EastEnders’ Steven-Stacey-Christian Triangle

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EastEnders w/e April 18

This is the week the Stacey (Lacey Turner), Steven (Aaron Sidwell) and Christian (John Partridge) triangle goes into full flow so if you ain’t got the stomach for it, you know where to go. Hey, that rhymes! As we all know, actor Aaron Sidwell is leaving soon and we’re on countdown to his departure. So what else is going on in Albert Square?

Bianca awaits the return of her kids. Steven is frustrated because he wants to take things to the next level with Stacey. Gus stands up to Sean in the Vic and Heather needs a favour from Shirley. Jack collects his daughter Penny from the airport and, in an attempt to get back at Sean, Gus loses both his flat and Wellard. Sean’s mood darkens when he finds all his stuff outside in bin bags and the locks changed. Stacey and Bradley fight and Steven prepares for his first time but isn’t sure of the best protection to choose. Ian ‘Squeal’ attempts to give him some man-to-man advice, but ends up scaring him off. The last thing I’d take from Ian is a lesson in lurrrrrrve! How to fry chips maybe, but nothing else. Pat and Ricky reminisce about Frank and Gus is stupid enough to sit down to a dinner that Sean has prepared. Steven is humiliated in R&R when the truth about his night with Stacey is revealed. Livid at first with Christian, Steven’s anger and confusion takes another direction…

Also on EastEnders this week:
Jack is feeling sidelined by Ronnie
Bradley is floundering at work
Gus and Mickey pluck up the courage to speak to Sean

Hollyoaks w/e April 18 

It’s time to find out what’s going on in the soap with the beautiful people. ‘Hollywoodoaks’ fans should enjoy actor Kavin Sacre (who plays Jake) while they still can – he’s quitting after almost six years. Apparently Jake’s mental health issues will play a big part in his downfall. On to the action and Amy finally tells the truth about Leah. Hannah is thrilled by the picnic Danny sets up for her in Drive ‘N’ Buy and the sexual tension mounts…until Neville arrives. Jacqui is ecstatic over her bingo win but the euphoria doesn’t last long. The Ashworths celebrate Gilly and Beth’s engagement.  Beth and Rhys are horrified when Gilly launches himself at Rhys. Myra receives a lawyer’s letter demanding Val’s share of the bingo winnings; it’s war between the McQueens and the Valentines. Sasha is desperate for more drugs.

Rhys and Beth decide to run away together; Sasha and Fletch become even more isolated from their friends. Hannah tries to offer Gilly the support he needs, but she’s uncertain whether she’ll be able to cope. She’s terrified that her eating disorder will dominate her life again. Fletch attempts to apologise to Josh and Max is worried about the escalating cost of the wedding.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Michaela feels rejected by her family and friends
Gilly has a surprise for Beth
Fletch desperately tries to avoid the pull of heroin

Coronation Street w/e April 18 

Contracts are up for renewal again in Corrie and so far the news is mixed. The boring bookies will be around for a while longer, but with the news that Harry’s wife is set to turn up, they might not be a drag much longer. I’ve said for ages now that the dynamic between father and son wasn’t enough. Craig Charles will also be around for the next three years – come on Corrie! Make him and Kelly Crabtree (played by Tupele Dorgu) the new Jack and Vera; you know it makes sense. Anyway, back t’cobbles and there’s a possible spoiler with regard to ‘Damien’ David’s storyline. If you don’t want to know what happens to him, watch out for the spoiler.

Roy’s furious with Tony – it’s a wildlife thing. Baby swap rubbish drags on with Michelle, Alex and Ryan. ‘Damien’ David apologises to the Barlows. Tina apologises to Gail about lying and leaves David heartbroken – if he ends up in prison, will he cope knowing he’s lost her? More yawn-some baby swap nonsense. Corrie writers, take the hint please – we really don’t care! Stop writing this rubbish baby swap idiotic storyline please! It’s Gail’s 50th birthday and the morning of David’s sentencing. Is he really going to prison? There’s some stuff with the builders and Roy and more yawn-inducing baby swap baloney (Michelle – Ireland – both sons – her parents). Maria suggests she and Liam start decorating the nursery.

‘DAMIEN’ DAVID SPOILER: Action in the Young Offenders Institute – David’s introduced to his room-mate Graeme. Back at the house, Gail has been drowning her sorrows…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Dan makes a suggestion to Leanne
Sinbad/Jerry makes Darryl sit through a formal interview
Becky’s heart gets broken again

Emmerdale w/e April 18 

They’re in, they’re out, they’re shaking it all about. Not so long ago, it was reported that actresses Verity Rushworth and Jenna-Louise Coleman, who play Donna Windsor-Dingle and Jasmine Thomas, would be quitting. Now it seems they’re not. Apparently there are exciting storylines planned for them. Hmmmm. I say, watch this space. To the soap itself and brace yourself for another baby swap saga. Hilary returns home and is both surprised and moved to see Laurel holding baby Arthur. However, the poor woman has to deal with another shattering blow.  Chas discovers that Lexi wants the job as Carl’s PA and gets suited and booted and applies for the job herself – well she would, wouldn’t she?

Pollard is stunned when he opens an envelope containing a blackmail letter and photos of him with Rosalind. He sets up a surveillance camera and angrily accuses David of extortion. How long before the true blackmailer reveals their identity? Well if it’s anything like the Tom King murder, we’re in for a long wait…Is romance finally in the air for Miles and Jasmine? He tells her the truth about his naughty ruse. Paddy talks to Gennie about his court date and she admits that her statement to the police is probably going to sound pretty bad. Over at the Woolpack, Lexi confronts Chas and it all gets out of hand.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Val wants to organise another speed dating event 
Paddy receives a summons to appear in court 
Ashley questions Hilary’s state of mind

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21 Responses to EastEnders’ Steven-Stacey-Christian Triangle

  1. april says:

     oh god nooooo! more baby swap nonsense!! these soaps have no origanality anymore! i mean the one in corrie is boring enough and now their doing it in emmerdale!! when will these soap writers take the hint that we think these storylines are BORING??

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    karaokekid, I feel your pain. A baby swap storyline shouldn\’t be the worst storyline in the world; it should be dramatic and emotional but it\’s been disastrously executed in Corrie and now I can\’t bear to watch another one!

  3. Unknown says:

    Have to agree with you guys. The baby swap storyline is not original and lets face it, it\’s a bit far fetched. They need to start thinking up more original storylines.  Same with prostitution they all have that storyline too. Boring. Notice all the soaps have a gay gent or three… Sean & partner in Corrie. Christian and one night stands andmaybe  steven too in EastEnders. Paul and his dull civil partner whatever his name is. Oh and mustn\’t 4get Grayson.in Emmerdale. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn. Am watching Eastenders with fascination now that Bianca is back. Fab actress.

  4. dorothy says:

    Oh come on Bianca back on Eastenders,please kill me now!Where are the writers going to go with the baby swap storyline,it really is boring now,someone should give all the soap writers a good shake and hopefully wake up their creative imagination.

  5. jackie says:

    Gail boring platt, when will she grow a backbone, the dosey women, what women would be their for a son like David and still believe he is innocent, I know she is a boring character but come on script writers sort the women out or kill her off once and for all. and why do all soapstarts dance around the houses before getting together, Phil and shirley, gus and the new girl……boring, and sean, when is someone going to sort this idiot out…. come on phil knock him out

  6. James Harry says:


  7. charlotte says:

    A few things need to change on Eastenders Stacey and Bradley should get back together it\’s obvious they still want each other !
    And please please please send bianca,ricky and clan to mars or as far away from the tv screen as possible why oh earth did they bring them back ? ricky i can understand as being franks son and should of been at the funeral but he should of left straight after like janine and diane did.
    Do these people who write the scripts for these soaps know each other and write them together as everyone of them have the same story lines (ie child swap in corrie and now emmerdale)
    please can we have some individuality so it\’ll feel like we are watching separate programmes instead of feeling like you are one watching one very very long one.

  8. Unknown says:

    Big mistake bringing back Ricky but as for Bianca they should have brought her back a lot sooner. Have to agree, she is a fab actress unlike a lot of others. Certainly livened things up a bit. And never fails to make us smile. Hope she sticks around for a long time with her cute chav family.

  9. Unknown says:


  10. Unknown says:

    gail prat i cant stand her stupit cow. felt sory 4 gus cos he had nisce new gilfrend but she did dirty on him wif slimebal psyco.
    dont fink brad and stace shud get bak 2gether no way too wierd man. dont understend why a lot of u no likeing the jacksons being bak. they brill. also covering real life tradegy and beanka shows the struggle lik itis.. maybe u not hapy if it not all about vilence. i realy like shirly but not phil he is nasty. hope they dont get 2gethar. rely like hether she is funie. roxi and rony r boring.

  11. peter says:

    yes, its getting boring, theyre scraping the barrel with the bi-sexual, gay, hetero threesome. I have an original storyline, Gus becomes a muslim changing his name to Gus Mohammad Islam and turns into a suicide terrorist, then he blows himself up the queen vic and kills a few people. then we have a backlash against the muslim family that runs the post office, have bianca and her family turn into islamphobes and start terrorising the post office. then dot cotton sets up the albert square stop the persecution campagin quoting leviticus 3:16. Bianca is not chav enough so lets chav her up a bit, her kids all get ASBO\’s including the 4 yr old for causing trouble standing outside the minute mart newsagents as chavs tend to do, patrick bans them, so they happy slap him and upload it onto chavtube.com. Bianca then falls pregnant again with her 4th child, the father is Jim branning. she gives birth whilst smoking ciggies, booze and drugs and names the baby something classy like \’kerry ketona jackson.\’ Then pat tells bianca to get a job, bianca replies.."whats dat? whats a job?" Pat replies "like a commuter who travels out of town and works for money." Bianca "whats a commuter? nobody travels out of albert square to find work." Then Ian Beale remembers…when Lucy smashed the house up, where was my youngest son at the time? jane replies…"oh he wasnt contracted to work that day." ian "oh is that why he hardly ever appears on the show" jane replies "no, its EU regulations on child labour working hours."

  12. katie says:

     hiya soap lovers
    I think hollyoaks is the best always has got good story lines and never gets and i love the bicanca family there so funny and well gail in corrie needs backbone!!!
    love u all
    katie c

  13. eddie says:

    This situation regarding Roy Cropper and the car. Firstly, without permission from Haley, Ken drove the car illegally and could be charged with taking and driving away. Secondly, Roy being Roy, the car insurance would specify vehicle parked overnight in a garage. What a twist that story line would take!

  14. Soap Blogger says:

    To (no name) who left a comment here at 16 April at 20:11 – this is a PG-rated blog. Your comment has been edited and the profanity stripped out.(no name)16 April 20:11(http://cid-d31b35f0ee5ac659.spaces.live.com/)You most be the s****** story teller, your racist however much you try to deny it (which in your case i guess you won\’t).Ever heard of SOCIAL HARMONY??  Yes there are people who don\’t understand that but you are not helping anyone overcome it your just adding more conflict, do you honestly think anyone would show that on national tv.  Everyone is human and can live wherever the f*** they want. You might say that it was just a storyline but words have a more deeper meaning. I am a white British and I am tolerant with people who live in UK and the whole world, why can\’t you be instead of judging evrything and everyone?

  15. Me says:

    I\’m appalled by some of the comments on here, don\’t u think we have enough social problems why create more chaos by displaying islamic suicide bombers in eastenders! That really is low and im surprised anyone would actually post that on a forum.

  16. Derek says:

    Bianca back  oh god where are the asprin her voice gives me a headace.

  17. **PwInCeSs SiMmY** says:

    it think having bianca back is kinda cool cos\’ u don\’t have that chavvy family around anymore n they are kinda funny- i don\’t y but eastenders is kinda getting boring they focus on the same storylines n don\’t keep up the suspense- my absolute fave is hollyoaks it\’s young and fresh and it\’s sooooo edgy it deals with real life problems and they don\’t get boring each n everyday you watch it….  i mean the ryhs n beth story…. seans dead body…….. a preist who is gay!!! (not that im judging) n amy and ste keeping that big secret- other than tht i don\’t really watch anyting else- ut i do lyk my australian soaps-neighbours and home and away but neighbours is soooooooo much better!!!! 

  18. Soap Blogger says:

    Furah, I\’ve read the comment you refer to by (no name) left here on 16 April at 19:02 – in my opinion, it\’s clearly intended as satire – satire is a more extreme form of humour and it isn\’t to everyone\’s taste but some of what was said was funny ("What\’s a commuter? Nobody travels out of Albert Square to find work!" – that\’s really funny!).

  19. april says:

    lol its kinda like my humour. obv some bits can be offensive but i liked the part bout them not knowing what commuters were and the bit bout ian beales kid not being contracted that day lol very amusing 🙂

  20. Sam says:

    Omg i cant for the life of me understand how Biancas return has been a positive one. She\’s irritating the hell out of me…she SHOUTS constantly. The first conversation she had with Ricky was nothing but bad acting with a rasied voice if you ask me. Its not natural to her any more, i think she\’s playing Bianca as the audience percieved her rather than how she naturally did the character a decade ago. She doesnt need to SHOUT to be the gobby Bianca we all used to know. Hopefully she\’ll appear more natural as she gets used to being back on the square because ill be turning over soon if she doesnt, my ears cant stand anymore!

  21. Carys says:

    Hiya:DWa u been all up 2?Happy valentines dayHope all your lovers gave u a rose or somthingLove u allmexox

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