Rustie Lee’s Having A Laugh On EastEnders

EastEnders w/e April 11

"A baseball-capped woman knocks Gus’ cart flying.  His irritation is short-lived however when he spots a beautiful girl who catches his eye." I didn’t write that; the BBC press office did. Prepare for a Gus-fest. He’s getting loads of screen time this week. Enjoy it while you can – we’re on countdown to his departure.

Another thing happening this week is this: Hehehawhawhawhawheheheha! Recognise that? It’s Rustie Lee’s laugh – she makes an appearance as Gus’ Aunty Opal. Get ready to cringe and not believe what’s in front of your eyes. Back to the show and Pat opens the door to Bianca. She immediately wants to know what’s wrong. The hospital has Shirley’s biopsy results – but she’s scared to get them. It’s Phil who proves to be a good friend in a moment of crisis.

Gus’ new love interest is a young girl named Keisha; she needs a lyricist for her music. Is there any point to this? We all know it will end in tears – poor Gus. Bianca has a showdown with Ricky.  Vinnie returns (remember him?) and declares his feelings for Shirley but is he the one that she wants? Gus gets a surprise when his Aunty Opal (played by Rustie Lee) turns up. Oh boy. In the club, Sean is serving drugs to a customer but Jack spots him. Peggy and Bianca have a slanging match. The social come to inspect Pat’s house – will Bianca get her kids back? Sean continues to wind Gus up; he still hasn’t paid the rent and he has his eye on Gus’ new plot point…sorry, love interest. Phil tries to make an effort with Ben. Gus practices telling Sean that he wants him to move out. Christian and Ronnie grill Roxy about her night with Tom. Bianca begs Ricky to pretend they’re back together so that she can fool the social. Gus gets a nasty shock when he rushes home. We’ll all try and pretend we’re surprised….

Also on EastEnders this week:
The Vic holds an open mic night
Jack warns Sean that he’ll report him to the police
Ronnie and Jack share a romantic moment 

Hollyoaks w/e April 11

Ever sat in front of the telly, lip curled at the latest soap storyline and thought, ‘I could do better’? Well, now’s your chance. The bigwigs at Hollyoaks have launched a competition to give up-and-comers a stab at fame by penning an episode. Just think – it could be you deciding the fate of the likes of Gilly, Newt and co. Details for entry at the Channel 4 site – click the Hollyoaks link below. Let’s find out what’s going on in Hollywoodoaks now…Katy’s attempt to break up with Justin is hampered. Warren and Louise’s honeymoon plans go up in smoke. Kris is relieved to find Elliot in hospital. Katy’s world is shattered when she finds out Sean’s body has been discovered. Fed up of being ridiculed, Elliot makes a change. Although she is prepared to stand by him, Louise is struggling to accept that Warren is a murderer and won’t let him near her.

Justin arrives back in Hollyoaks, intent on getting Katy. Darren can see his bet to pull Mercedes is failing fast. When Kris mocks him for his latest attempts, Darren decides to turn the tables, and bets Kris that he couldn’t do much better. An upset Katy comes close to confessing all to Calvin about Sean’s murder. It’s judgement day for Myra as she goes to court to face her benefit charge. In a desperate attempt to boost takings, Jack announces it’s bingo night at The Dog. An ecstatic Gilly tells Beth he has got her a surprise, but she’ll have to wait before he can show her what it is. As Hannah and Danny become closer, it’s clear Neville is no nearer to accepting him as his daughter’s boyfriend.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Mercedes swallows her pride and asks for her old job back
Amy insists Ste gets a job.
Jacqui and Val get into a big argument over money

Coronation Street w/e April 11

What would Coronation Street do without David Platt? He’s dominating the old soap at the moment. Gail gives ‘Damien’ David one last chance to own up to pushing her down the stairs. The loss assessor tells Paul and Leanne that the investigation could take months. Oh no! Months of this boring storyline? Darryl is gutted when Lauren dumps him. Yawns-ville again as there’s more baby-swap nonsense; Michelle is delighted when Alex turns up at the pub to see her. Everyone watches in shock as an enraged David causes chaos on the street. Leanne tries to persuade boring bookie man Dan to give her a job. Roy is concerned when he finds some bat droppings on the ground in the building site; it has ramifications for Tony and Jason. David’s charged with multiple counts of criminal damage and assault and is bailed to appear before the magistrates. Can Gail save her son from prison?

Becky finds a new bloke to flirt with. Tony asks Jason again if he’s up for a bit of surreptitious bat removal before the council arrive. Over in the Rovers, Mel and Abi listen to Darryl drowning his sorrows and bemoaning his lot in life. Darryl staggers into the kebab shop and tells Jerry he won’t be working for nothing anymore and he can stick his job. Jerry’s baffled by Darryl’s drunken outburst. Does this mean one of the Kebab kids is leaving? I won’t get my hopes up…

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Things are tense between Roy and Becky
The reality of parenthood is starting to grind on Fiz
Becky hurts Roy’s feelings

Emmerdale w/e April 11

It’s been a dramatic couple of weeks down on the Dales. Ross witnesses Shane making a snide comment to Donna on her first day back to work; he grabs him and threatens him. Debbie offers Scarlett a loan with interest. Is she naïve enough to accept? Carl is furious when Matthew refuses his trucks access to the King-owned rubbish depot despite their agreed contract. He decides to take revenge. At the Woolpack, Katie’s had enough of being gossiped about and publicly declares that she and Gray are in love and having a baby together. Yikes!

Viv is arrested and fists start to fly between Matthew and Carl – inevitable really. Jasmine is horrified that David wants to get back together and when he goes too far, Miles arrives and squares up to him in her defence. Jasmine is impressed by Miles’ chivalry but will it make her face her true feelings for him? Hilary shouts at Viv, claiming she’s used her baby grandson’s memory for personal profit. She also says that prison is too good for her – low, low blow. Carl promises Donald that Matthew, as far as he is concerned, is no longer his brother. Donald, however, is not convinced and decides to keep a closer eye on Carl.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Daz passes his driving test and Scarlett decides to buy him a car
Viv is arrested
Lily and Pearl host their speed dating event

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