Corrie’s Maria’s Wedding Jitters

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Coronation Street w/e February 15

Corrie’s in a bit of a slump at the moment so what better way to lift things than a wedding that’s bound to not go smoothly. Maria’s in turmoil over whether to go ahead. Meanwhile, Carla is still on a mission to win Liam. This love triangle would’ve been better viewing if Maria wasn’t such a wet blanket. Can you imagine how fantastic it would’ve been if Tracy Barlow had been the other woman? That would’ve been a catfight to remember…. At the venue, Maria breaks down and tells Liam she can’t marry him. Will the wedding go ahead? Will I find it in me to care? Watch this space.

Alex causes a scene when he turns up at the hotel unannounced claiming he wants to meet his family. Ryan’s distraught and Michelle’s in turmoil.  Alex tells an intrigued Norris that Michelle is his mum and Norris blabs. He makes sure the entire street knows. I give Bill Tarmey a year before he exits as Jack Duckworth. Anyway, Jack’s feeling suffocated by Rita and Emily and goes into the betting shop to hide from them and comes out a winner. But, as usual, there’s a problem. Ryan’s furious when he learns he’s going to have to share not only his mum but also his house with Alex. Violet is getting increasingly exasperated with Sean’s excessive baby talk and intrusion into her life. Probably about as exasperated as I am with Violet, Jamie and this entire dead-beat storyline. Can’t wait until those two go. 

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Roy is torn about whether he should visit Hayley in Africa
Jack confirms he’s selling his house to Tyrone and Molly
Vernon wants to re-decorate

Emmerdale w/e February 15

You may wish to brush up on your Shakespeare, particularly Macbeth, as we’re in Lady Macbeth territory with the Nicola-David-Donald triangle. And so to the rest of the events in Emmerdale this week…Gray and Katie receive positive news from the latest baby check-up. To Katie’s horror, word of her surrogacy reaches the Woolpack. A fuming Later Gray returns home with Katie and they head for the bedroom. Scarlett confides in Daz; she tells him about Carl and Lexi and Daz is quick to tell Chas. Carl really feels the force of his ex when she thumps him. Jonny and Paul discuss the option of a registry office, much to Val’s dismay. Desperate to provide her son with the perfect wedding she asks for Rodney’s assistance. Sam finds himself arrested and Samson taken away.

Scarlett remains cold towards Lexi while growing more friendly with the devious Debbie. Carl moves into Dale View and decides to remain with King & Sons. A furious Sam is told by the social worker that unless he remains with his family, Samson could be taken into care. Nicola resolves to increase her husband’s blood pressure by passionate means, but then turns to a more direct method. Will David help her kill Donald?

Also on Emmerdale this week:
An uncomfortable Jo breaks bad news to Andy
Carl wants out of King & Sons
Samson’s health deteriorates

EastEnders w/e February 15

Stacey is in hospital after collapsing in the club – alcohol poisoning will do that to you. Sean ‘Shout!’ Slater is a man on a vengeful mission (when isn’t he?); he wants Max to pay for what he’s done to his sister. To her children’s dismay, Tanya celebrates receiving the date of the divorce hearing.
Sean comes over and his maniacal behaviour worries Tanya. Eventually, he makes a shocking confession. Abi gets an idea with regard to stopping the divorce. Stacey goes missing and Tanya realises that Sean is very disturbed; she gets him to leave. While Abi tries her best to scupper her mum’s plans to bring down Max. Stacey goes to see Bradley’s mother Rachel as she wants to find an address for him. Will Rachel help her?

It’s Valentine’s Day, but will it end with Stacey and Bradley reunited? Charlie spruces himself up and heads out. Tanya’s at rock bottom. She tells the girls to go and pack their bags – they’re all leaving Albert Square.

Also on EastEnders this week:
Mo wonders if Charlie’s got a secret date so she follows him
Tanya confronts Max
Rachel and Stacey have a talk

Hollyoaks w/e February 15

Pre-watershed topics on Hollyoaks this week include drug abuse and marital rape – just an average week really. Besides, Zammo took heroin way back in 1986 on Grange Hill at teatime – although there was a heavy ‘Just Say No’ message. Anyway, Fletch convinces Sasha to get stoned. Gilly asks Rhys to be his best man, unaware of Rhys and Beth’s secret kiss the night before. Nancy is worried about Jake’s priorities and Neville tries to disrupt Hannah’s date with Danny. Jake stuns Nancy with his marriage arrangements and Danny regrets breaking up with Hannah, while Justin tries to get to the bottom of his decision. Summer convinces O.B. to tell Tom that he’s leaving for London.

Sasha regrets taking heroin the night before as she and Fletch suffer a massive comedown in Ste and Amy’s bathroom. Nancy spurns Jake’s advances on their wedding night, but he uses his strength to overpower her, until Steph walks in. On his last day in Hollyoaks, O.B. reminisces with Max. But does he really want to leave Hollyoaks? Jake is desperate to win Nancy back, but she refuses to come out of the bedroom. Katy agrees to participate in the charity tie-me-up fundraising challenge, with Zak as her very willing partner, and Elliot convinces Sarah to team up with him.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Sasha refuses to accept Calvin’s apology for hurting her
Beth makes a shocking proposal to Rhys
Jake is reduced to a sobbing mess

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