End Of The Line For ‘Damian’ David?

Hello and Welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It’s time to see what the soaps have in store this week.

Coronation Street w/e March 21

Down on’t cobbles, Gail’s still unconscious in intensive care. ‘Damian’ David’s petrified when the doctors reveal that she’s badly injured, but should come around soon. Audrey is stunned when the police arrive and tell her they suspect it wasn’t an accident. In other words, ‘Damian David’ had better pack his suitcase. Meanwhile, the police are looking for witnesses to the incident and Clurrrrrr is quick to mention she saw an agitated looking Jason leave the Platt house around the same time as Gail’s fall.

Why can’t she keep her big, fat nose out of people’s business? Question is, will Jason end up taking the blame for David’s crime? Carla is bemused when Tony goes cold on her. Yawn alert as Paul warns Leanne that he’s not going to let her sell the restaurant from under him. Sorry, but I think this storyline is boring. More rubbish with the baby-swap dirge but Fiz is back from holiday. Kirk dreads having to tell her about Chesney.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Ryan asks if he can go away with Nick over Easter.
Paul is jealous when Dan takes Leanne for a drink.
The police question David about his past.

EastEnders w/e March 21

Minty’s upset when he receives a postcard from Hazel. Teenage rebel without a cause Lucy Beale holds a house party to get revenge on Ian but is later shocked by his reaction. Tanya believes her plan for Max is going well. At Garry and Minty’s, Queenie, Heather’s mother from hell, is outstaying her welcome. Elsewhere, the Masood’s await a house guest and Ian and Jane are distraught over Lucy.

It’s the day Tanya has been waiting for. But first she’s got to meet the solicitor with Max and play the role of contented wife. Elsewhere Ian and Jane are at loggerheads. But when the police call they get a shock; they’ve found the body of a girl and want them to go and identify it. We all know it’s not going to be Lucy – EastEnders can’t afford to write her out yet. Meanwhile Tanya is fully prepared and the scene is set; Max sits down to a romantic dinner for two – and wine full of crushed tranquillisers. Will Tanya’s plan work?

Also on EastEnders:
Shirley’s behaviour is at last explained. 
Zainab sets up a matchmaking dinner for Shabnam.
Heather faces up to her mother Queenie.

Emmerdale w/e March 21

I love all this lady Macbeth stuff – it’s so over-the-top and unintentionally hilarious. Donald tells Nicola that he fancies a day up on the moors; murderous Nicola immediately suggests that they go alone without Cindy. Will she finally succeed in killing her golden goose or is Emmerdale determined to give me a hernia from laughing? Jimmy’s surprised to hear that Matthew still hasn’t sold the trucks to Carl as agreed. When Jo tries to leave to attend Andy’s appeal, Charlie insists she’s going nowhere. Meanwhile, Debbie waits in the getaway car whilst Chas and Charlie enter the supposedly empty club. Will the Dingle belles add armed robbery to their CVs? Belle arrives home to see Samson playing, the house a mess, and an emotional Shadrach wiping away a tear. Is the grieving godfather more affected by Daniel’s death than he’s letting on?

Val organises a surprise party for Andy at the pub and Perdy is rattled to hear that Gray is taking Katie into Leeds to buy some maternity clothes. Is Perdy losing yet another baby?

Also on Emmerdale:
Sandy worries about Ashley and Laurel.
Charlotte apologises to Donna.
Betty has a revelation for Ashley.

Hollyoaks w/e March 21

I’m still trying to get over Chris Fountain coming second in the Dancing On Ice final. How did that happen? His Bolero was definitely better than Suzanne Shaw’s. I thought he was the best celebrity skater on the show by a mile and he did very well in the final. Let’s just hope that his failure to win Dancing On Ice means that he’ll be sticking around a little bit longer on ‘Hollywoodoaks’.  Anyway lets find out what’s going on in soap with all the beautiful people this week…

Despite Jack and Steph’s reassurances, Frankie is fraught as she tries to track down Jake, terrified that he may have killed himself. Zak attempts to broach his illicit kiss with Katy but she’s too preoccupied with Justin to listen. Mercedes texts Tony to tell him the blackmail price has gone up. It’s not looking good for Amy and Ste; will they have to confess all their lies or can they convince Suzanne that Leah is really sick? Meanwhile Justin, Katy and Zak are all weighed down by the burden of infidelity, creating an awkward atmosphere. Dom’s both amused and astonished by Tina’s pregnancy cravings. She begins to fear that she’s not attractive anymore.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Nancy is afraid to leave Charlie.
Frankie is inconsolable presuming Jake is dead. 
Ste and Amy worry that Pauline will blab the truth about Leah.

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4 Responses to End Of The Line For ‘Damian’ David?

  1. Roxie says:

    I have to say that i totally agree with you Chris should have one dancin on ice he woz totally robbed of it. he was by far the best one on there he had so much energy and i was totally gripped by all his performances he was amazin and u r so right about his performance of Bolero absolutley FANTASTIC!

  2. Unknown says:

    I love Corrie but can\’t we get rid of the Conners?  Michelle is OK and I know Liam is leaving but Carla is just awful. Who in this day and age would work for a boss like her, she\’s absolutely horrid and hasn\’t one redeeming feature. And is it just me but wouldn\’t Tonys big googly eye just freak you out? All he seems to do is make casseroles and wander about in his dressing gown. Lets get some proper folk back in.

  3. wendy chodron says:

    i loved corrie for years but now its so boring and am not surprised it was snubbed at awards,david platt story is tedious every episode its him,will someone please take david to their house for a holiday so we can have one from him too,david platt show ugh not watching anymore the writers dont seem to get it at all.

  4. Wendy says:

    Wendy (2)
    Im afraid all the soaps are getting absouloute rubbish and all are trying to do the same storylines,where are the \’real\’people in these soaps,we only seem left with the Connor\’s and Kings ..come back Jack & Vera …humour is good,endless misery is not

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