Bye Bye Baby!

Hello and welcome to A Slice of Soap! Let’s find out what’s  happening in soap land this week.

Coronation Street w/e 29 February.

On’t cobbles this week, Sean is still in a state of excitement over the birth of his son. But he fails to notice that Jamie and Violet are less than impressed by his constant presence at the hospital and his interfering in everything to do with the baby. He must be blind if he hasn’t spotted their annoyance. Later however, Sean is left desperately trying to convince himself that Jamie and Violet would not leave and take his son with them without telling him first. Here’s a picture of Sean doing his best impression of Dwayne Chambers as he realises that Violet and Jamie are taking his baby as they finally, FINALLY, leave Weatherfield. Hooray! 

Elsewhere, Corrie’s increasingly yawn-inducing baby swap saga continues. Michelle has agreed to let Alex stay a while longer, but Ryan is still feeling pushed out by Alex, who seems to be able to wrap Michelle around his little finger. Things take a turn for the worse when little Amy wanders off while under Alex’s supervision.

Elsewhere ‘ Damian ‘ David is convinced that Tina is testing his love for her and tells Darryl that he needs to do something big to prove it. But Darryl isnt convinced ‘that David’s plan to have her name tattooed on his arm is one of his better ideas. Well it certainly beats some of his other ideas such as driving his car into a canal, hiding ecstasy tablets in Bethany’s doll and nearly killing Jason by loosening the nuts on some scaffolding. I think having the tattoo is the least painful idea he’s come up with this year! Kelly is sure that her lack of success with the knicker parties is down to the quality – or lack of it – of her
stock. When she spots Liam throwing perfectly good underwear in the seconds basket she hits upon an idea.

Also on Coronation Street
‘Damian’ David’s jealousy comes between him and Tina.
Dan and Harry are not seeing eye-to-eye (get rid of Dan!).
Tony and Carla are still playing mind games with Liam.

Hollyoaks w/e 29th February 

‘Hollywoodoaks’ sees the sad departure of long-serving star Darren Jeffries, who plays OB. Can you believe he’s been in the show for over ten years? Hollyoaks just won’t be the same without him, will it? Anyway, we wish Darren Jeffries a happy retirement (cos anybody over 25 is considered old on ‘Hollywoodoaks’) and hope that he goes on to great things. OB…may the Force continue to be with you!  Anyway let’s see what’s going on. Although OB is all set to move away to get over Summer, Max is determined he can still persuade his friend to stay. When OB points out that he has nothing left in Hollyoaks, Max argues that leaving is not going to help him get over losing Summer. Can Max persuade his friend to follow his heart?

Meanwhile, with the pub virtually empty, Frankie wonders if they need to sell it to cut their losses. Newt shows an uncharacteristically vulnerable side when he admits he’s nervous about a poetry recital he has at school. Mike accuses Ste of stealing (now why doesn’t that surprise me?) and Ste decides to teach him a lesson. After Leo caught her and Fletch getting frisky, Sasha’s misery continues when Leo lands a job as a caretaker at Sasha’s school and Fletch asks Michaela to join the reformed Baby Diegos.

Elsewhere Carmel’s shocked to see that despite her pleas, Myra has failed to stop her benefits even though she’s now working. Niall gets on the phone to the Department of Social Security reporting Myra for fraud…

Also on Hollyoaks:
Jake stops Nancy’s visiting rights
Charlie’s undergoing chemo
Zoe and Kris make their relationship debut

EastEnders w/e 29th February

If you’ve recovered from ‘Squeal’ Beale’ lapping up Clare’ flirting, warning: there’s more yuckiness to do with his body this week. Ian’s spotted some signs of ageing so decides to get fit… but is it just for himself or is he concerned about a new admirer? Steven takes a homeless girl under his wing. Dawn’s on a mission to sort out the Miller house and look after Jay while Jase is away. Ian continues to make foolish decisions. Then again, he’s only doing what comes naturally…Charlie’s diet is the talk of the Square and Sean ‘Shout!’ needs to know if his and Tanya’s relationship is going anywhere. 

While the cat’s away the mice will play; so in the absence of his ‘beloved’ wife Jane, ‘Squeal’ Beale settles down to an
evening with Clare. Meanwhile Max and Tanya seem to be getting on better. It’s the day of Edward’s party and Ian is keen to make a good impression – he’s desperate to meet the Queen. Tanya makes a huge decision about her and Max.

Also on EastEnders
Dawn stands up to Tina
Stacey questions Steven’s motives
Tanya turns a corner in her dealings with Max

Emmerdale w/e 29th February.

On Emmerdale this week, sadness still abounds. The Bishop visits Ashley and tells him that he must take as much time off as he needs. Ashley still can’t break through to Laurel and she bluntly tells him that the mother/baby bond was much stronger than he can possibly understand. Laurel opens up to Greg about her grief.

Playing into Katie’s hands, Perdy reveals all about Gray framing Matthew for Rosemary’s murder. Katie feigns shock then anger, leading Perdy to admit that she’s blackmailing Gray. Later, Katie locates Perdy’s key and searches Home Farm for the cardigan (vital evidence of course). Finding it, she turns to see that Perdy has caught her in the act. As Katie makes a run for it, proclaiming her love for Gray, Perdy attacks her with a poker. Have the warring women put their child’s life at risk? It’s Lady Macbeth time now as Nicola decides to give Donald an overdose and frame Cindy for the crime. Discovering her plan, David is horrified that Nicola would implicate an innocent woman.

After Matthew’s failed attempt to coax some information from Nicola about the De Souza bid, Donald decides to visit Carl. Asking why the most capable member of King & Sons is living in his brother’s shadow, Donald shocks Carl by wondering aloud whether he would benefit by joining De Souza’s. Elsewhere, Nicola’s heart is in her mouth when Cindy downs the pills meant for Donald. Oh dear!

Also on Emmerdale
Matthew is suspicious when Gray turns up at Home Farm
Jo struggles to control Sam and Jake
Carl blames Matthew for the council tender being unfinished

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