Emmerdale Hunk Opens Up

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. OK, own up – how many of you fancy Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe? If you’re into pretty blonds, he’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Actor Matthew Wolfenden has been talking about his life on the soap. Here’s what he had to say:

Matthew Wolfenden reflects on how much his life has changed since he joined the soap just under two years ago – more than he bargained for. "When I first started, I sat down with John Middleton, who plays Ashley. He said, ‘When does your character first appear? Are you prepared for your life to change?’ I always remember him saying that. It changes your life and your friends and families’ lives as well. You can’t go out without people wanting your picture on their camera phone. In the supermarket you constantly get people asking if you’re, ‘that bloke off Emmerdale’."

Matthew, that wasn’t me, I swear! Anyway, the subject of fame continues: "You’re on a soap and you’re getting between six and eight million people watching a night. But you forget how many people watch it. I went to Las Vegas on holiday and had English people coming up for autographs," he says.

The hunky blond actor joined the soap as Eric Pollard’s estranged son David in 2006 fresh from the West End, where he had carved out a career in musicals. David first arrived in the village under a shroud of mystery and set about trying to scam Pollard out of a large sum of cash. The pair have now seemingly resolved their differences, but things are about to get nasty again when Pollard starts being blackmailed over photos of him with Rosalind, and he soon points the finger at David. But will Matthew spill the beans on the blackmailer’s true identity? "We only get two weeks of scripts in advance, so I don’t really know," he stalls.

Since arriving in the Dales, David has dated a string of women and most recently split up with Nicola because she’s intent on killing her husband Donald. "It’s not the last we’ll see of them because there’s too much good stuff," he hints. Don’t get your hopes up ladies, in real-life, Matthew has been in a relationship with dancer Joanne for almost six years. They met on stage in London. Does she mind all the on-screen kissing? "She’s fine with it," Matthew insists. "But she had to watch through her fingers for the first couple of times! She watched Emmerdale way before I started in it, and now she’s starting to see me as one of the characters and not just her boyfriend."

As for his future in acting, Halifax-born Matthew reveals he has just signed up for Emmerdale until December. "I’m there until at least then," he says. "I’m just going to suck it and see, as long as the writers are still enjoying writing about my character!" No plans to hop across the pond like former EastEnder Michelle Ryan? "If you ask any actor if they’d like to do that kind of stuff, they’d say, ‘Yes,’ but maybe in the future. At the moment ITV are doing some great dramas," he hints. He adds: "I’m not going to do a Summer Strallen [Hollyoaks babe turned new Maria]. But because I come from musical theatre, I’ll never know when I might go back into it and I hope I will one day."
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Some of you may recall Matthew’s 2007 appearance on Soapstar Superstar. He finished 9th – not exactly anything to brag about considering that his background is musicals, is it? Fancy being beaten by Antony ‘can’t carry a tune’ Cotton!

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