Will Liam Make It To The Church?

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Coronation Street w/e February 8th

Heard the news? I’m shocked that actor Rob James-Collie – who plays Liam Connor – is leaving Corrie (full story here). Apparently he doesn’t want to be typecast. I can understand his thinking, but this is disastrous for Corrie – they’ll have to call it Coronation ’empty’ Street soon. Who’s gonna be left to write stories for?

Anyway, it’s the morning after the night before and Eileen’s stunned to find Becky in the kitchen wearing her dressing gown.  Meanwhile, Jason, regretting his actions with Becky,decides to go to Italy to see if he can win back Sarah. Gail, however, is on to him. Will she ruin his chances? Boring bit about Sean and Violet – she wants a home birth; yawn.  Michelle plucks up the courage to tell Ryan that Alex has changed his mind about seeing her; another yawner. Both storylines are terrible.

It’s Rosie’s first day back at Underworld and trouble erupts. Mel’s furious that Lauren’s taking advantage of her daft brother Darryl. Carla puts a dampener on Maria’s hen night. But she also tells Liam that they have to face the truth about their feelings. Will Liam and Maria make it to the church? Dan is annoyed with Harry for interfering his attempt to chat up Kelly and tries his luck again. Fiz is concerned when she goes round to see Chesney and finds him unwell and living in squalor. She wants him to live with her, but will Chesney leave Kirk?

Also on Coronation Street this week:
Becky is depressed
Michelle’s furious when Ryan gets drunk at Liam’s stag do
Sean and Violet argue again (yawn) 

EastEnders w/e February 8th

It’s back to regular EastEnders after Dot’s solo episode. Minty and Garry have a heart to heart about fatherhood. Hazel struggles to come to terms with her heartbreaking news. Clare makes her mark while job hunting, and Ian and Christian experience being business partners. Jean’s worried about Stacey, she’s not on form. ‘Squeale’ Beale is shocked to discover that Christian’s bringing men back to the flat. Is it curtains for Christian?

Deano returns from prison but his ordeal has changed him. Lucy and Christian enjoy winding Ian up as a client has taken a shine to him (how in the name of all that I hold sacred to me is that possible?).


Yes folks – there is some Gus action at last! I bet Mohammed George can’t believe his luck…or his script. He probably thinks it was sent to him by mistake. And what’s all this about his aunt being played by Game For A Laugh TV chef Rustie Lee? Watch this space. Anyway, Gus asks Dot if she can help him mend the hole in his trousers. That says it all really. No wonder he’s being written out. More on this this Friday in Gus Watch… 

Also on EastEnders this week:
Heather is making herself at home with Garry
Minty is determined to track down Hazel
It’s all change at Shirley’s flat

Hollyoaks w/e 8th February

Calling all Hollyoaks fans! Gemma Bissex, better known to the Hollyoaks faithful as superbitch Clare Cunningham, is back on our screens again as Clare Bates, the adoptive daughter of Nigel and Debbie Bates in EastEnders. It could get a bit confusing as she’s played a girl named ‘Clare’ in both soaps – will she be a villain in EastEnders? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, what’s going on in the soap with all the beautiful people? Myra discovers a bag of heroin hidden in her drawer. Elsewhere Sasha’s stressed over her English exam while Newt is looking forward to cheating on his Geography test.

Lauren is having doubts about blackmailing Russ. Summer and OB are planning to move to London, but OB’s putting off telling Max. Meanwhile, during a routine check up, Max discovers that his heart condition has worsened and that he’ll need more tests. Oh dear. 

Rhys and Mercedes celebrate their newly-acknowledged relationship status, but they’re shocked to be greeted by Gilly and Beth. Michaela is stunned and terrified when Niall urges her to have an HIV test following the injection of heroin. Hannah still hasn’t told her family about Danny, and worries how her mum and dad will react if they find out she’s having a relationship.

Also on Hollyoaks this week:
Michaela is determined to prove her innocence to her family
Summer’s excited about moving to London
Elliot is besotted with Sarah

Emmerdale w/e February 8th

Romance is blooming just in time for Valentine’s day; Gray kisses Katie and says he wants a future with her. But does she feel the same way? Val’s got something to tell Viv, but will she have the courage to do it? Scarlett tells Carrie that she wants to stay in the village. Will she agree or force her daughter to leave with her?

Elsewhere, when Charlie terminates Andy’s phone call, Andy slams the phone down on his thumb and the two square up. Fight! Fight! Fight! A guard intervenes, but Charlie insists that it’s not over. Ooooh! Debbie opens a letter from social services about Sarah’s adoption which leaves her shaken. Victoria is furious when Jack mentions her psychiatric assessment in front of new farmhand Jake. However, he shows genuine interest in her and the two bond over their shared experiences. Will Victoria mistake his kindness for something more?

Also on Emmerdale:
The solicitor reveals who will be Scarlett’s trustee
Chas questions Lexi over Carl
Diane and Gray have a heart to heart

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