Corrie Stars Facing The Axe?

Well, well, well. It appears that there’s trouble brewing on’t cobbles of Coronation Street. Some of the soap’s favourites are apparently facing the axe as soap executives try to freshen up the programme.

Up to five of the Street’s longest serving actors – such as William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, and Barbara Knox, who stars as Rita Sullivan – could be gone by the end of the year, the Sun reports. It seems that every actor has been asked to meet new producer Kim Crowther to discuss their future in Weatherfield. According to the paper, the long-running show is hoping to shave the salaries of its established characters and bring in a younger cast.

A Corrie insider reportedly said: "There is a feeling the show needs a younger and sexier feel. "The recent stars have been younger characters like David Platt, but many of the older characters are on huge money and are hardly involved. Everyone is very edgy, especially the greyer stars." Basically, it’s all about taking on EastEnders and because of that, viewers can expect juicier storylines as the soap tries to take the edge in the ratings war. Ratings soared with the return of Rickaaaaaaay and Bianca and Corrie needs to take ‘Enders on sooner rather than later. For that reason, some of the older cast are under threat. "It’s not only them," the insider said. "Some of the very new characters are who have not worked out will also get the boot."

As you all know, this blog has a little feature called ‘Gus Watch’ – so named because the binman was hardly ever in EastEnders and even when he was, he might as well have not been for all the contribution he made. And what’s happened? He’s leaving ‘by mutual consent’. Not so long ago, I said that Corrie needed a clear out and I listed all the stars that need to go. And what’s happened? Now we hear that the knives are being sharpened. Are the powers that be reading this blog? How funny would that be!

However, I don’t think the answer is as simple as just getting rid of the oldies – some of them are very good: I love Blanche Hunt, for example; she cracks me up. And if you have Blanche, you need Deirdre and Ken so that she can annoy them. So the cull shouldn’t necessarily be with the oldies only – especially as it’s the newer characters that aren’t working. The kids in the kebab family (sorry Sinbad/Jerry) are a waste of space and the boring bookies feel like a bit of stunt-casting rather than real characters (pity cos I like Bad Girls’ Jim Fenner – actor Jack Ellis – but his son is just plain awful).

In addition, Corrie’s had some yawn-some storylines recently – I said from the beginning that the baby swap rubbish would never work. It’s about time the soap got back on tracks – I just hope the cull gets rid of the right people. And I’m including some of the writers in that too. Check out my list of Who Should Get The Corrie Chop? from a couple of months ago. Which Corrie character needs to leave the Street for good? Leave a comment…

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50 Responses to Corrie Stars Facing The Axe?

  1. Unknown says:

    Well, if anyone should get the `chop` it should be Michelle. I am absolutely sick to death of hearing her moaning voice saying "Ooh Ryaaaannnn" and why does she keep wringing her hands, has she got circulation problems or something. Before Corrie thinks about getting rid of the `oldies` they should remember that a lot of us `oldies` are their most ardent supporters, give us quality, not quantity anytime. And another thing, who and what are these Kebab kids – do we really need them?

  2. Janette says:

    Every street has a mix of young and old and no one does it better than corrie, the older stars are as watchable as any youngsters, i hope they dont change the format to make it young and sexy thats not what corrie stands for the older stars bring the humour to  the show i laughed out loud at Rita when she realised everyone would know she wasnt a real red head. It is up to the writers to write for all the cast, keep the older members.
    If they really want to get rid of anyone please make it Carla and Tony.

  3. Tameena says:

    OH my Goodness – has the world of soap gone totally mad.  I just cannot believe what I am reading.  It is the worst start to my weekend ever.  I am not grey but I have grown up watching Coronation Street.  Changing it to a younger sexier formula is the worst rubbish I have heard in a long time.  The reason people watch Corrie is far more for people like Rita, Norris, the Barlow\’s etc.  I have also noted that none have them been given a decent story line in AGES.  The world of Telly is already full of moronic so-called sexier younger shows and I think they are all rubbish.  As far as competing with Enders goes have they forgotten Pat, Peggy and Pauline  who are FAR more entertaining than the likes of Ronnie and Roxy – whose agegroup I incidentally fall into.  May God (or the Martians at ITV) save us!!!!!!!!!

  4. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comments. I think the people behind Coronation Street are kidding themselves if they think that getting rid of anyone over 55 will freshen the soap. It\’ll kill it. They need to be a bit cleverer than that…

  5. Serena says:

    The older charecters of the street are the best ones! Who wants a sexier street? I certainly dont! If they get rid of the older cast members it will be just like hollyoaks (please dont do it to us!) Corrie has been around for a long time and the older charecters are the essence of the street, if they get rid of them it just wont be the same. Get rid of the kebab family and the bookies!! They are a total waste of time. All corrie needs is some good script writing and it will be fine! Age: 21!

  6. A says:

    why do the dimwits that run Corrie imagine that we watch it, yes you planks its because it isn\’t East Enders and the less it resembles East Enders the more people will want to watch it. I for one have enough drama and strife in the real world without having it polluting TV time I want to be entertained  not depresssed.

  7. Lisa says:

    I thought Corrie was about real life? Well correct me if I\’m wrong but don\’t older people feature in real life? Maybe Corrie should think about giving the older cast members a decent storyline for a change instead of having them fading into the background!

  8. Janette says:

    Someone mentioned Jane Danson is grieving at the moment and wont be back for a a while can anyone tell me why.

  9. Soap Blogger says:

    Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby, lost her dad Jack, 62, to cancer in February… 

  10. Emma says:

    I agree with Lisa…older people should be in Corrie and the writers should use their creativity to give older cast members decent story lines.  Old does not mean boring…we don\’t seem to value and respect our elders as much as we should in the UK! 
    Why does everything from a plate of food to a TV programme have to be described as sexy.  Come on, what the hell does it mean? (please don\’t answer that).  My point being that sexiness isn\’t a measure of how good something is.

  11. Sam says:

    So basically they want to turn it into Hollyoaks :/ Maybe they should stop focusing on characters that are seen as national treasures (Rita and Ken) and focus more on characters that are boring to the kerbab family, Jim Fenner and Son, kevins dad (im still waiting for him to have a storyline) And old characters that have lost all purpose now their counterparts have left like Tyron/Molly, Jason, Dev. Coronation street has a tendancy to keep characters around when there no longer needed Dev is a perfect example….really central to some major storylines..then his wife leave.and instead of them just leaving together he stays to run a shop regardless of the fact he is a business man and misses his kids it doesnt make sense. Give his shop to someone else….. a new couple….an ambitious couple who ruffel afew feathers with their plan for coronation street, a widower for rita, a gay couple..the possiblities are endless. They just seem to leave characters in the street as extra\’s and thats whats coronations streets problem…they seem out of idea\’s, unless they concern David Plat pf course!

  12. lucia says:

    I swear I\’ll stop watching if they conform it to be like Eastenders & Hollyoaks. I hate both of them, hollyoaks is the worst soap (can you even call it that??) ever written, terrible dialogue & totally unrealistic with the amount of young \’beautiful\’ people on there, they try & dumb it down to appeal to the teens audience asif we really are a load of braindead morons, it\’s pathetic. My main problem with Eastenders is that it\’s so dam depressing & can be really aggressive, since when do I want to see that when I can watch the news?!?! Even though I have to admit it is well done & written.
    Corrie is brilliant as it is, a few characters here & there actually are a waste of space (Lloyd, Dev, & Violet\’s sister) but the oldies are the ones which gives it substance. Don\’t they get enough ratings as it is without trying to outdo eachother? Why can\’t they just calm down & consentrate on giving good quality television with what they already have, surely they are talented enough?? 
    This is so typically ITV (second worst channel after 5) if they\’re not careful they\’re going to kill a perfectly good thing.     

  13. Alison says:

    I think the line of the baby swap should have gone that Michelle lost both boys because of her terrible treatment of her \’Son\’ Ryan. She did nothing to protect her up until then \’treasured\’ son, then she sneaks of to make Alex meet her, as all hell breaks loose poor Ryan ends up moving out to his uncle who DOES care what happens to him. Even Steve seemed to care more for Ryan than Michelle and it should have all backfired on the horrid woman. They want to say it\’s real life then add a bit of reality to it!

  14. Pat & Don says:

    Once again "they" are mending something that is not broken – You get more one liners (from Blanche and Norris) in one episode than you get in a year in Eastenders which is eternally miserable and where everybody shouts at each other. Real Eastenders – don\’t make me laugh.

  15. melissa says:

    get rid of the kebab family an the bookies , what exactly do they bring 2 corrie part frm drinkin in the rovers.

  16. jimmy says:

    bring back jim macdonald  what about you 

  17. Agnes says:

    Corrie always had a touch of humour with its charactors such as Blanche, Rita & Norris.  They supply a type of humour that doesn\’t work so well with younger folk.   The baby swap turned into a bit of a fiasco and dragged on and on and on, as did David\’s aggressive behaviour.   Perhaps Gail should pack up and go to Italy to be with her daughter and grand-daughter who like everyone else who leaves the "Street" for more than 24 hours seldom gets mentioned.   Jerry\’s kids don\’t seem to have any useful function,  Fred Peacocks charactor supported Claire and Ashley so without him their characters have flopped.  Dev is now hanging around like a knotless thread, time he was livened up a bit.   Is there any reason why Carla can\’t turn into the new "Mike Baldwin" type character, or is that reserved for male actors?   Can\’t help noticing all the soaps are guilty of bringing in scantily clad young actresses.   Perhaps the writers should remember it\’s Weatherfield they\’re in not some tropical island and I don\’t think it\’s too good an impression to show their kids as tarts when they go off to school.   Surely Rosie should have taken the some of the blame for teacher, John\’s lust – it was handed to him on a plate.  On top of all that, she\’s a school girl stepping into an office job and seems to have instant knowledge of running an office, wish life was that easy, some of us had a fair bit of training and some experience before landing a job like that.It must be difficult to keep a non stop supply of story lines but going from the ridiculous to the sublime won\’t win any prizes.Soaps are escapism, we need the Eileens, Beckies and Steves to add the sparkle to some of the everyday situations portrayed in the soaps.  Continuity of characters, the subtle humour is what puts Corrie "Streets ahead" of soaps like Eastenders which are all doom and gloom.   I would think a lot of the characters could be doing with better
    storylines so perhaps its the writers who should get the chop!

  18. rebecca says:

    i have been watching coronation street for about 35 years it always has a good mix of characters and humour although some of the recent storylines have been a bit boring i still enjoy the soap. I would not like to see any of the older characters go as they have in the past had some good storylines i think the writers should concentrate on the older ones for a while as except for blanche they have not been on there where is emily? she is my favorite out of the older ones but she seems to have dissapeared it would be good to see her again back on form maybe when the current events have finished we could have a lot more of her and the others ,i am glad lauren is going as i never liked her character as i think she does not suit corrie,i would keep jerry but get rid of his kids somehow perhaps they could go back to live with their mother or something maybe gail could move in with jerry and leave david on his own i think they may be good for eachother, dev definatley needs a juicy storyline maybe  find him a new love interest the bookies could move away as they do not seem to be doing much at the moment. Please do not try to be more like eastenders as i do not want to see a load of screaming and fighting as thats all they do on there and no gangsters look what happened to eastenders when they did that (down to 3million viewers) i for one would not watch as it would completely spoil the street i like it as it is but would like something good to happen but not to bring back old characters as i do not think it would be good i prefer to see new characters coming  and bring their own contribrution to the soap, i love the chemistry between eileen and steve  and becky has become a great character i did not like her at first but she has developed her character so well she is one of my faves out of the younger ones she is a good example of why not to bring back old characters.coronation street  has always been my favorite soap and hopefully it always will be but if it is changed to resemble eastenders i will not watch anymore.

  19. pat says:

    I agree with the majority, please do not get rid of the older ones in corrie.  If the axe is going to fall, get rid of he awlful Lauren, all of the Kebab shop family, they are terrible.  Blanche is great and eileen and steve.  Perhaps emily could go as she doesn\’t contribute much now and rita, although her and norris are good together.
    Some of the eastenders storylines are riduculous especially the Max and Tanya one recently, so far-fetched it was ludicrous.  good to see ricky and bianca back. 

  20. sherry says:

    if corrie get rid of the stars  like rita ken and deardrie they are asking for trouble they make the show what it is  i for one will stop watching thats like eastenders getting rid of phil and peggy and pat leave the old cast alone  we like them as they are

  21. joanne says:

    bring back some of the actors that were good but just disappeared get Vikram back in the taxi office,also Patrick and Eileen had great chemistry they could be the new "Jack n Vera!" Shelley is the landlady of the Rovers, some of the older ones have to go to keep things fresh but not all of them. Lets bring it up to date also with modern day references that would evoke humour and debate for the characters!

  22. Janette says:

    todays paper says that they are getting rid of "lAUREN" because she is not popular with the viewing public lets hope they listen when the majority say they want to KEEP  the older cast.

  23. Sam says:

    GUTTED I read in the Daily Mirror the other day, that Jim Fenner and his boring son are getting new contracts that will see them well into 2009 :-[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[WOOOP P.A.R.T.Y!!

  24. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello everyone! Sam, thanks for your Gus Watch contribution – very funny! Re: Corrie\’s boring bookies. I am gutted too. I don\’t understand why. WHY? WHY???? I\’m convinced that they\’ll only work if Jim Fenner/Harry\’s ex wife (estranged?) comes into the picture somehow.  

  25. eddie says:

    The reason I don\’t watch Eastenders is because the story lines are to rediculous and the characters are to far removed from real life. This all makes for totally unreal situations. With Corrie, the stories are believable and are "stretched" far enough to make them interesting. In real life there are old and young people, this is characterised in Corrie. Keep it up! 

  26. april says:

    get rid of the bookies people and the kebab shop people they are soooooo boring! also claire and ashley they really boring now aswell. as for the oldies like blanche n that leave them alone lol it wouldnt be corrie without them!!!

  27. sylvianne gray says:

    Please get rid of Carla from Coronation Street she has got to be the most boring person in it
    everytime she appears I turn it off, as can`t stand the woman.

  28. kath says:

    get rid of dev from corrie his impressions and mock accents are cringeworthy especially when his voice goes uuup at the end of every sentence

  29. Sheelagh says:

    Please don\’t get rid of the old gits – every street has them and it wouldn\’t be corrie without them! I agree that the kebab shop people need a new story line or else they should go. The writers have painted themselves into a corner with the "baby swap" story – there is nowhere now for it to go, unless they kill one of them off (preferably Alex). David has to go to prison, and disappear for a while (like Tracy Barlow did) then they can bring him back if they need to.

  30. Unknown says:

    Why are the actors getting the boot? the actors can only act what the writers write, It\’s not rocket science. Its all very well saying that the older cast members get paid a fortune and are hardly ever in it, whos\’s fault is that? I love Corrie, and the ones to go are Lauren, The bookies, The kebab family, The Conners and especially that awful Tony (his googly eye freaks me out).We need some proper believeable story lines not that baby swap malarky, nobody has even questioned the hospital where it happened, just looked at a few photos.  Whats all this nonsense about needing a "young sexier feel" has anybody asked us what we want? Its not surprising they haven\’t been nominated for any awards this year, but getting rid of the older members of the cast is not the answer. 

  31. Oliver says:

    It would be a huge mistake to get rid of the older characters – this is what makes \’Corrie\’ the institution it is. People get old in real life, and characters like Ken & Rita should simply be given more storylines, as people are interested in these characters, far more than boring old Carla & Tony.  Ratings soared with \’EE\’ when Ricky & Bianca came back because they were established & popular characters from the golden days of the show. Similarly for \’Corrie\’ at Christmas when Jim McDonald came back – it got very interesting with his return & as soon as he went it endured quite a boring stage with some characters that people just don\’t care about! Don\’t get rid of the established cast – and bring back big Jim!!

  32. Unknown says:

    Oh Dear…it\’s really unbelievable to think that the powers that be would axe the people who have made Corrie what it is and has been… The WRITERS definitely need to be chosen more carefully…  Babies swapped at birth…what… Think I could have managed a better storyline than that  🙂   What a BIG MISTAKE it would be to ever try to make Coronation Street like Eastenders…US people out here DON\’T all watch Eastenders you know – if you\’re reading this!!… There are some who need to go – the Kebab shop!! Big mistake… the Factory owner and her guy…Carla and Tony…Useless!!  These are not older established cast… who are the heart and soul of Corrie …loose them and what have you got????   Dev …oh dear !!! maybe he should go do you think…yes… a BIG TICK there then  🙂  A BIG shake up may be needed, but,  loose the established cast and you may ALL be finished!!!!!!!! I\’ve watched for nearly 50yrs since I was a child and I would never watch Eastenders …and there are thousands like me!!  Come on get some good writers from somewhere SOON, PLEASE – and off you go again – TO THE TOP!!

  33. Hayley says:

    I totally agree with what your saying about the "sinbad" family, def get them off and send him back to Brookie or has that been axed.
    Iv\’e been a Corrie fan for years (since knee high to a grasshopper) and have to say that the story lines have not been at their best as of late.  I agree a new younger and sexier cast is needed but they just can\’t get rid of William Roache – he\’s part of the furniture and a complete star as far as I\’m concerned.  Mindu on the flip side the whole Bianka and Rickaaay story-line is ridiculas too – I mean why bring them back…they should pop off to the place the Frank Butcher has popped too

  34. Unknown says:

    The whole attraction of Corrie is that it is not like Eastenders!  Eastenders is doom and gloom whereas Corrie is humour and fun.  I will certainly stop watching it if they get rid of the older characters like Ken and Rita.  Not everyone wants to watch teenagers all the time.  Life is a mix of ages.  There are plenty of soaps such as Hollyoaks for youngsters to watch.  They will not suddenly start watching Corrie if the older characters are axed whereas lots of people will stop watching it.  Corrie is the only soap I and many of my friends watch precisely because of the humour and mix of characters.  Like most of the the people who have sent comments – get rid of the bookies, Lauren, the Kebab family and that ridiculous boring babyswap story.  Make the women more real as well.  Is it really so warm in Weatherfield that the women have to wear sleeveless tops all the time?  The Rosie storyline is also ridiculous – overnight she seemed to grow large matronly breasts and thick, plump lips and get a PA job as a 16 year old school leaver!  Good idea of someone to develop Carla into a Mike Baldwin character but get rid of Tony.  The chemistry between her and Liam was good – shame he is leaving.  We need some more male totty once he has gone!  Becky and Roy together are brilliant – they must stay!  All the oldies must stay – they are so funny.  Sally is a good contrast to the other women in the factory and of course Sean is brill.  I also love Eileen.  Not keen on Dev but his daughter is good so they should stay.  Michelle is boring but that is probably the storylines she has been given – it would be nice to see her not looking so immaculate all the time.  Liz and Vernon have developed well.  Tracey needs to come back at some point.  To sum up – the oldies must stay.  If it ain\’t broke, don\’t fix it – a lot of viewers will stop watching.  The teenagers will grow into Corrie.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I can\’t believe that they want to get rid of the "older "  stars who have made this show. OK they may not do so much and in that case offer them a deal with less money but a street is about a mixture of people, ages and personalities.  I want to see something more normal, not the over the top story lines that some of the other soaps have descended into in the name of "ratings"
    I do agree that Lauren has no appeal, that the Kebab family should return from whence they came.
    It has been a delight to have Becky come into the show – you never know quite how she is going to be and please can they give poor Eileen a decent love life – and can they please please not have a major and upsetting drama for everything. People do actually have babies without problems or traumas.
    Dev and daughter Amber should disappear – I hated the storyline where after falling in love Dev\’s marriage fell apart.  Can\’t they let anyone live happily ever after.
    As for the identity swop with Ryan and Alex I wish both would go and live with Alex\’s family and never re-appear.
    Corrie or Corrors as I call it is the only programme I insist on watching – and in our house that is no easy task – keep it as it is but get some interesting  people moved into the street.

  36. Unknown says:

    I totally agree with all the previous comments – if the older characters in Corrie disappear, the programme will simply fail.  I, and thousands like me, who have watched Corrie since it started, will just switch off as it will end up like all the other soaps and will have lost its individuality.  There are some brilliant characters in Corrie – i.e. Blanche, Norris, Eileen, Roy, Ken, etc., etc.  LOSE THEM AT YOUR PERIL!  By all means get rid of Lauren, Dev, the Kebab Family and the "swapped babies" but otherwise concentrate on some new and exciting story lines.

  37. Unknown says:

    Yes definitely think most of the oldies should stay.  If we wanted to watch a soap like Eastenders that\’s what we\’d be watching.  I know everyone says Dev should go, but he did have a very good comedy act with Steve that could be used.  They had good chemistry.  So I think the writers could improve.  Get rid of Claire and Ashley, the Kebabs (the lot of them) and the bookies son.  Awful. And thank god Lauren is going.  She looks like a drag queen! I would like to see Michelle happy for a change.  Becky is brilliaint.  Give her more she\’s a good actress.  But not looking forward to the "Bat" story.

  38. marie says:

    thet cant get rid of the older charicters it wont be coranation street then only want put younger people in to make the soap tarty and sluty and thats not wat coranation streets about a lot of old people watch corrie but they wont any more if u take the oldies out and put young in u will destroy corrie i no i wont watch it if they do sick and tired of watching programs with actors been made to act tarty and sluty there no need for it i want to watch the program for the storylines not actors/actresses bodys thank u lets keep corrie

  39. J says:

    They shouldnt get rid of the old characters there part of the set it wouldnt be coronation st with out them! we have hollyoaks 4 they sexy young 1s! but i do think some of the new characters hav 2 go! that lauren is the worst what she about? the bookies lads there bit boring! n that kebab shop family loved brookside so wild but he dont fit in! leanne what did she come back 4 seriously! she was alright back in her day but please get rid of that long leather coat eww!!!what about dev n that taxi driver who was in red dwarf there rubbish n off there heads on cocaine half the time!!!!! n this michelle hearsay girlthing i dnt get why shes winning all these awards coz shes terrible, i mean asif!!! if they wana chuck some of the oldies away then mayb emily, only see her maybe once amonth n rita coz they hav norris 4 the shop! not 2 bothered about ken but hes been there from the start aint he maybe deirdre could hav another affair again need a good storyline! gota keep blanche!n  love becky the chain smokin chav brilliant her n roy hav good chemistry 2geva!  but the soap needs new writers  a story about  BATS i mean come on!!! bring back tracy!!!!!

  40. chris says:

    If you get rid of the oldies then you get rid of me simple as they make the show when given the right story lines so sack the writers.
    young people and older ones make it real life.Kep ken hes an icon been in it from day one.Rita is so nice.Emily could have more family out there.What about that guy that got deirdre in prison hes due for parole surly.Bring back some of the past stars lets leave corro as its always been good family entertainment.

  41. Tia says:

    The best characters at the moment are definately Becky, Roy (because without him Becky wouldn\’t be as funny) Dev (don\’t see enough of him, but he comes out with some hilarious lines, and he\’s your typical embarassing dad) Blanche, (hilarious), and probably Vernon, who can be annoying but he does bring humour to the show. Other than them, the other characters are nice. Not exciting, interesting or funny, just nice (except Carla whose a cow, but annoys me) But, I don\’t think any of them should leave. Bring in new writers, it\’s very simple. It\’s a bit silly, \’many of the older characters are on huge money and are hardly involved\’, well, involve them then…. It isn\’t rocket science. You write the scripts, write them some interesing lines. Maybe Blanche should get a toyboy and he turns out to be her long lost son (not really, that\’d be sick) or maybe Emily and Norris should get married and adopt a baby (obviously a joke again). I dunno, I\’m not a script writer, just please let them start writing something other than the boring old rubbish that\’s been on our screens recently.

  42. gemma says:

    I think Noris and Blanche are fantastic, their one liners are hilarious! If you get rid of all the oldies and replace them with young sexy people it will just become hollyoaks,  i like the corrie chracters with the exception of Veron (whats the point?????) Dev ( he just winds me up) and Lauren ( thank god the writers saw sense). IF the oldies are on such huge wages without big storylines, whose\’s fault is that. Give them some good story lines.

  43. Andy says:

    I would rather see corrie on a bit less but with more quality. i.e quality over quanitiy. You cant get rid of the oldies, we all know that. I agree with what everyone says Becky is a great addition, and Blanche is hilarious. The bookies are cringeworthy and the kebab family should do one. Have they actually said anything on screen about Les Battersby not coming back ? lol hes been on tour a long time! Everyone seems to have forgotten about him.

  44. Joan says:

    I  agree  with  most  of  the  comments  about  keeping  in  the  older  characters . Vernon, Dev  and   the  Kebab
    family  must  be  sent  packing.  Becky,  Jason  and  Blanche  are  the  stars  and  not  forgetting   Audrey. 

  45. Unknown says:

    Jerry and his family have never really shown any contribution to the show since their arrival – very boring  get rid of them if you want to cut the cast –
    dont get rid of Dan the bookie – give him some better story lines – maybe a man with a shady past
    vernon get rid right away he is soooooo zzzzzzzzzz oh sorry fell asleep there –  us ladies want men with a bit of sex appeal like liam connor, charlie stubbs – who is greatly missed –  i know i know he was a right git character wise but played the part superbly
    why did corrie keep dev when he was in the papers for drugs but sacked les battersby for his mis doings – thats not fair corrie – dev loves himslef hes so in love with himself that no one really bothers to want to know him except when they want somethign from the shop – get rid
    get rid list:  dev, jerry morton and family,  and vernon deffo

  46. Arlene says:

    Please get rid of the current crop of writers it is their fault the well loved oldies are not getting any stories, they are the ones who provide most of the humour which corrie is famous for.  Get rid of Dev, definitely Vernon, the Kebab shop lot and Tony.

  47. theresa says:

    swapped babies(mother) cring!!!! carla cring!!!! life after soaps can be good,look at the guy in rock rivals who used to be in corrie,played the part well,cheesy though it was, still worked for him

  48. jacqui says:

    the best character by far in corrie has to be kirk….the one liners he and fizz come out with are just so brilliantly written and he acts it out so well, the boy deserves an oscar in my humble opinion.defo keep him in but out goes the kebab family,so borin i couldnt even tell you the names of them all and i watch corrie all the time lol.keep becky shes brill too.

  49. Beryl says:

    NO, NO, NO!!!  Definately wrong to axe our favourite oldies in Corrie..  Eileen\’s brilliant in the cab office with Steve & Patrick.. Give them some more lines.. also, Blanche, Ken & Deidre gotta stay!!  Dev & Vernon could be great underhanded double.  Bring back Violet & ?? (forgot his name) & the baby..  Fiz & Kirk need to be rekindled.  Bill & Audrey wedding?  New Hunk for Gail.  Keep Liam, yes, yes yes!!   Carla win the lottery & disappear.. WITHOUT Liam!!  Only ones to get rid of are.. Kebab gang, both bookies, Leanne & Paul, Ashley & Claire & Emily….

  50. Janette says:

    It looks like the producers of Corrie have taken note of what the fans have been asking for, getting rid of the Morton family and the bookies who really belong in Walford not Weatherfield.
    Will be sorry to see " Sinbad " go though have liked him since his brookside days.

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