EastEnders In Trouble Over Live Burial


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Time to talk about a row that has rumbled on since that epic Easter Monday episode of ‘Enders when Max Branning gets buried alive. The story is as follows:

The BBC has said sorry to viewers who complained about scenes in EastEnders in which a leading character was buried alive – but defended broadcasting the episodes before the watershed. The controversial scenes saw scorned wife Tanya (Jo Joyner) enact her revenge on errant husband Max (Jake Wood) for his affair with Stacey (Lacey Turner), by attempting to bury him alive. The BBC said the images, which sparked 167 complaints, were implicit rather than explicit and that the burial was not glorified. Full Story

I don’t know about you, but even before we get into the merits of the storyline, it has to be said the whole ‘Tanya burying Max alive’ scenario has got to be a contender for the most ridiculous EastEnders storyline of all time. Yes, even more cheesy than Dirty Den coming back from the dead. Alright, Max cheated on Tanya but surely the scriptwriters are asking us to stretch our imaginations a little bit too far to believe that Mrs Branning would resort to burying her husband alive!

The BBC defended their decision to broadcast the episode before the watershed by stating: "The burial is in no way glamorised or glorified, rather we see that when pushed to the edge, Tanya’s behaviour becomes out of character, and indeed that it’s Tanya herself who ultimately suffers because of her actions." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. The point is, how ‘entertaining’ and ‘responsible’ is it to present a man being buried alive in a coffin, before the watershed? Kids watch this show. The BBC is wrong and the writers are wrong. It’s as simple as that. So Tanya Branning has now become a single mum with the daunting task of raising two teenage girls and a baby boy in the East End of London thanks to her sleazy husband. What’s the moral lesson here? Still, it won’t be long before someone calls social services on Tanya. Or even worse…Jeremy Kyle!

Anyway, at least Max Branning lives to fight another day…and thank goodness for that. He’s one of the few characters that brings a bit of excitement to The Albert Square.  Apparently actor Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning, is taking a bit of time away from EastEnders to spend with his family. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see him back on our screens again. In the meantime – we’ve got the return of a much-loved pairing to look forward to: "Rickaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

What do you think? Is the BBC right to defend the storyline? Was it too much before the watershed? Leave your comments below. 

Gus Watch

Is it me or has EastEnders done a U-turn and decided not to write   Mohammed George (Gus Smith) out of the show? What’s going on? Every time I sit down to watch EastEnders, I seem to be seeing more and more of Gus Smith. Tuesday’s episode: he’s talking to Yolande behind ‘Squeal’ Beale’s back about the missing rebel without a cause, Lucy Beale. Thursday’s episode; apologising to Beale and offering to hand out missing persons leaflets. Gus…this has got to stop because you’re giving me too much hard work on a Friday afternoon!

I think the scriptwriters need some help with his exit storyline so over the next few weeks, I’ll be coming up with some storyline ideas fitting for a character of Gus Smith’s stature…here’s the first one: see what you think…

"Sean ‘Shout’ Slater loses his mind and holds bin man hostage in flat." (That’s a National Soap Awards winner already!). More next week.

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18 Responses to EastEnders In Trouble Over Live Burial

  1. Rachelle says:

    I think it\’s ridiculous that people have complained so much about this episode, and yet people are quite happy to let their kids watch the other storylines, such as Max and Stacey\’s affair (because sleeping with your teenage daughter-in-law is perfectly normal and acceptable right for kids to watch and understand right?!). People know what kind of storylines Eastender\’s write, so if they dont like it, then don\’t let the kids watch it. Simple.

  2. s says:

    yes i agree with jane..i also think that the burying scene was reaaly good and i dont underatand why people complained i personally think that the people who complained just wanted to make a fuss out of nothing…bloody nora!!! LOL 😛

  3. Unknown says:

    I just wish they would come up with storylines that were not completely off the wall – am not watching at the moment because its all too silly for words – lets get a bit real

  4. MIKE says:

    I personally agree with Jane aswell , but i also think one thing to bear in mind it was 167 complaints out of how many millions that actually watched ……. this country is getting too soft ……. and as for it being shown before the watershed , its still the adults responsibility of what their children watch …… it was well documented for weeks what storyline was coming up …….

  5. mig says:

    Come on lets face it, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… this just goes to show if you push someone far enough they could do anything, and we are talking the eastend here, I\’m sure a lot wore has been done in real life. Good for the bbc I say, it was a great storyline for a change, the 167 people who complained should find the off button on their TV no one made them watch it, and are they so sheltered and cushioned in life that they don\’t realise s**t happens sometimes in vast quantities. I think that eastenders should get themselves another gangster figure to rule the roost, I\’d vote for Pat turning nasty and having a gang of muscle men at her command LOL.

  6. Louise says:

    How on earth can you say this story line is far fetched when we\’ve seen real life dramas like Mrs Bobbit cutting off her husbands penis for cheating? I\’m sure he would rather have been stuck in a box for a couple of hours! And people that say it\’s an extreme way to behave have obviously never been torn apart by a loved one cheating. My parents were married 33 years before my dad had his affair, they had 3 children together and it ripped my mum to shreads as well as us as her daughters. You don\’t act rationally when things like that happen because nothing seems rational at all – I think eastenders did a fantastic job and when Tanya broke down after digging Max back up I was in tears because all the things that she was saying I could relate to and saw my own mum go through. Just because you can\’t relate to a situation doesn\’t mean that others can\’t. It works in the same way as an opinion, some people feel it and others don\’t. 
    As for the scenes being inappropriate for children – what a load of tripe! Seeing some one get buried alive is not right but it\’s ok to let them watch homosexuality, rape, murder (in several forms, including being pushed over a bridge in to oncoming traffic on a motorway and being buried under a patio!), child abuse, racist abuse, age abuse and the list goes on! The soaps depict real life in actually a very realistic way, some people just refuse to acknowledge that our world is that bad and this stuff does happen. If you want to protect your kids from what it\’s really like out there then by all means switch off your tv, afterall the news is on all the time right?!

  7. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. Just a reminder that this is a PG-rated blog (the kids might be watching!) and profanity isn\’t allowed. roada, I have edited your remarks accordingly.roada31 March 15:14
    (http://cid-80805a86b03ba817.spaces.live.com/)I reckon it was quite good, both acted really well- Max and Tanya. And I think it was realistic- so I agree with everyone else as Max had been pushing Tanya for ages,  and she just snapped. I think what she’s doing to Sean is quite bad though, but at the end of the day she’s thinking about her kids, dey dnt need dat right now and plus he is a bit of a nutter. The people that are complaining are probably the same ones that always do—saddos. It really weren\’t that bad/scary—–Enders is doin preety well compared to other soap– corries storylines are really sh**e—-da baby swap is really unrealistic, nobody cares about leanne and her smelly resteraunt and those bookies are a c**p installment. Da only thing saving them is the david/gail storyline.  

  8. Unknown says:

     I thought the tanya and max episode was in real bad taste apart from being really off the wall.  I enjoy a good bit of drama but that was the worst I think I have ever seen.  Please BBC come up with some interesting attention holding episodes-please please please…………………………………………………

  9. Lili says:

    I agree with Louise. I am a teenager. I didn\’t find it distressing I thought it was quite clever the way they mentioned a few weeks before about his worst nightmare being him buried alive and then when Tanya decided to kill him (which people do do!!!) she follwed that. And then she got him out. He\’s alive. It\’s no more distressing than Dennis being stabbed and dying. Dennis was probably more distressing than Max being shut in a box!! And at the end of the day. It\’s just a tv program. I don\’t know about you but I watch it for the drama and the acting so I expect it to be good and not pathetic. Yeh I guess it does happen in real life. Everything does. We live in a horrible world so if you think that it\’s not realistic then you\’re living in a dreamworld and remember it\’s supposed to made up being fiction so it doesn\’t have to be realistic!!

  10. Paige says:

    i think the people who complained about max branning ( jake wood ) getting burried alive by tanya branning ( jo joyner ) love it realy " they just want attention " the story lines are brilliant BEST SOAP EVER!
    so glad tanya saved max he is the main character in the soap and she is . credit to every actor in eastenders epesicaly max (jake wood ) and tanya (jo joyner) there amazing well done deriek santer the producers and the fantastic actors and acteresse.

  11. peter says:

    im not even sure those who complained are actually worried their kids watched it, i think they just didnt like the idea of someone being buried alive on eastenders pre-watershed. the reality is of course, if they are worried about their kids…their kids are probably upstairs on the internet looking up porn or happy slapping on youtube or theyre at their mates house trying "sexual things."  Its all true I\’m afraid, parents simply havent got a clue what their kids get upto.

  12. Marianne says:

    I and my family thought it was dreadful – there must have been another way for Tanya to get her revenge.  BBC must remember there is always some pervert out there who might think  \’Hey thats a good idea\’.   What happened to standards that BBC USED to have?

  13. sarah says:

    who ever posted the comment about parents not knowing what their kids are doing???  obviously someone who has no children – or if you have, god knows what the hell they are like – lucky them is all I can say! how can you pre-empt that the parents who complained would have had no idea where their children were anyway!!  My kids are the most polite, well mannered kids around – and so are most of their mates – the trouble is, half the time when they hold the door open for an old person, they don\’t even get thanked – they get critised if they ride bikes on the pavements, but the old and infirm can ride those damn disabled buggies where ever they like -and over who ever they like!!!   It is insulting to label all parents the way you did – I can only assume your level of education has come from The Sun newspaper, and not from living in the real world!  Get a grip..and get a life…if you are so down on kids, why not offer to run a youth club once a week?  why not get out there and offer these kids you slag off, somewhere to get off the streets, instead of criticising them and their parents – not worried about my kids?  I would worry more if they grew up a narrow minded biget, such as yourself

  14. Tia says:

    Well my Mum and Dad always know what I\’m doing and where I am. And trust me, neither I or any of my friends have been doing any of those things (no name). We all watched eastenders. Personally I didn\’t find any problem with it as it is just tv, and to be honest, it\’s just as bad as any other murders on soaps or dramas, except no blood, which makes it, in my opinion, less disturbing. I can understand parents of younger children being upset, however it has been in magazines etc for a while now, so they could always have prevented their children from watching it. But for those that found it disturbing, fair play phone in etc, but the pre watershed thing was a bit silly, parents can still stop their kids from watching it. Also, I understand your point (no name) 03 april 07:22, about people getting ideas from it. But then again, programmes like the Bill do that every week, give other people ideas about crimes.

  15. Soap Blogger says:

    I have made a slight edit to your comment no name.
    no name04 April 00:40
    yeah right, most parents dont even know their kids have social network profiles or theyre sexually active

  16. mark says:

    People all seem to be forgeting this was max brannings big fear,his father jim had put him in coffin when he was boy?

  17. yvonne says:

    I think the Max Branning live buriel was in very poor taste and bringing back Rickie and Bianca shows there is no real imagination or creative storielines to be had from this appalling soap cant they think of something new.  Where is the humour I have never seen anybody smile yet but then I usually wash up when it comes on hearing it is bad enough though.

  18. Yvonne says:

    shaun is such a sexy beast, and wouldnt he make a great bill sykes

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