Who Should Get The Corrie Chop?

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. It can’t have escaped your notice that Street legend Vera Duckworth, played by Liz Dawn, has gone. I’ve given some time for the dust to settle and now I’m assessing the soap in the post-Vera era. It’s a bit flat at the moment, isn’t it? They need to get rid of the deadwood and stop some of the more daft sensationalist storylines. Who should stay and who should go? Here’s what I think.

Maria Connor – A bit wet, really. You wouldn’t miss her if she wasn’t around.
Liam Connor – A pity actor Rob James-Collier’s leaving. A real pity.
Carla Connor – I’m struggling to see her role after Liam leaves, but maybe there could be some friction with Danny Baldwin once Bradley Walsh returns to the Street (I’m counting down the days. He’s desperately needed).
Ken, Deirdre and Blanche Hunt – It’s Blanche that makes this household fun to watch. She’s the archetypal monster mother-in-law and if the writers can come up with the goods, they should do more with this lot.
Emily Bishop and Betty Turpin – You know what you get with these two.
Rita and Norris – A funny double-act. He’s the male Mavis, isn’t he (remember her?).
Gail, Audrey and ‘Damian’ David – I thought I was going to be physically sick looking at David’s post-coital expression. Yuck. He needs a foil to bounce off of and although his antagonism towards his mum is compelling at times, he needs someone else now that his sister has gone. Question is, who?
The Websters – Now that they’ve turned Sally into Hyacinth Bucket (a stroke of genius by the writers because she was really boring years ago) the Websters are good to watch when they get the right storylines.
Roy and Haley – They’re a bit dry to watch at times, but when the writers get it right, there can be humour in their marriage. When Roy says something like, "I was going to watch a documentary on the oldest rotative steam engine in the world", it cracks me up.
Ashley and Clurrrrrr Peacock – For the love of God, please get rid of them. They’re so boring.
Janice Battersby – She’s nowhere near as good or as funny as Cilla was. But Coronation Street needs a loudmouth so she should stay.
Leanne Battersby – She desperately needs a decent storyline. Jane Danson’s in mourning at the moment, but when she’s back, I hope they find something for her to do.

Jack Duckworth – He’ll be lost without Vera, you mark my words. Hilda wasn’t quite the same after Stan died and this is the reverse situation. He needs someone to bounce off of too – Terry would’ve been perfect but Nigel Pivaro’s not sticking around.
Molly and Tyrone – What’s not to like? They’re nice and inoffensive and Jack needs them to bounce off of.
Paul Clayton – Glad he’s going. He’s not been very well written in my opinion.
Liz and Vernon – They’re growing on me, especially Vernon who is just a big idiot.
Steve McDonald – I love Steve. He’s fab.
Michelle and Ryan Connor – Their baby swap storyline stinks, but they’re good for the soap.

Dev Alahan – He’s turning into a spare wheel which is a pity cos he can be quite funny. I like his golf days with Steve – hilarious. They should do more of that.
Eileen Grimshaw – Love her.
Jason Grimshaw – Now that Liam’s going, he gets his Street stud status back. I like him and I especially liked his double-act with Sean, that was hilarious at times.
Kirk Sutherland – Better to watch than his sister.
Fiz Brown – She’s a good supporting character.
Sean Tully – He fits in well to Corrie. When he offered his heartfelt commiserations to Jack and Terry said afterwards, "Who the ‘ell was that?!?" I laughed so hard, I got hiccups.
Chesney Battersby-Brown – A sweetie.

Jamie and Violet – I’m counting down the days until this boring duo go.
Kelly and Lloyd – I’ve got an idea and it involves Craig Charles’ Lloyd. If he’s going to stick around (and I can’t see it in the long term I’m afraid) – get these two back together again and make them the new Jack and Vera. Kelly can play the nagging wife-type, always wanting to escape the Street for the Posh/WAG life, and Lloyd can be the man who’s under the thumb who’s actually quite happy to be a taxi driver. I think it would work. You can see the humour and the tragedy that could be written around them, can’t you?
Becky Granger – If she sticks around, there’s a tart-with-a-frequently-broken-heart type avenue that could be explored here. Kinda Bet Lynch.
Kebab family – I like Sinbad/Jerry as a support in the Rovers etc. but his family doesn’t work. How do you get rid of the kids and keep the dad?
Betting Shop Blokes – I like Jack Ellis as Harry. But the son Dan (played by Matthew Crompton) is awful and needs to go. The dynamic between the two isn’t right. No chemistry.

So what do you think? Which Coronation Street characters should get their P45s? Who are your faves?

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74 Responses to Who Should Get The Corrie Chop?

  1. Sam says:

    I cant stand Vern he just gets on my nerves as does Jim Fenner\’s clan. To me he\’s still Jim Fenner, i just don\’t think i know anything about him and he\’s son/ friend. They just pop up now and again for a drink Zzzzz! And Chesney for me stopped being sweet when his voice broke. I don\’t dislike him, i just think the writers should stop acting like he\’s still that young boy of year\’s ago trying to make us "awwe" at every line he delivers and start writing him appropriate scripts now he\’s a teenager, its just embarrassing! My Nana would probably kill me for saying this but im not a fan of Emily Bishop/Rita/Noris i just find them boring. I know having a few old people chat about old times and Rita and Norris interactions are all secondary "breaks" used in major storylines but to me i would be happier if they were cut. I mean Emily hasn\’t done anything since Richard Hillman all those year\’s ago well aside from drink Cherry! :/ And  Maria YAWN!I love The factory group all of them Fizz, Sally, Janice, Sean, Kelly, polish lady especially when they\’re in the factory the way they all interact is hilarious..the funniest thing about Coronation street for me! Blanche is a diamond! If Gail and Eileen could keep arguing that would be much appreciated :] The rest are okay not brilliant but not bad either! Not particularly fond of the kebab family but unlike Jim Fenner\’s Clan im willing to give those a chance :pAnd i think now our beloved Gus is leaving a "Dev Watch" is surely waiting in the wings?

  2. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks to everyone for commenting on this blog – keep your views coming. I love reading them all. I get the best people commenting. Sam, love everything that you\’ve said and the idea of \’Dev Watch\’ is fab. I\’ll have to think seriously about what I\’ll do when Gus goes. Sam – yes. Gail and Eileen must keep feuding. The funniest thing Gail\’s ever said was when she found out about Todd being gay and was arguing with him and Eileen in the street. And then Charlie and Jason turned up in their builder\’s gear and she said: "Oh, here they come then. The rest of The Village People!" I laughed until I choked.

  3. Soap Blogger says:

    I sooooooooooo agree about Ashley and Clurrrrr!! They are sooooo boring. I can\’t remember the last time I cared about them. It\’s a pity about Jamie Baldwin. His character has gone downhill and now I can\’t wait for him to go either. Blanche is my favourite Corrie character – she\’s hilarious!

  4. Unknown says:

    I agree, Ashley and Clare are very very very dull, but not as dull as Violet and Jamie, i am sick of her complaining about Sean. I wish all four of them would just go to spain or somewhere else other than the street. Love Blanche, Love Steve. Sally has been very funny of late. Kelly needs to be involved more as she is quite a funny character. The kebab family don\’t really work, Sinbad\’s ok but that\’s where it ends. Corrie is the best soap though.

  5. Jon says:

    All of them and the rest of the soaps! what an utter load of CRAP, boring and depressing… and to think I am forced to pay a TV license for this rubbish!

  6. christine says:

    I think Blanche should get the "Corrie Chop" next,because she\’s so boring!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. christine says:

    Liam Conner should DEFINITELY not go,he is gorgeous!!Don\’t get rid of him,please!!

  8. Unknown says:

    I thought the wedding of Maria and Liam was K especally when Maria slapped Carla when they were in the ladies here hopung theres going to B more

  9. Joan says:

    DevAllan go to look for all his children.
    CarlaConor seek work as a drag-queen.
    Kebab family with Dad blown up in gas explosion.
    Gale gets a face-lift.

  10. ciara says:


  11. Russ says:

    Corrie is my mother\’s favourate and always on and spoken about when I am there…I used to take a bit of an interest but for a while now it\’s been "disjointed" in my opinion…it\’s become boring and predictable and I feel like all the plots lines fizzle out and you are left thinking "What was that all about?"…you can see exactly what\’s going to happen at the start of a story line…wot you really needed was for Jim McDonald to have sorted out the bam who Liz is with and be back in the programme-Vernon is a twat and adds nothing to the programme but a "cringe" factor..Jim was vibrant when he was in it before-adding him to the cast would work wonders for the show.Carla&Michelle are pure eye candy..but the Carla/Liam thing…another fizzle..it\’s like watching a firework being lit and then failing to go off…we\’re being sold a dud I think. I think the show needs a major cull of "also ran" characters to the extent that you will probably need an airoplane crash a la Emmerdale to get rid of the amount that really needs to go…the plane needs to land directly on the corner shop…Dev is awful and couldn\’t act his way out of a wet paper bag!!! The cast needs to be cut by half at least and inject Jim mcDonald and Terry Duckworth back in, at the moment there seems like there is too many characters for not enough storylines…you don\’t see some characters for weeks and then they reappear with a thin, watery plot line and like snow on water they are gone for another 3 months!..Corrie these days seems like "New Corrie Lite!!!" _NOW WITH LESS PLOT TO TAX YOUR BRAIN…could be the tag line…I\’ll probably still watch…but maybe with my walkman on…

  12. JAMESBOND007 says:

    good tv

  13. David says:

    fiz would be good with adisabled boyfriend, showing emotions for those thoght not to have any

  14. tom says:

    rosie webster im sick of the way she acts with her lips if she pouts again god i have to leave the room when she acts

  15. rachel says:

    Look, everyone who made those awful comments about Claire and Ashley, all you have to do is record the programme, then as soon as you see their faces, pick up the remote and fast forward for all your worth – couldn\’t be easier!
    I adore Blanche Hunt – I know she has good lines but what delivery, what facial expression, what body language!
    Speak soon!

  16. carol says:

    bring back les battersby, he has done his pennance and should be there for chesney. others did drugs and came back why not les.norris should go he is another derick moaner. veron is useless and should stay in the celler. mixed babies story is at its end now and should be stopped. as for carla let danny baldwin buy them both out and reclaim the factory.chesney should have a gilfriend by now or at least be looking for one. loydd could try for eileen it would be nice to see them as a couple , get blance a boy-friend that would be brill blanche giving him hell. rubber neck dierdre could join a convant and do us all a favour including ken . betty has had her day now ,with the decor changing how about a change of bar staff.steve could buy a parrot to take vernons place it would be brainier than him and more use. keep up your good work it is better the the soaps .

  17. Tia says:

    I wouldn\’t get rid of anyone! I think that all the older people are hilarious, especially Noris and Blanche.  I can\’t believe Sarah left, the actress who played her (forgotten her name) was such a good actress, and always had gripping storylines. I like Jamie and Violet, and I think once the baby is born, their storylines will be more interesting, because of the baby\’s father being Sean. Chesney and Kirk make such a good duo. I don\’t think Coranation Street would be a proper soap without Carla, every soap needs a soap bitch we all love to hate! And I think you need the bores like Maria, Claire and Ashley because without them, who would there be to kill in the next disaster on the street?

  18. Soap Blogger says:

     (no name), I have edited your comments as this is a PG-rated blog. Feel free to comment everyone, but keep it clean please.
     (no name)15 February 22:53
    (http://cid-3cfd0d726ab1aaed.spaces.live.com/) Think Emily and Betty should go! They are just hangers on, no story lines for them. Have worked on the set of corrie catering so know most of them, and have spoken to them in one form or another. Quite afew are stuck up there own a**es!!

  19. Stephen says:

    I am an ardent Corrie fan, but agree that over the last 6 months or so have become unconcerned if i watched it or not.
    I dont like the kebab family, i mean what do they contribute?
    I dont like the new bookies, again what do they do?
    Love the Rita/Noris double act – keep them in. Gotta keep Emily too.
    Blanche is perfect for comedy and telling it how it is – very funny !
    Love Steve but he worked best with his wife, michelle just crys and moans all the time, i mean come on cheer up girl! I think they should keep Ryan and Alex then we can see them doing things like Steve and Andy used to, plus new young blood for the show.
    I think corrie should be braver with the Sean gay boyfriend issue, Sean appears to be capable of so much more to give as an actor come on Corrie, lets have a gay wedding, adopt a child, why cant one of the other corrie stars fall for Sean!!
    The Factory girls are brill, especially when they are all nattering away, some very funny one liners.
    Rosie pouting is getting a bit passe, thinks shes posh spice. ANNOYING. Sally and Kev are good, but give them something more than constant affairs.
    David the demon child we love to hate, either settle him down now and give him more comedy which he is very capable of, or let him loose with a machine gun and get rid of the kebab family, the bookies, and Ken.
    Jack needs a new sparing partner, works best when someone to bounce off. Molly and Tyrone are good, but need to spice them up a bit.
    I wouldnt like Corrie to do the plane crash thing, its been done by Emmerdale. Why cant we have a lottery winner, or a big developer wants to buy the street for a new superstore, and the ensuing battles to keep it. How about a Corrie house being used for asylum seekers. Or Eileen gets an internet husband from Tibet or something and comes over with his kids? These are all things which happen up and down the country in streets – keep it real, keep it funny (what corrie is best at) keep it moving. and final word stop bringing in actors from other soaps.

  20. Unknown says:


  21. carolyn says:

    i have a few fave characters – Vernon, I think he is really funny and talented and needs a better story line with him being a much stronger character.  He is a really good actor and has more potential for a more intricate plot than the ones he has already been graced with.  He is a bit of a doormat to Liz at the moment and needs to have the chance to show his characters strengths.
     I also really, really like Fiz, she also deserves better storylines.  She is really looking beautiful and especially looked stunning at the Liam/Maria wedding.  She nees a good stroy to sink her teeth into, maybe somethin with Vern???
    I really cannot stand Sarah, I\’m glad she is out of the street as she was a nightmare, always showed a really nasty side to her character and I found her as annoying as I find Rosie..please get rid of her pleeeeease.  I really didnt like the story with Rosie and John. I know some school girls can be complete bithces like that- i knew one at school but this was really painful to watch and made me feel angry wth the character.  She really should not continue on the street, her acid looks at people and the lolita-type innocence is very false and just shows either bad direction, acting or both.
    Keep Jack there, he is fab.
    I have to say, Corrie is the best soap on at the moment- the comedic element really makes it for me..not like eastenders, which is on a fast downhill spiral with the dull, dreary storylines and the visciousness of pretty much all the characters. Keep up the good work corrie 🙂

  22. julie says:

    You can\’t blame Tom Hudson (Paul Clayton) for bad writing.  I think he could have given so much more to the Street – given the chance.  Jack would have a new partner to bounce off if he was kept – could be just like the return of Terry but with his grandson.

  23. Tia says:

    I don\’t think it\’s fair to say that any of them are bad actors. The writers might not be writing them the best lines, but they try their best with the lines. It\’s not Helen Flanagen\’s fault what the script writers put down for Rosie. And anyway, do you think she is really that much of a tart, who sleeps with her teacher in real life? Umm, no. So she is a good actress! I wouldn\’t get rid of anyone, if there\’s a problem with the characters and their storylines, get some new script writers.

  24. Philip says:

    Give Dev and his daughter some better storylines-she can be very funny. Blow up the Bookies shop, preferably with them in it. Let Roy be captured by cannibals whilst in Africa and become dish of the day, and let Becky take over the cafe.

  25. julia says:

    carla should leave, cant stand her smarmy face and also lauren. lauren is a contendor to most pointless annoying – faced charachter ever in corrie. thank god sarah left, she got really annoying, always whinging!!!

  26. theresa says:

     the swapped birth story line aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  27. Richard says:

    The Street has long been in such decline that it is a fatuous misrepresentation of a once much loved "soap".  Apart from the old-timers, the newer characters are so poor and the scripts even worse.  Get rid of the lot as Minnie and Ena have turned so many times in their graves that they have ground themselves into dust.  An as for poor old Bobby, well I bet he wished he didn\’t have 9 lives the amount of puerile drivel that is put out.  We can\’t have a plane crash and we can\’t have a train crash so how about something topical to rid us of the pestilence – The Americans missed the satellite in its decaying orbit and it obliterates this particular part of Wetherfield.
    Too  far fetched?  Maybe but not as mickey mouse as the pesent so called scripts…………Ecky-thump and hotpots to all who disagree!!

  28. valerie says:

    I just can\’t believe we\’ve finally had something good happen – a wedding that actually took place – and now Liam is leaving!
    Cried buckets over Vera\’s death and funeral – thought Jack, Tyrone and Molly were brilliant.  Can\’t stand Carla at any price and Rosie makes me sick.  Fiz is great, so is Eileen and I love Sean and Steve.

  29. Louise says:

    Dont Leave Liam!! Hes Soooooooooooooooo Fit!!
    Lucky Maria Even If It Is On The Screen!!

  30. Lauren says:

    Argh! The swapped at birth thing with alex and ryan is starting to grate on me.
    Get rid of Rosie, that girl needs a good hard slap!!!

  31. Unknown says:

    Get rid of the lot of them! About as entertaining as toothache or piles!

  32. Eric says:

    I agree with most viewers, the baby swap storyline is becoming a joke, enough is enough. Wind it up now before it becomes even more of a farce!
    As for Carla, she looks so deadpan, surly, although she is attractive, she needs to be warmed up. If she had been born earlier, she would have made a great Vamp in a Hammer Movie.

  33. Daniel says:

    i don\’t think liam should go because him and carla could be good together
        but i can\’t wait for danny to come back

  34. Unknown says:

    Rosie is tooooo arrogant.  Carla is horrible but mostly I think that the script writers need to really add excitement, adventure etc to this soap.  Give all characters a great story that each of them can really be allowed to truly demonstrate their acting capabilities with, and at the same time this can entertain us the viewer.We find that story lines drag on and on and on.  Get a good story, play it and move on.  The child swap has become boring.  I\’m glad that Sarah has gone.  That bickering in the family with David, and then Jason doesn\’t help us to unwind – just keeps us stressed out.  If Liam is going he will be greatly missed – reconsider!  SO SCRIPT WRITERS GET YOUR THINKING HATS ON FOR ALL OUR SAKES!!

  35. John says:

    I would get rid of the plank(Jason Grimshaw) and the poof.

  36. Tia says:

    I don\’t think Sarah was annoying or whinging. Imagine if you had got pregnant at an early age which ruined your childhood, then fell in love with guys that ruined your life, including Todd, who turned out to be gay, had another baby which unfortunately had died, had a crazy step-dad that tried to kill you, and then, finally you fell in love with someone who actually loved you back. Only, your little brother, who is favoured by your mum, wants to ruin the relationship. And why? Because he had let your daughter take drugs, which nearly killed her, and you wanted to punish him by not letting him go to the wedding. Do you honestly blame her. How would you feel? And even if he didn\’t stop the wedding, he ruined her day with his attention seeking ways, she then came back devestated, only to then be pushed out by her own family, and then he finally managed to wreck their marriage. I\’ll miss Sarah. She deserved better revenge on her horrible brother. If anyone should have left, it should have been him, who is still being spoilt by his stupid mum.

  37. Annie says:

    When are they going to give Michelle Connor something to smile about – I\’m sick of her miserable face and that wig-like hair – reminds me of the \’Plastic Elvis\’ hair.   Liam is great – plzzzz don\’t go.  Becky is so funny – love her and so is Steve.  Carla – the "sister-in-law from Hell" needs a good slap – I hope she gets one soon – we waited long enough.  The others just seem to roll-on don\’t they? 

  38. simon says:

    hmm, next for the chop.. how about all of them. This rubbish program has been on the T.V for far too long. I mean, it\’s boring as watching paint dry. I know different people like different things, but I just can\’t understand what this show has to offer. Apart from bad story lines, which are always worth a laugh.. Hey everyone lets go on holiday to Blackpool… Do they know that other holiday desinations exist.
    Well sorry about i rant.

  39. Unknown says:

    I\’m new here and watch Coronation Street too everytime it\’s on ITV1 never miss it, that was very sad to see Vera leave Coronation Street on Friday 18th Jan 2008.  Was very up set by it that happening to Vera.  Corrie won\’t be the same again without Vera Duckworth.  Vera made Coronation Street what it was.  Vera to me is like a Gran that you love even though you might have ups and downs and arguments over silly things.  Deep down you still love that person even when people try to ruin your lifes like Terry did with Vera and Jack Duckworth previously.  I\’m still like getting use to Coronation Street without Vera and is quite hard at times to know what it\’s like to loose someone my self that you feel very close to and hard to accept at first then having to find your feet again with a new life away from the one you loved the most no matter what.  Am still like looking out for Vera hoping that Vera would come back cause after all it is only Television and made up could have been a mistake and come back when you least expect them to.  Just like when everyone thought Rita had passed away when Noris found her on the Chair when she was really sleeping it in a deep sleep.  I feel sorry for Elizabeth Dawn that plays Vera cause she has got a health problem now from been addicted to smoking too long all her life and that\’s quite worrying when you feel attached to someone you love from a Televion Soap such as Coronation Street.  Never realised Liz Dawn was a Smoker.  Perhaps now that Liz Dawn aka Vera Duckwork our Vera has left Corrie for good perhaps those who do Smoke on Corrie to stop smoking after hearing that\’s what caused Vera Liz Dawn to get like that later in life the same could happen to anyone who carries on smoking.  Do a story line on that about them quiting smoking to get others to stop smoking as a tribute to Vera – Liz Dawn.  Am NOT a Smoker  though a story line around Smokers thought would be a good idea something that will really put any age of smoking of once and for all.  Good luck
    Vera – Liz Dawn    Thanks Vera.             

  40. pat says:

    Please get rid of Rosie, can\’t stand how here character has become, sophie is great though. Don\’t like gerry or the whole of his family.
    Love Steve and Michelle, although the two sons get on my nerves.  I like Dev, please give him some storylines and his daughter is great, love Liam, Maria is very insipid though.  Can\’t wait for Danny to come back, didn\’t realise he was, he is brill!!

  41. Linda says:

    Get rid of Michelle, pleeeeeease.  She was fine at first, but has become increasingly more irratating as the situation with Ry-an has developed, and am depresessed at the prospect of the effect doubling with the emergence of Alex.

  42. gemma says:

    i think carla and liam should get together maria should have baby go a bit mental and liam and carla should get custody of baby. as for rosie she shud hang hersef i love becky she is great. alex should leave as ryan is great

  43. Unknown says:

    The programme – Its out of date rubbish

  44. Janet says:

    to new no name
    have you got the right site-anti smoker or what!!!!!!!"!"!!!!!!

  45. ray says:

    Do an Emmerdale – have an almighty plane crash but use a military plane loaded with nukes which trigger. Blow the whole lot up and end it all!

  46. claire says:

    i like watching corrie its great ,,and i think liam is fit maria should stay with him ,,and i dont like carla shes a cow

  47. Noreena says:

    Hiya ,
    I luv Coronation Street it\’s the best !!!
    I luv Carla too she is NOT a cow !!
    I think Carla and Liam should go 2gether they r a perfect match Maria is  a cow she is soo borin ! 

  48. Jodie says:

    i hate carla she is a fat cow !!!!!!!!!!                      i hated veras funeral she was so nice i didnt want er 2 go   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Unknown says:

    Oh dear, much as I love Coronation Street and have watched for years, ITS NOT REAL!  I agree the baby swap storyline is getting real boring and I\’m left feeling, well who cares! And to the person who posted earlier about Vera and how sad it was/smoking etc. get a life, its acting and although Liz Dawn has left due to ill health it was her decision/life.
    I love Eileen\’s character, her sense of humour is just so dry and also Sean, Roy (he\’s so sweet) and Becky – yep a definite tart with a heart, I felt really sorry for her when she was getting all excited about Jason and then he let her down. Dev is a waste of space and soooo smooth its cringeworthy and also Blanch, what an evil cow she is, if I was Ken (and it was real life) I think I would have got rid of her by now, come to think has anyone ever heard her say something nice about anyone? the woman is an evil old cow.

  50. Tia says:

    I don\’t think Blanche is evil. She\’s hilarious, and never lets anyone get on the wrong side of her. If she was younger, people would say she\’s feisty, but because she\’s older she\’s evil? Have you ever heard Janice say anything nice? Or Cilla? Or even Carla? No, they\’re all feisty, and I think Blanche is too. Only she adds humour to her comments, something the others regularly lack. She isn\’t your normal old lady, like Emily, Betty and Rita. She is one of the best characters, and any day she leaves will be a sad one!

  51. audrey says:

    Have these moaners of Coronation Street actors, ever realized that just by picking out various characters ( Blanche, Ken , Rosie,etc ) that they must be doing a good acting job, just by getting noticed, i know some are better than others, but in the end, it\’s not the actor, but the character that they play. that is either humourous or plain evil, i think Steve and Lloyd are a fantastic duo, they play off each other, and I agree with what some other viewers have said, it\’s time to bring back Les, they accepted Lloyd back, let sleeping dogs lay, i would also like to see Karen come back, if only briefly, or Tracy let out early, and the one storyline i would like to see, as one viewer said, put a family of Asylum seekers on the street, i can just hear Norris\’s opinions now, i have watched Coronation Street now, since the first episode in 1960, and i will go on watching, and i bet it will still be running after i have gone, it\’s the best soap on TV, keep up the good job.

  52. Eric says:

    viloet needs to go she is just getting on my nerves moaning all the time keep michelle and alex is face when he saw ryan kissing his granparents made me sosad carlashould goshe is a right cow if i was maria i would have told everyone wot she did and dumped liam

  53. Unknown says:

    Liam should stay. That witch Carla should go – she\’s evil – a good slap would do her good.
    The Ryan/Alex saga is stupid and the way Michelle keeps kissing Ryan is sick. She treats him like a baby.

  54. theresa says:

     David platt\’s girlfriend is exactly the same character as steve macdonald\’s ex karen!!

  55. Les says:

    sally webster, carla o connor, vernon, etc get rid

  56. Stephen says:

    I have said for ages that when corrie gets a good story line it has trouble ending it, every good one that started well goes on far tooooooooo long and we start losing interest.
    As for going, I though Jack and Vera should have gone long ago along with Dreadful Deirdre, all of these well past their sell by date as far as story lines go, can anyone tell me why Jack was retained when the story line of sending them both off to Blackpool would have killed two birds with one stone. And why not ken you may ask, well the street has always needed an ‘old codger’ sat tin the corner of the Rovers Return putting the world to rights, Ken fit’s this build perfectly now that he must be around 110 years old.
    Carla, looks completely out of place, far too classy for the street, looks like she’s a left over from footballer’s wives.
    Oh, and could they please get rid of Norris or at least put him in prison for a year on a slander charge, hopefully this would stop the ‘over the top’ way he goes around obtaining gossip – totally unrealistic.

  57. Jack says:

    Well, I will start off with the characters that I think should get the boot… to start off with;
    Vernon, and his so called group of ‘musicians’… absolutely hate all of them, I have to literally turn over to another channel every time Vernon is on, because I just can’t stand him, he’s annoying, pathetic… and I honestly can’t think of one good story line he’s been involved with the whole time he’s been in the soap.
    Liz, I can’t stand her to be honest… she’s a nosy, bossy, middle-aged cow… and I honestly don’t see the use in having her around anymore, she’s old news… maybe if they brought Jim back into the soap maybe there would be some point in holding onto her. Steve doesn’t need her either; he can run the pub and taxi office perfectly fine on his own.
    Alex Connor or whatever his name is… horrible horrible little boy, started wiggling his way into the Rovers, making poor Ryan feel threatened and second best to Michelle. With Alex gone, no need for Nick and Wendy either.
    Claire Peacock, one of the most annoying, nosy, interfering people you could ever dream of meeting. She’s been involved in a few good story lines in her time, but I can’t think they could do much more with her… and she’s never in the soap lately, I’d say chuck her.
    Norris Cole, nosy, interfering, annoying, boring, the list goes on. Can’t think of one good story lines he’s ever been involved in, maybe Emily could help run the Newsagents instead, Emily is a Corrie legend and better Norris to go than Emily.
    That bloke that runs the bookies, the blonde one is alright and getting to know Leanne could get him involved with some good story lines for the future, but I don’t see where they could go with the farther, and he’s a rubbish actor, when he’s speaking on the phone… he talks too quickly… how can the person on the other end get a chance to speak?
    Vicky at the factory, not been in the soap as long as the other girls, and only ever been involved in one good story during her time on Corrie, which lasted for about 2 episodes, boot her.
    Lauren Wilson, I want to marry her, but honestly don’t think she can survive much longer in the soap, after her sister ran off and abandoning the actual farther of her child… not to mention the whole street is beginning to hate her because she taking everyone for a mug.
    Violet Wilson and Jamie Baldwin, horrible couple, running off and abandoning Sean… taking away his child, which is what Violet wanted.
    Dev Alahan and his daughter… Dev is just so so so lame and utter crap now, he used to be involved with some great story lines, but that time has now passed… and his daughter is just annoying… can’t they be booted and Steve take over the corner shop business?
    Paul Clayton, nasty piece of work, robbing off his Gran and granddad… should be shot.
    Now for people who should stay;
    Ken, Diedree and Blanche… Ken and Diedree are soap legends, and Blanche is a touch of comedy to the soap. You can’t kick them off the street just because you want to ‘freshen up’ the stories…
    No way can you give R’kid Liam the boot; he is a legend and the only real reason why I watch Corrie. Also Maria and Carla should stay, more good story lines from these three in the future, along with Tony.
    You can’t kick Emily out of the soap, she is another soap legend and you can’t completely rid the soap of oldies… can’t have a street full of tearaways… lets at least keep some realism within the soap.
    Jack, another legend of soap, jack and vera were the best soap couple in the history of soap in my opinion and you can’t just kick jack off at the drop of a hat.
     A few other bit and pieces that should be adjusted but this is all I can think of for now.

  58. Soap Blogger says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I agree with some, I disagree with others. 🙂

  59. Janette says:

    kebab family the daughter could be assigned to a station in another city , get the layabout son to go work abroad, the young son back to his mum jerry isnt his dad anyway the other girl could be okey. Jerry and Eileen could try again they could work.
    Dont ever get rid of Steve or Eileen they work great together love steve he is so funny. like dev they could find a new woman for him, sean for me has lost his appeal. Maybe becky and jason could have a relationship i like her. all the old stars need to stay they are actors after all and it is up to the writers to keep them interesting, Carla and tony dont work for me just never fitted in neither does the bookies mainly the son more suited to eastenders so lets not spoil the street with that kind of character, i like clair and ashley but there is no place for them anymore. jury still out on vernon, dont like alex ,ryan ok not the best storyline went on a bit, but i find when i sum up my likes and dislikes the older cast members are the ones i and most fans prefer leave them be

  60. Denise says:

    I broadly agree with Jack\’s comments with a few variations.
    I don\’t like Tony.The writers seem to be struggling to find a bad boy or a replacement for Mike Baldwin but no matter how they write him, that sort of disguised middle class yobbery went out with the Yuppies and will never sit easily on Corrie\’s cobbles. Mike\’s time has passed – find something new rather than look backwards.
    Carla should be the focus of the bad girl storyline. Everyone always seems to warm more to the bad girls in corrie rather than the bad boys. The girl who plays Carla was great in Sky One\’s dream team and her character is actually pretty lukewarm in Weathefield. She\’s capable of so much more – get rid of Tony and focus on Carla.
    Vernon and Liz need to go. Liz has never been able to live up to Bet Lynch – her style is gross on a woman of her age and she\’s never been a decent actress. Send her off to do a new self help video of some kind. As for Vernon – I have just one word – why?
    Hayley is sorely missed and there\’s probably some great mileage in the relationship between Roy and Becky – they could be a great comedic duo because never were two people so far apart in terms of chalk and cheese. He\’s positively the white cliffs of Dover and she\’s stinking bishop.
    Eileen needs a real love interest. How many more losers is she going to be lumbered with? Jerry? realistically? No! And yes get rid of his annoying kids. Waste of space, time and effort.
    Lauren doesn\’t work for me – get rid.
    Sean has now run his course too unfortunately unless they can think of something for him to do. He\’s in danger of becoming the token gay character.
    Paul should go quietly and ignominously. Yawn – he\’s been a bore. Jack has paled into insignificance since Vera\’s demise. Do something nice – send him off to Blackpool with Paul. That paves the way for getting rid of Molly and Tyrone too. Sweet as they are they could bore for the Olympics.
    Dev would be a loss. I don\’t believe in political correctness interfering with television but lose Mr Alahan and how stupid would the street look? A street in Manchester without someone from the Indian Sub Continent?? How unrealistic would that be? Find him a new story. I quite like the idea od him and Carla actually.
    Get shot of the boring boring child swap story. Move on and let it fade into the background.
    The Platts have had too much of the limelight over the last few years – Sara\’s pregnancy, Richard Hillman and now Demon David. Let up on poor Gail and give her something nice and quiet to do.
    Rita can go – what does she add now? Same goes for Betty. Close down the Kabin and let Dev expand to cope with the need for newspapers and mint imperials. How about threatening to change Kabin into an adult shop or making it an internet cafe which opens up the possibility of multiple short storylines with characters who may only stay for a couple of episodes.
    We need a good disaster too – haven\’t had a good old blue light incident for ages. Maybe the new flats could fall over and flatten a few of the characters we think should go.
    They\’ve gone to all the trouble to bring the bookies in – do something with them – and not just as Leanne\’s latest love interest.
    One stalwart who should escape the axe is Emily. Emily is a moral rock and irrespective of anyone\’s religious or spiritual beliefs she should stay to remind us that there is compassion in the world and people who give of it unselfishly.
    The Barlows and Blanche should stay too. Blanche is revolting but funny and every street in the land needs a Ken Barlow.
    Oh and one last thing I\’d love to say bye bye battersbys. Send Janice to be an announcer at the Olympics – that will help global warming cos they wont need electricity to amplify her voice!
    Well I\’ll get off my soapbox now – thanks for reading.

  61. Allana says:

    I think the person who reeeeeally needs to go is Gail. Get Gail Out! When she fell down the stairs, in a none vindictive way because its nasty to see people in pain, but I finally thought it was the end of Gail. When she just had a mmild concussion and broken wrist… I nearly threw myself down the stairs. Please get rid of her. I can\’t stand that blinking thing she does. David\’s OK though- probably the most excitement we\’re going to get from Weatherfield. xxx p.s. Gail- turtle or E.Ts grandma?

  62. Vickie says:

    Gail sooooo needs to go, Molly and Tyrone need to go Ashley and Claire need to go (no good without Fred) and JANICE over acts and is not convincing, annoying and a new loudmouth type should be brought in!  Kebab family stink and bookies are boring.  LOVE Roy and Hayley, The Connors,   Becky and Sean!  I liked Paul as he had layers…  Bradley walsh back would be great.  Sometimes they have great characters but do nothing with them, like Kieran from Boyzone.  Then they have rubbish ones like gail and we see them all the time.

  63. sharon says:

    Are these people nuts!! The oldies make this show, when they huddle together in one of their gossipy groups it is great to watch. Norris is fab, he just needs the les dawson curlers, i love the oldies. Its the writers that need a clip round the ear, give the older ones juicier material, they are only as good as the script allows. When they have the lines they are awesome to watch! Blanche is a legend, her one-liners get a chuckle every time. There are cast members i wouldn\’t miss but the oldies, if they went it would leave a gaping hole, leave them be!!!

  64. Andrew says:

    As I can\’t abide soaps of any sort, this is a tricky question. To my mind TV would be vastly improved by merely cancelling them all, however, as I have seen a couple of them due to my wife\’s strange habit of watching them I can at least comment on some of the characters. First to go should certainly be Deirdrie, if only because her salary is so ludicrously high. I wouldn\’t mind so much f she could actually act but it\’s woeful. Spitting Image used to mock Roger Moore for acting with his eyebrows and Deirdrie does the same thing with the veins on her neck. They sometimes stand out so much and seem to convey her feelings more than words that I think she may very well be an alien. Perhaps she\’d be better suited to a character in Doctor Who! The next to go has to be Gail. Rather like Deirdrie, she is a shockingly bad actress and I would agree with one of the other comments that her non-stop blinking and staring is highly annoying. Whenever I see her on screen I get an uncontrollable urge to punch her in the mouth. Faced with her blinking and staring all day I\’m not surprised David pushed her down the stairs.
    In general terms I\’m not sure why any of them are paid so much. If he wasn\’t playing Ken Barlow in Coronation Street, what else could that actor do? Outside of Coronation Street he has to be totally unemployable as an actor so put him on minimum wage to match his minimal ability and if he doesn\’t like it, let him go – it\’s a free world. I\’d also get the writers to try to develop storylines outside of the pub. All of the soaps are guilty of this and it simply doesn\’t reflect real life at all these days. I want to work with those girls in the factory because they clearly have one hell of a lot of disposable income based on the amount they drink. No wonder kids in this country binge drink too much; they all watch soaps and simply don\’t know how to socialise without alcohol.

  65. leigh says:

    I have gone off corrie ………bring back Janice…………Get rid of ………..RITA….KEN….NORRIS….DIEDRIE……BLANCH…..THE BOOKIES……….GAIL AND HER MUM…DEV………SALLY AND KEVIN………..they have been there for such a long time .how many affairs can sally have…or ken & dedrie get remarried ………..I think bring back todd and make the grimshaws(including)shaun major characters………liven up ashley and lets make the soap real as it is 2008 and there are real problems ………..finish the baby mix up story…..keep michelle and steve….get them married ……………liz and her new husband to go away and get rid of them keep the connors because they could be like the mitchells …………so in all out with the old andin with the new and young talanted stars and give them some really good storiy lines that are realistic…………..
    Leigh Bridges Hastings

  66. Beryl Anne says:

    I disagree that Corrie should get rid of the old characters. Soaps should reflect life and without the old characters to give the soap credibility it would be like watching one of the Australian soaps which have no real meat to their bones. After all in real life most of us just amble along but without us the community would be non existent.

  67. .... says:

    I don\’t think they should get rid of the older chracters, It will start to look like hollyoaks

  68. Oliver says:

    Bring back Jim McDonald – answer to all our problems! Jim kicks ass and gets joe-public talking! And Charlie Lawson has a real presence! \’Corrie\’s\’ golden days could return if more of the older characters came back, Curly & Ken – awesome double act!

  69. jim says:

    PLEASE for the loet rid of TONY get BECKY and KIRK together and DO NOT bring back bradley walsh. was glad to get rid of hm.
    ALSO someone please shoot DEV in a raid on the shop!!! and get rid of GAIL and the MORTONS and the BOOKIES ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  70. emily says:

    I find holly oaks boring, its got too many teenagers. and not enough adults, or children, corrie will become like that if the older ones go. I think Dev, needs a bigger part. Its too centred around the bookies (which is totally boring), the Rovers (which can be funny), the builders yard (boring) and the factory which has its moments.

  71. Debra says:

    i think emily shud get a gun n kill all the borin charachtershen shoot herself. oh n PLZ PLZ PLZ bring back bradley walsh…. he hilarious!!! but keep  jamie away!!! n violet!!! n tat stupid baby.. i cant bear to watch lil seanie cry!!!

  72. Tia says:

    Emily, Hollyoaks is kinda aimed at teenagers. That\’s why it is full of them. I think it is great for teens my age, it handles real life stories, (except the incest one… I hope! lol) it shows eating disorders, drugs and teenage pregnanies to name a few. And there are many adults, they\’re just either parents, or quite young adults, 20+. Anyway, Coronation street doesn\’t need to chuck out the actors, how about the script writers, I\’m 13 and I\’m sure I could write better than we\’re getting right now.

  73. Georgina says:

    Story llines drag on too longg  defffoooo
    Love Blanche,noris, rita, betty as suppoert in the rovers.
    get rid of Gail
    and get rid of kabab family apart from darrly
    love Lloyd Vernon Steve kirk Dev Jason, and all the idiots (as support)
    i like liam and maria!
    The betting shop guys have grown on me
    factory girls=funny

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