The Return Of Wendy Richard

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Here’s a bit of soap gossip for you, it’s about Wendy Richard, better known to us soap fans as Pauline Fowler.

Apparently, she has revealed for the first time how desperately unhappy she was in EastEnders. According to The Mirror, she’d even given up watching the BBC soap while she was still playing Pauline Fowler. It appears that disagreements over storylines and heavy filming schedules had left the 64-year-old actress stressed out.

Wendy was relieved to quit. She said: "I feel better in myself. I have no stress any more. It’s quite a release. Life is more relaxed. My shoulders were tight all the time before." Wendy also said when her EastEnders exit was announced: "I’ve loved every minute of being part of this fantastic show." But the true picture is one of overwork and fretting about how the character of Pauline was evolving.

Wendy has moved on and plans to get married for the fourth time to John Burns, her partner of 12 years. She said he has taught her to relax. "When I get worked up about something, he’ll say, ‘Don’t get yourself in a state, just stay calm because this will all work out’." And her health is good after fighting breast cancer twice.  She said: "I don’t use the word remission but I’m fine at the moment."

Wendy has a new role lined up playing a battleaxe mum in ITV comedy Benidorm (I bet she’ll do a good job of that) and then she’ll start filming Miss Marple mystery, A Pocket Full of Rye. Great news cos it seems as though she’s been away from TV for too long. If you’ve ever watched Are You Being Served, the comedy in which John Inman would shout: "I’m free!", you’ll see her as a young Miss Brahms. She was the glamour puss of the department store the sitcom was set in. What a transformation from then to now – from store sexpot to miserable old cow in EastEnders. Look out for the return of Wendy Richard soon.

That’s it for now. Join me next week for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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