EastEnders Does Sport Relief

EastEnders w/e March 14

Ladies and gentlemen – prepare yourself for a shock; we have Gus action to look forward to! The invisible man will be visible! Savour each and every moment because he’s back due to Sport Relief week on the BBC. Anyway, to the action: Phil is shocked when he finds Shirley and takes her to hospital. Sean’s paranoia about Tanya and Max grows.

Bradley is celebrating his new job with Mickey, Gus and Clare and they are planning how he should spend his money. Bad news as Ronnie and Roxy arrive home from their holiday. Things are awkward between Steven and Stacey. Tanya and Sean are still in bed when Max arrives home early; trouble. Gus asks a jealous Christian if there’s something going on between Jack and Jane (he’s speaking! Gus is speaking!).

Heather and Shirley make up but she still hasn’t told anyone what is on her mind and Max finally seems to be getting what he wants. An improbable name-drop for Sport Relief as Jay says he’s taking part in the boxing competition for Sport Relief. More Gus action: he’s trying to get the winning race line ready for the 6k Sport Relief race (as subtle as a sledgehammer – yes. Sport Relief is this week). There’s some argy-bargy between Phil and Jase. Lucy and Ian talk, some of the things she says breaks his heart, he just wants to know what’s going on inside her head.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Scheming Clare returns
Ian is pushed to the limit with Lucy’s behaviour
Minty and Heather have to do a photoshoot

Hollyoaks w/e March 14

All this time I’ve nicknamed Hollyoaks as ‘Hollywoodoaks’ cos it’s the soap of the beautiful people. But now it truly becomes ‘Hollywoodoaks’ with the news that Sarah Jayne Dunn has landed a role in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight (read more about this here). This week, Nancy and Jake come up against each other in court. Jake manages to bait Nancy into losing her temper in court. It looks even less likely that she’ll win. Outside, Jake continues his sick verbal attack, and as Frankie joins in, Nancy can’t take it any more. John Paul and Kieron are weighed with guilt as Kris and Hannah demand to know who John Paul’s secret lover is.

As Lauren ploughs on with her plans to lose her virginity, Newt is desperately trying to put on the brakes. Nancy decides to reveal Jake’s terrible secrets to everyone. John Paul finds it hard to hide his jealousy as Mercedes flirts shamelessly with Kieron. But Mercedes’ suspicions deepen when she catches Tony avoiding phone calls on his mobile. Steph is torn between protecting the family that she loves and doing what’s right. Tina is nervous about carrying a baby while Tony’s fidelity is in question. Justin tries to help Nancy win Charlie back. Jake goes missing with Charlie, Katy and Zak fail to avoid temptation, and Elliot’s stood up by Sarah.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Darren offers Newt advice on how to impress the ladies
Frankie confronts Jake about Steph’s accusations
Tony’s son Harry pays a visit

Coronation Street w/e March 14

It was pretty desperate watching Corrie last week – let’s hope things pick up. If you haven’t heard by now, the evil one’s actions will put his mother’s life in danger. Clurrrrr is worried about Chesney. However, her fears come to fruitition when Chesney is taken into care for his own safety. ‘Damian’ David is suspicious as to why Gail and Audrey are being so nice to him. Jason is upset when Gail tells him Sarah doesn’t want to speak to him. Kelly steals a load of rejected garments from the factory. Clurrrrrr is wracked with guilt and comes clean to a stunned Ashley – write this boring duo out! Please! Sigh – more baby swap rubbish; Michelle is thrilled to have Ryan home, but is worried when she notices him looking at some letters and photos Nick has sent him.

Becky is convinced Norris grassed up Kirk and Chesney and marches into the pub to have it out with him. Thanks to a misunderstanding, Jason is told that Sarah is considering a termination and storms over to Gail’s. She’s forced to tell the truth about Tina and David is furious. As the red mist descends, he ends up pushing his mother down the stairs. More baby swap rubbish – I can’t even be bothered to go into it. Meanwhile, when a distraught Vicki gets suspended for stealing the reject lingerie, Kelly eventually confesses that she’s the thief.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Who reports Chesney and Kirk to social services?
Tina is worried about the termination
Kirk visits Chesney at the foster home

Emmerdale w/e March 14

Over to the Dales now where Viv puts her prices up with the extra going to her cot death charity. Shadrach takes up the challenge of a sponsored 24 hours booze ban – before he realises that the ale contest is about to take place. Lily attempts to make peace with her sister, but Edna is having none of it. Jamie makes grand preparations to propose to Louise, meanwhile, unbeknown to him, she finally takes a pregnancy test. Jimmy suggests that to raise some much needed income, they sell the refuse trucks to Carl. Charlie insists that Jo needs to do one more job, then he’ll be gone.

It’s time for a bit of culture now as we move to my favourite storyline that has echoes of Shakespeare’s MacBeth: Nicola fiddles with one of Donald’s train engines. She touches the control panel and gets a mild electric shock because it’s faulty. This sparks an idea (geddit?). Nicola goes to visit David, seduces him mentally and physically and then flabbergasts him with her latest plan to murder Donald – electrocution by train set. Hahahahahahhahahahhaha! Hilarious! Will Nicola’s evil plan come to fruition?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
The Kings and the De Souzas continue to needle each other
Rodney tells Matthew that Donald has offered him a job
Carl stuns Matthew with a revelation

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That’s it for now. Join me on Wednesday for more soap news and gossip. Got a comment about your favourite soap, this blog or anything else? Share it with me.

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4 Responses to EastEnders Does Sport Relief

  1. LYN says:

    I sincerely hope you are not paid for this drivel.

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello Lyn, welcome aboard. \’A Slice Of Soap\’ isn\’t to your taste? Oh well, you can\’t please everyone.

  3. Tia says:

    Lyn, if you didn\’t enjoy this page, then why did you find it necessary to comment and insult someone else\’s work? Just find something else to do. If you really want to find \’drivel\’, watch coronation street. The babyswap story is probably beyond \’drivel\’ actually… I love \’a slice of soap\’, it is a lot better than the tv mags you buy, it\’s free (lol) and it is a lot more interesting, as it gives opinions and uses humour!!!
    Loving hollyoaks at the moment! Much better than coronation street that has gone way downhill! What is it with this baby swap story, it needs to stop, and now!!! David needs to grow up, like most teenagers do, and the most boring family in the history of soap needs to go (Claire and Ashley). Hollyoaks is more exciting and watchable, with the custody trial happening at the moment! Even, dare I say it, Emmerdale is more interesting than Coronation street! I\’ve never been an Emmerdale fan, but it at least doesn\’t use the same storyline weeks on end!

  4. Coops - says:

    Thanks Tia, I couldn\’t have put it better. Every time I come here, something makes me laugh. Either the blogger or the comments. So Lyn, take your snotty attitude and stick it firmly up where the sun don\’t shine. Silly cow. 

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