Patsy Palmer Haunted By Cries of “Rickaaaaaaaaaay!”

Patsy Palmer, soon to return to Albert Square for the funeral of Frank Butcher, has apparently admitted she’s still haunted by cries of ‘Rickaaaay!’ her EastEnders character Bianca’s trademark screech. She quit EastEnders way back in 1999 but that hasn’t stopped people shouting "Rickay!" at her almost every day – even her own daughter.

The 35-year-old actress is quoted as saying in The Daily Mirror: "Not a day has gone by in nine years when someone hasn’t shouted that from cars and even up at my bedroom window at night. For me it’s like a swear word now, the shouting of ‘Rickay!’ Even my daughter said it and that was like a horror film. She was making fun of me as she said it!" Read the full story here.

When I read that, my heart went out to Patsy. Can you imagine what this poor woman’s life must be like? A simple thing like her weekly shop at the local supermarket must be hell. I can just see it now: she gets to the check-out till and instead of being asked the usual annoying "do you have a reward card?" question, she gets something like: "Oh my God…it’s Biancaaaah off EastEndaaahs! Where’s "Rickaaaaaaaaaaaay? Why did you cheat on Rickaaaaaaaaaaaaay? How could you’ve left Rickaaaaaaaaaaaay!" That’s enough to drive anyone crazy!

But if she found the cries of "Rickaaaaay!" so annoying, why did she re-join EastEnders? She’s back to the very role that will have people screeching "Rickaaaaaayy!" at her all over again. Talk about being a glutton for punishment!

Well, all I can say to Biancaaaaaaaaaaah…sorry, I mean Patsy P, is if you want to keep your sanity please, please, please stay far away from school bus stops, football terraces and building sites where you’re bound to find the kind of people who’ll instantly shout out: "Rickaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Failing that, join Ladette To Lady. However, "I say, Richard…." – doesn’t quite have the same cachet, does it?

Gus Watch

Daily Mirror 7th March 2018

Ten years after being spectacularly dropped from the popular BBC soap EastEnders, five times Academy Award-winner Mohammed George (now starring in a remake of the popular Wesley Snipes movie Blade XVIII) admits that he’s still haunted by his old role.

"People still ask me to say ‘I love you Sonia’ and recite them a poem. That role has had such a large impact on my acting career…." Join us next week for the next part of Gus Smith’s amazing rise to Hollywood super stardom. 

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One Response to Patsy Palmer Haunted By Cries of “Rickaaaaaaaaaay!”

  1. bianca says:

    And Can I add that nothing is more annoying than when you tell people your real name you get RICKAY! and BIANCAAAAAAAAAAH! ranted and laughed back at you. Before Eastenders everyone I met commented on how nice my name was and asked what it mean\’t ( Pink and White/Pale and White if anyone is interested ) and even now, yes after 9 years also Patsy I get the same comments spat at me.  I feel your pain, although spare a thought for all us "Real" Bianca\’s who have to endure it and smile sweetly while trying to educate those smart ar$es that we were around much before your charactor arrived on the show. In fact Bianca is a name of a charactor in Shakesphere\’s play "Othello". How times have changed……

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