EastEnders’ Mickey & Keith Axed

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the axing of Joe Swash and David Spinx from EastEnders. This is sad news for anyone who loves the cheeky market trader and his lazy on-screen step-dad Keith Miller. But for anyone who’s bored with them, it couldn’t come quick enough.

Apparently 26-year-old Joe Swash, who’d played the role of Mickey for five years, had been told by producers that they’d run out of storylines for his character. It came as a shock to him and frankly, I’m wondering why. I mean, when you’re in a show and you don’t get much to do each week, that should be a big enough clue.

If he didn’t see it coming, he should’ve spoken to Mohammed George, (our hero Gus); he’s also been given his P45 but only after weeks of receiving either scripts with blank pages in them or scripts with daft storylines in them.

Who could forget that classic EastEnders storyline involving Gus and Mickey dating the same girl? You know, that mix-up over the pair dating the same woman and in the end it turned out that both geezers were dating twin sisters. Didn’t Joe and Mohammed know the job centre was beckoning after reading that pile of rubbish? And where did it go? Nowhere. The writers were definitely scraping the bottom of the storyline barrel with that idea. As for Keith, I’m not even going there. He’s more useless than Mickey ever was; David Spinx has had a long ride in a soap that didn’t even need him.

According to The Sun, Joe Swash is now thinking over his next move carefully as he doesn’t want to become just another former soap star. But my guess is that he’ll probably end up in the retirement home for soap stars…Sun Hill police station.

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11 Responses to EastEnders’ Mickey & Keith Axed

  1. Soap Blogger says:

    Julia, no spam or external linking allowed. For that reason, I\’ve deleted your original post and edited it:
    Julia: I\’ve given up on soaps these days, too over-dramatic.

  2. kelly loves john says:

    i love watched mickey on eastenders cause he is very caring and he loves his niece and it wouldnt be the same without him and if he goes i will never watched eastenders again

  3. Unknown says:

    awwwwwwwwww u should\’nt axe mickey he is soooooooo cool,i dont mind keith going he is such a lazy so and so…so goodbye keith and go in a soap that u wont be sooooooo lazy..

  4. Tia says:

    These two are the funniest in the square, they are the only 2 that ever make me smile. They just seem to be less grumpy and depressing. It\’s stupid to say that they can\’t think of any more story lines, isn\’t it their job to use their imaginations and come up with something interesting. There\’s a whole world of story lines out there, and if they can\’t find any, then steal some off the less likeable characters who seem to get all the good ones!

  5. katie says:

    like most i luv benders but lets get it back to norm plz

  6. muriel says:

    Never mind \’Keef\’ & Mickey, when\’s Minty gonna die? That character never fails to put me off my shepard\’s pie. Hat\’s off to the poor actresses who have to play his potential love interest- now that\’s REALLY suffering for your art. There was a vicious rumour going around that he was going to killed off for Eastender\’s 2007,  my hopes were high an\’ everyfing, and look..it\’s another year and he\’s not caved in at the knees yet. Enough I tell you!

  7. David says:

    Think it is about time Keith, Mickey, and Gus are given the bullet, I would like to join the cast, as the Queen Vic, does nothing but hand out drinks ON THE HOUSE, at every occasion.it is the same at the ROVERS RETURN, so I guess all the pubs don\’t deal with money.

  8. Sam says:

    This is sad news for anyone who loves the cheeky market trader and his lazy on-screen step-dad Keith Miller.Hahahahaha thats what i like about this editor, the sense of humor!!Good riddance, i cant stand wither of them! :]

  9. Nigel says:

    I think it would be best if a plane crashed into Walford and killed the lot off and replaced them with people that smiled and laughed.The only good thing about this trash is that when your depressed you can watch it and think real life aint that dreary and it cheers you up.

  10. ABC says:

    Well it doesn\’t surprise me!  It\’s time for a change of characters!  Move on with the time, upgrade the scenery for a more sophisicated look.  London have changed and it\’s time to add more glamour.  At long last that step dad Keith Miller and that market trader will be out!  Boring characters!  It\’s need happy characters not grumpy ones.  Come on actors and actresses – move on and go into the 1990s instead of 1960-1980s.  Time for a change!

  11. Jayne and says:

    Oh no!  Mickey\’s going???  Now who\’s going to remind me to buy Shredded Wheat in the morning???  What IS it with his hair???

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