Best Wishes To Corrie’s Blanche

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. We start off with some bad news.

Coronation Street favourite Maggie Jones, who plays battle-axe Blanche Hunt, was in hospital after injuring herself in a fall. The 73-year-old actress hurt her shoulder and knee as she took a tumble at Manchester’s luxury Marriott Manchester Victoria & Albert Hotel, where she lives when she is filming the soap.

As you all know, she’s the on-screen mother of Deidre Barlow. Apparently, she limped from the hotel to the nearby Granada studios to see medical staff but was then sent to Accident and Emergency because her injuries were more serious than first thought. She is now recovering in a private hospital and is expected to be back at work in around two weeks, said a Corrie spokesman. Everyone, cast and crew, sends their best wishes to her.

I’d like to add that I wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her terrorising her neighbours again soon. Blanche is a very popular character and the soap is poorer without her. Rumours that some Corrie stalwarts face the axe have been greeted with dismay on this blog and many of you have spoken out in support of the older characters. Not one comment is in favour of Blanche Hunt getting the chop. Here’s a sample of what we’ll miss while Blanche is recuperating…

"Good looks are a curse Deirdre. You and Kenneth should count yourselves lucky." 

"You’re going to have to start taking pleasure in the misfortune of others Kenneth, or you’re going to have a long and unhappy old age." 

Emily: "I wish I was three again."
Blanche: "Oh yes – rickets, TB, rationing…those were the days!" 
[on The Croppers] "He’s a looney and she’s a man. What judge in his right mind would give a baby to them couple of freaks!"

[on Liz McDonald] "Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner, and roots as dark as her soul!"

Get well soon Maggie…

Gus Watch

As time ticks on, we fast approach the day binman Gus Smith packs up his broom for the last time on EastEnders. However, we’ve been considering alternative career paths for the Wordsworth of Walford and here’s how he could look as the sixth member of flop boyband One True Voice…fits right in, doesn’t he?

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That’s it for now. Join me on Monday for a preview of all the week’s soaps. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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