The Curse Of Gail Platt

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Hey guys, it looks like ‘Damian’ David’s finally gone and done it! On Corrie, we’ll witness the moment Gail Platt is pushed down the stairs by the ‘fallen one’ himself. Who’s really surprised? This is just the latest twist in the bad luck that seems to follow Gail Platt wherever she goes. Forget about the curse of the Egyptian king Tutankhamen…the curse of Gail Platt is in full swing and has been running for nearly 34 years on the cobbles.  Here we take a closer look at the evidence to support our theory…

Early days, 1958
Gail Potter is born to single mum Audrey Potter. It takes 41 years for Audrey to tell Gail that her father was a soldier called Ted. And she didn’t love him either…

First love, 1976
Lovestruck Gail has a brief encounter with a man named Roy Thornley, only to later learn that he’s a married man with two kids. Gail then loses her job.

In-law problem, 1979
Boyfriend Brian Tilsley proposes to Gail. His mum, ‘Poison’ Ivy, launches a hate campaign against her, and refuses to go to their wedding.

Attempted rape, 1984
Gail comes close to being raped by Audrey’s nasty fiancé George Hepworth.

Love-child drama, 1986
Gail is pregnant after an affair with Brian’s cousin Ian Latimer. After a punch-up between Ian and Brian, Gail gives birth to Sarah-Louise at 35 weeks.

Brian is killed, 1989
Gail’s rocky marriage to Brian ends.  One night, as he tries to protect a girl from a group of thugs, he is stabbed and dies.

Abortion trauma, 1990
Gail is pregnant by Martin Platt and plans an abortion. She ends up keeping the baby….and the curse of ‘Damian’ David begins.

Creepy lodger, 1992
Martin’s friend Carmel moves in as a lodger. Carmel pretends David is her own son and tries to kidnap him. Gail pushes her down a flight of stairs. Carmel ends up in a psychiatric hospital.

Martin’s affair (1), 1995
Martin sleeps with nurse Cathy Power. His father-in-law Alf catches them snogging.

Runaway son, 1996
Rebellious son Nick runs away from home. Distraught Gail finally tracks him down, sleeping rough in London.

Martin’s affair (2), 1999
On Christmas Day, Martin admits that he’s been having an affair with nurse Rebecca Hopkins. Gail declares their marriage over.

Sarah-Louise shock, 2000
Teenage rebel Sarah-Louise, 13, discovers she’s pregnant.

Canal carnage, 2003
Gail weds Richard Hillman. At first, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Then it descends into hell. And that’s putting it mildly. He kills several locals, tries to poison Audrey, ties Gail and her kids up in their car and drives into the canal. He drowns – but his actions have far-reaching consequences.

Haunted from beyond the grave, 2006
Gail receives cards seemingly signed by Richard from beyond the grave. Convinced she’s losing her mind, she hits the bottle. Finally she discovers David is sending them.

Bethany swallows ecstasy tablet, 2007
Gail’s granddaughter Bethany swallows an ecstasy tablet David’s left in her doll’s head.

Wedding sabotage, October 2007
David persists in trying to sabotage sister Sarah’s wedding – he even loosens some scaffolding, resulting in an injury to Sarah’s husband-to-be Jason Grimshaw. Later, he drives into the ‘Hillman canal’.

Staircase fall, 2008
‘Damian’ David pushes Gail down the stairs. Will she pull through? What will it take for the ‘curse of Gail’ to be lifted?

Gus Watch


Interviewer: So Gus… can you tell us what was going through your mind ten years ago as you filmed this memorable scene with Ian Beale on EastEnders?

Gus Smith: Yeah, as I was watching that fool Ian, ‘Squeal’ we call him, I  remember asking myself: ‘I wonder if he needs a body double?’ I could do that. Go on, EastEnders bosses. Gissa job!

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