Emmerdale’s first gay wedding

Emmerdale w/e March 7
It’s a wedding in Emmerdale this week (another one for my album) as Jonny and Paul get married – twice.

It’s the first gay marriage for Emmerdale so it’s definitely one to remember. Emily and Patricia make their surprise returns. Will anyone discover the second wedding is a fake? Meanwhile, under pressure from the De Souzas, Matthew sets Carl on Pollard to bribe their way to the refuse tender. Pollard greedily accepts five thousand pounds but on his return home Val snaffles the cash for their wedding fund.

Rosalind and Pollard go away for some hanky-panky and as she gives him a goodbye kiss, a mystery camera snaps the evidence. Has Pollard made a huge mistake? Lady MacBeth time now as Nicola frays the edge of the stair carpet, hoping that Donald will slip and fall. Am I the only person finding this storyline unintentionally funny? Paul is disgruntled to find Jonny’s friend Bev intends to extend her stay in the village. Ashley is unsure when Hilary presses ahead with Daniel’s funeral arrangements and worries for Laurel’s state of mind. An emotional Shadrach confides in Zak that he’s dreading Daniel’s funeral. Laurel and Ashley both struggle to cope on the morning of Daniel’s funeral. Edna discovers Lily back in the village, but it’s clear that the sisters have no intention of spending time with one another.

Also On Emmerdale this weeK:
Paul and Jonny’s honeymoon doesn’t get off to an ideal start
Jo warns Charlie to take his stuff and leave.
A thoughtful Sam returns home

Coronation Street w/e March 7

Lovesick David has been sulking after his lovers’ tiff with Tina: I can see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse heading our way any day now…Although Gail has reservations about Tina, she’s worried that being spurned could have serious consequences for David. However, Tina stuns Gail with some unexpected news. Yawn-time as we get more baby swap rubbish: Ryan is still unhappy about Alex. Over at the Grimshaws, Sean is still trying to come to terms with losing his child. Elsewhere, Harry ends up taking Kelly on the hot date she’d arranged with Dan. Corrie writers – you’ve got a goldmine in our Kelly. Can you please do something decent with her? Get her back with Lloyd and write them like a younger version of Jack and Vera  – you know it makes sense. It’d be much better than watching daft stories about baby swaps and un-charismatic bookies.

Jason is puzzled when Sarah starts ignoring his calls. More boring-ness: it’s Clurrrrrr and Ashley time again. The shop is having financial problems he can’t afford Kirk anymore. When are the Peacocks going? Come on Corrie writers, get rid of them! Michelle confesses to Ryan that Alex is going to be staying for a while longer. Oh who cares! Along with many other fans, I said this storyline would be a mistake. And we’ve been proved right. It’s been handled in a terrible way and it needs to die as soon as possible. We go from one awful storyline to another as Paul is shocked when he’s bundled into the bookies on his way back to the street by Dan, who reminds him the deadline has passed. Yawn.

Also On Coronation Street this week:
Jack is suspicious when Dan asks Paul for a word
Clurrrrrrrr is worried about Chesney
Roy returns from Africa

EastEnders w/e March 7

It’s a busy week on ‘Enders for Steven and Stacey. She’s put forward for a fashion design course but will she go for it? Tanya plans her revenge; she’ll take Max back, but when he least expects it, she’ll run off with the kids. Sean’s in on it, but will he play ball? A bit of light relief with Heather and Minty – thank heavens for Heather. Shirley and Phil get on well, putting an idea in Ben’s mind. Errrrrr – where’s Vince? I thought Bobby Davro was supposed to be the next notch on the belt for Shirley? Tanya lays down her terms to Max, but will he agree? Hold in your vomit as the writers treat us to ‘Squeal’ Beale still struggling to cope with sexy Clare’s behaviour. Two words about this storyline: as if.

Ben sets about pushing Phil and Shirley together, but something suddenly shocks her and sends her out of control. Max, chuffed Tanya is letting him back into their lives, moves back in, but neglects to tell brother Jack. Shirley is on a self-destruct mission – but why? Ian comes clean to Jane about Clare. Stacey is annoyed with Steven but changes her tune later on. Self-destruct Shirley makes a fool of herself on Garry’s birthday. Jane enjoys making Ian work hard after his confession about Clare. She later gets her revenge on Clare in the Vic. Tanya and Sean are still an item but they’ve got to be careful….

Also On EastEnders this week:
Stacey gets creative and uses Steven as her model
Bradley is off to see a man about a job
Dot’s back and pleased to see Clare and Bradley getting

Hollyoaks w/e March 7

It’s the post-OB era on the soap with all the beautiful people now. On ‘Hollywoodoaks’, the McQueens are divided over Carmel’s passing out day as she finally becomes a PCSO. Myra is taken to the police station for questioning and Carmel is blamed. Gilly auctions his football programmes to get Beth tickets for a gig. Beth’s jealousy pangs as she eavesdrops on Rhys making a date with Mercedes. Nana arrives back in Hollyoaks and is attacked by a vengeful Niall. Rhys is wracked with jealousy as he watches Gilly and Beth make plans for their wedding. Calvin gets down on one knee and asks Carmel to marry him – for real this time. At the council flat, the electricity goes off as Amy, Ste and Leah are once again left in the dark.

Kris pours scorn on John Paul’s attempts to set up a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual society and laughs it off as John Paul’s way of recruiting fresh totty. Frankie worries about Newt’s growing relationship with Lauren and encourages Jack to have a man to man chat about sex. Amy resolves to tell the truth about Leah before things get out of hand. Ste begs her not to, but Amy is adamant she can’t lie about her daughter being ill. John Paul is thrilled when he gets a text message from Kieron saying he’s on his way home. Lauren and Newt are at cross-wires, each thinking the other wants to have sex. Newt panics.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Sasha starts her seventeenth birthday with comedown
Rhys and Beth reel from the shock of a close shave
Mercedes gets stood up

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15 Responses to Emmerdale’s first gay wedding

  1. Coops - says:

    i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of the baby swap story. Grrrrrrrr! Please get rid corrie!

  2. leisa says:

    did leah bracknell not have a gay wedding in emmerdale when she was playing zoe tait ?

  3. Marzipan says:

    Um, gay weddings weren\’t legal when Leah was in Emmerdale, so I doubt it.

  4. Unknown says:

    I agree with the Corri sorry line it`s getting silly VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV silly get RID BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Unknown says:

    Should have said story line!!!

  6. Soap Blogger says:

    (no name) great Freudian slip! \’sorry line\’ sums it up. A very sorry sorry-line. Like it!

  7. Jean says:

    I have to agree with Coranation Street get rid of the story line with the the two mixed up Babys

  8. Soap Blogger says:

    Brian, this is a PG-rated blog. I\’ve edited your comment accordingly: brian06 March 10:21(http://cid-30b6eadd752d4257.spaces.live.com/)I think [gay people] should be written out of all programmes

  9. Soap Blogger says:

    Tia, I\’ve edited Brian\’s rather crude comment from your comment. I know you were quoting him, but kids might be reading. 🙂
     Tia06 March 20:54To Brian, wouldn\’t writing **** bandits\’ (as you so politely call them) out of soaps, make the shows even less realistic. They are part of todays society afterall, and the shows of today would be even less accurate without them.  Totally agree about the baby swap story line, it was alright at the beginning, (a bit over the top, but isn\’t tv about that?) but now it seems the same things are happening everyday. Alex asks to stay a day longer, Michelle says ok, Wendy comes over and argues with Michelle, Ryan finds out and gets angry, Steve says he disagrees, Michelle gets upset. Can\’t the script writers find something a bit more interesting to write about, something a bit more realistic, that normal people can relate to, such as the Emmerdale cot death story?

  10. Tia says:

    Sorry! Completely forgot, I was just trying to show how rude he was being!! Though he probably did that all for himself!

  11. Soap Blogger says:

    Hello Tia – no worries. I know exactly what you were doing – please feel free to comment as and when you feel like it. Nice to hear from someone sensible. And if you thought the Baby swap storyline was bad, we\’ve got Leanne and the charisma-less bookie\’s fling to come next. Oh dear.

  12. JAMIE says:

    I think it\’s wonderful that a Gay marriage is being shown – and hopefully in a natural, positive way – not in a way that shows it as being something of a freak show. I think Brians comment is ignorant and offensive – There are people out there who are gay!! Get over it! More importantly, get over yourself!

  13. robert says:

    i\’ve alway\’s thought insanity ran right through the american nation, i see the english, who by the way copy the yank\’s every move
    are even more insane to go for all this gay stuff in public,our kids up here in scotland, are forced into watch your english rubbish
    its not that on a saturday though, when football is on the english get everything ,even snow boarding, and we can\’t even see our major team\’s play. god i wish and pray the scotch, would get a grip of themselves, and go for indipendence.  in time of war the big daft jock\’s are always sent in first , the poll tax the big daft jock\’s got it first. no wonder people say the wost insult you can give anybody is call him an english man

  14. leisa says:

    zoe tait did have a commitment ceromony though not a legal thing back back then it was a gay service

  15. hayley says:

    i think that paul and johnnys wedding was breath taking they made a really good couple. i just want them to come back into emmerdale because they really play their part really well and i miss having paul and johnny in emmerdale

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