christian thing then? Does it feel (ever so) contrived or are we buying it? Personally, it doesn’t work for me; it feels like a tacked-on storyline of convenience. But then, I can’t get past the fact that Steven has snogged his step-uncle. I know there’s no blood between them but…ewwwwwwwwwwww! I had to cover my eyes when they kissed. Yuck. It’s no surprise to see Christian trying to get Steven to open up about what happened but Steven is still in denial (‘I did not kiss my step-uncle! I did not kiss my step-uncle!’). Minty and Heather have a stag and hen do. Heather confronts her feelings for Minty, but will she be able to tell him? Sean gets under Roxy’s skin and Jack and Tanya get closer. Guess who’s back? OK I’ll tell you – Hazel!

Well it’s Minty and Heather’s wedding day so there has to be some drama, innit? A soap wedding is never ever allowed to go smoothly – it’s an unwritten law. So, who will Minty choose? Jack accompanies Tanya to the wedding rather than Ronnie. Roxy and Sean embark on a dangerous liaison. Stacey and Steven hit the duvet – but will he do the deed? Shirley is having relationship trouble. Queenie returns to moan at her daughter and Sean is still playing games with Gus. Ronnie is very concerned about Roxy’s drug taking – yawn. Meanwhile, Sean tries to teach Gus a lesson for getting involved in his business…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Dot preaches the sacrosanctity of marriage to Minty and Heather
Mo quizzes Stacey about the bedroom action with Steven
Vinnie asks Shirley to move in with him 

Emmerdale w/e April 25

Heard the news? Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson will play himself as part of celebrations to mark the 5,000th episode of Emmerdale. He’ll appear as a judge at the fiercely-contested Pub of the Year competition in the episode that will be broadcast in June. I’m still laughing at the memory of his Footballers’ Wives cameo…Back to the action and Paddy invites Gennie to Eli’s party. Brace yourself for baby swap saga stuff: Laurel can’t handle being in the same house as Arthur and Hilary begs Mel and Greg not to move away, but her behaviour arouses suspicion. Chas is jealous as she witnesses her father and his prodigal daughter Gennie bonding.

Shane threatens Eli when he searches his house for drugs, leaving the naughty Dingle angry. Lexi and Carl start to get close in the office and it makes her confused. Caught between two brothers, will Lexi choose her head or her heart? Vaughan informs Donna that as they can’t prove her allegations against Shane, she should withdraw her complaint. However she’s at breaking point, especially when Shane threatens her once again. Marlon, Eli and Zak wait at the barn wearing balaclavas, calling Ross with instructions to lead Shane into their trap. They’re gonna dish out their version of justice…Ross acts friendly with Shane so he can gain his trust, but will the plan work? Nah, I’m not gonna say. I won’t spoil it…

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Lily opens Pearl’s post and discovers she’s won a competition
Val is annoyed that Diane won’t agree to her plans
The Dingle clan blacklist the Woolpack

Coronation Street w/e April 25

We’re outside of the domain of the famous cobbles as we follow ‘Damien’ David struggling to adjust to the routine in the young offenders institute. Gail visits her son and is utterly relieved to find him in one piece; he’s also pleased to see his mum. Tony and Roy continue to fight over bats and I’m just gonna roll on past this batty storyline…Becky and Jason reconcile over a bacon butty. Audrey is stunned when Bill reveals that a man called Ted Page has called for her. She later tells Rita that he’s an old flame and…Gail’s father [rolls eyes]. I tell you what Corrie, you’d better make a better job of this ‘Luke, I am your father’ storyline than the previous one when Auf Wiedersehen, Pet actor Tim Healy turned up as Sean’s dad – what an anti-climax that turned out to be.

There’s more trouble and strife involving the Leanne, Dan and Paul triangle and some (non)drama with the insurance and the cheque and the police but frankly, I really don’t care so I’ll move on. Kirk returns from holiday; he met a young lady named Julie and he’s in love. Audrey has decided not to do anything about Ted and goes to visit David with Gail. Maria complains that she feels ugly and fat so Liam buys her a designer maternity dress. After too much booze, Liam ends up spending the night at Carla’s…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Vernon loses all his money on a dud horse
Harry goes to the Rovers and has a laugh with Liz
Chesney is upset over a part in the school play

Hollyoaks w/e April 25

Apparently, Chris Fountain is overwhelmed at the support he is receiving on the Dancing on Ice live tour. He told The Daily Star: "I’m getting a massive reaction from the public on the Dancing on Ice tour we’re doing and yet that televised final was a public vote so I’m thinking: ‘Why didn’t they all vote for me?’" They did vote for you Chris – but more voted for Suzanne Shaw. Simple arithmetic really…So this week, Sasha Valentine is set to risk her life when she injects herself with heroin. When soaps do a drugs storyline, there is always a terrible consequence. Funnily enough, nothing I’ve seen on a soap has quite had the impact of Grange Hill’s Zammo being found in the toilet by Ro-land…

So this week, the Ashworths are in turmoil after Rhys and Beth’s departure, in particular Hannah, who finds herself slipping back into her old ways. Calvin is horrified by Sasha’s desperate outburst but it’s Carmel’s PCSO training that arouses her suspicions that Sasha is hiding something. Rhys gets a hostile homecoming when he returns from hospital. Louise is shocked to hear from Sean’s mum. Calvin and Carmel take a stroll through the village, but the romance of the occasion is ruined when Carmel’s worst nightmare comes true. Sasha’s desperate decision to go to Ste for help ends with disastrous consequences. Louise returns from Sean’s mother’s wracked with guilt. Warren tries to reassure her but Louise is arrested on suspicion of murder.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Danny bites the bullet and calls round to see Hannah
Max refuses to set an official wedding date
Amy is stressed with the lie about Leah’s leukaemia

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9 Responses to Will Minty and Heather Get Married?

  1. donna says:

    i hate all the soaps but i v been a big eastenders fan for years even though the storylines are abit over the top but it s still enjoyable to watch stacy and steven look good together

  2. donna says:

    i only like eastenders becuse its not boring too watch but i like holloyakes alot iv been watching it for years now i miss  the old cast though ben lisa and mandy but i like the new cast too its a shame Sinead Moynihan has left the show as she wasnt in it for that long but she has a 4 yr old son  so she can spend more time with him and her partner good luck to her in whatever she does

  3. Doudou says:

    i really like eastenders, but i don\’t like the way sean treat gus, i think is too much and  how a big man like gus can\’t do anything even report to the police or see the landlord and leave the house.

  4. Carrie says:

    Is it just me or should hollyoaks just get rid of rhys. All my mates fancy him but I think he is ugly and I hate the way he gets whatever women he wants even if its his sister. Im glad that story line has ended!

  5. dorothy says:

    Wondering what the deal is with Davids cell mate,this storyline could be interesting,thankyou writers,also thanks again to the eastenders writers that Biancas story seems to be short lived.Poor Heather my heart really goes out to her,someone should shut that
    mother up,she is a nasty piece of work.The stories seem to be picking up a bit,I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Unknown says:

    well the soaps are looking gd these days the 1 for me is corrie the story line of the bad boi david phlat heres hoping there are mare shit hot story lines still to come ?

  7. Hayley says:

    ok the whole Steven/Christian thing is a bit off if you ask me, I mean firstly lets be honest if you had a choice of Christian in your bed or Stacey, who would you choose? Stacey every time!  Sorry not trying to highlight my bi side here, it\’s just she has substance as a character and something to say for herself.  Mindu, bring on a gay love triangle if it means a few episodes without Rickeeeeeeeey and Bianca.  Writers of East Enders if you can hear me, can we have some better storylines pls, my Tuesday and Thursday nights would improve dramatically!    

  8. JOSH says:

    of course they will get maried but hazel will try and ruin the day for minty but the whole stevan and christian thing is so gay cant he just tell stacey he is gay

  9. Sam says:

    I was sat in disbelief at Calvins treatment of Carmel screaming at her "its all your fault" as if Carmel was Sashas drug dealer was just pathetic. At first i just thought awe he\’ll calm down and theyll be okay but no he\’s threw the toys out of his pram AGAIN and found his fall guy, when its clearly his not so perfect little sisters fault. But he doesnt even follow up on where she got it, who takes it with her. He calls himself a policeman? He\’s very shortsighted and mellow dramatic when it comes to members of his family. Its such a huge turn off to his character. Sasha could have at least tried to explain to him she begged Carmel not to tell him knowing his reaction. All Carmels guilty of is giving her the benefit of the doubt. He found Sasha with weed not so long ago so if he handled that abit better maybe Sasha wouldnt be an addict. She\’s not a kid she can take responsabiltiy for her actions he doesnt have to blame the nearest adult. Youd think the fact she had form he would have opened up to Carmel and told her just incase she did see Sasha with anything. I used to like him but he just gets on my nerves now. I know its a rant but where\’s the common sense. You know things are bad when Calvins alcoholic lay about father is the sensible one trying to take hold of Sasha situation. And on Eastenders. Sean is seriously annoying. A bad boy? LOL Picking on characters like Gus? He\’s hardly a Mitchele brother is he? He\’s just a thug, you dont like him, he\’s not loveable he\’s just irritates you. Most people would have Sean put in his place no matter how much he huffed and puffed and on any occassion when he does chose to man handle you, youd call the police. Its simple. In ways i do feel sorry for Gus but Sean preys on the weak and clueless like Gus and if Gus cant even speak up for himself then what does he expect. The whole things is boring to watch. Roll on Seans departure :-]

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