A Sad Week In Emmerdale

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It’s a busy week in soapland so let’s get to it.

Emmerdale w/e February 22

Get ready to cry into your tissues as Emmerdale showcases every parents’ nightmare. I’m sure they’ll do the storyline justice. Anyway to the rest of the action and Andy and Jo attempt to summon up enthusiasm for their big day, but both aware of the miserable circumstances surrounding their wedding. Lisa, Laurel, Val and Louise decorate the Woolpack, intending to give Jo a hen night to remember. However the night goes from bad to worse when Jake spikes Jo’s drink.

Am I supposed to take the Lady MacBeth storyline seriously? Because I find it really funny. Anyway, David reassures Nicola that he’s still on side with her plans to bump off Donald. But Nicola is so eager to get on with things, she gets loads of Colombo DVDs for research. Hahahahaha! Tears from Betty as Sandy reveals his travel plans (bye Freddie!). Laurel heads upstairs to check on Daniel and comes down devastated as tragedy strikes. Ashley and Laurel gently tell Gabby about what’s happened to Daniel.

Also on Emmerdale this week:
Jasmine approaches Matthew for a job at Home Farm
Charlie threatens Jo physically and mentally
Pollard admits that he hasn’t saved for his wedding to Val

Coronation Street w/e February 22

A surprise is waiting for Carla when she returns to her flat. Alex’s presence is still causing tension at the Rovers – yawn. Violet is annoyed with Sean again – double yawn. Tyrone and Molly are buying the Duckworth’s house and ask Jack to carry on living with them. But what about Paul? ‘Damian’ David gets his new squeeze Tina to stay at ‘Hotel Platt’. There’s a stomach-inducing revelation about the ‘intruder’ – it turns out that it’s…nah, I won’t tell you. Paul find Jack’s winning betting slip but what will he do with it? Jamie suggests to Violet that they should leave Weatherfield (yes, yes, yes! GO!!!). Paul makes his way to the bookies to pick up Jack’s winnings and Dan is shocked that he’s going to rob his own grandfather.

Just as Violet and Jamie prepare for their secret move to London, Violet is suddenly struck by a contraction. Here we go – get ready for a clichéd soap birth: water-breaking unexpectedly, baby-coming when it’s not due – yawn. Just get on with the leaving, will you!!!! Dan-the-bookie-man goes on a date with Kelly (nooooooo Kelly! He’s sooooo boring!!). Gail is furious when she arrives back to a tip after David and Tina’s drunken house party.

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Newlyweds Liam and Maria return from their honeymoon
Carla and Liam get up to their old games again
Michelle tells Alex that it’s time he went home

EastEnders w/e February 22

Can Bradley and Stacey work it out? That would be telling. Anyway, Bradley is back in the Square and expects Stacey to find herself a solicitor. Ronnie is angered by Jack’s behaviour. Sean has spent the night at Tanya’s house but all is not good. Bradley and Stacey bump into each other and both feel very awkward. Phil, Roxy, Ronnie and Peggy are furious about Jack’s plans.   Clare sets her sights on ‘Squeal’ Beale because he has money. Well, why else would anyone want him? Jack’s flat has been trashed; he accuses both Phil and Jay of burglary – but who is the real culprit? 

Ian decides that Christian has outstayed his welcome and must move out. I warn you – a strong stomach is needed for this bit: Clare is in Ian’s house and flirts with him like no tomorrow…"You have a very good physique for a man of your age," she tells him and stupid ‘Squeal’ believes her. He’s smitten and flattered by the attention. Tanya has a raucous party and Jack gives Roxy a scare. Jase and Jay end up homeless as Ian kicks them out of the flat to make way for Christian. Tanya argues with Max and wants to take out an injunction against him but her solicitor has bad news.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Honey tries to set Peggy up via love ads in the Gazette
Bradley and Clare have a heart to heart
Phil reprimands Jase for helping Jack

Hollyoaks w/e February 22

Another soap and another sad week for fans as a stalwart prepares to depart. So what else is going on? Nancy is terrified when Jake shows up at Sarah’s looking for her. Louise is overwhelmed when Warren secretly arranges an Ibiza-inspired meal at The Loft. O.B. is touched that Max and Tom are happy he’s staying. Frankie proposes a family lunch but is shocked to find Jake looking terrible at Nancy’s flat. Louise tells Warren to get rid of Carl and Anthony, but the lads decide to stay put after overhearing a conversation between Warren and Jack.

Frankie is stunned to discover that Jack has taken out a loan from a loan shark to buy The Dog back from Warren. John Paul and Kieron find common ground when they are roped in as models for the fashion show. Carl and Anthony take Jack, Frankie, Newt and Louise hostage at gunpoint, demanding the money from the loan shark. Anthony and Carl panic when the police arrive, a gunshot rings out, and Darren slumps into Jack’s arms…John Paul starts to see Kieron in a new light and they get closer. Louise packs her bags and O.B. comes to a decision about leaving

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Darren is still in the doghouse at the Osbornes
Warren confronts Louise
Katy has less and less time for Justin

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