‘Justin’ Set To Quit Hollyoaks

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Here’s a bit of soap gossip for you concerning ‘Hollywoodoaks’ star Chris Fountain. As every Hollyoaks fan knows, Chris (or Justin as he’s better known to most of us) is taking part in the third series of Dancing On Ice. 

However he’s in a bit of a dilemma. According to the Daily Mirror, Chris Fountain is set to quit Hollyoaks after a £100,000 offer to skate on the Dancing On Ice live tour. 

Apparently poor (but not now of course) old Chris Fountain is exhausted filming his scenes as Justin Burton in Liverpool and rehearsing for the London-based ITV1 hit.

He’s been given an ultimatum by Hollyoaks bosses – return to his £70,000-a-year job when the show finishes or leave. Man, I wish someone would give me that kind of ultimatum…I’d feel like I’d just won the lottery!

Anyway, they’ve refused to give him time off to do the planned tour and ITV’s lump sum offer looks likely to tempt Chris to leave the soap he joined in 2003. 

A source said: "Chris has been juggling both shows. He’s been travelling loads and is shattered. He’s been told it’s the tour or Hollyoaks and now ITV have offered him £100,000 to stick with them. That’s the clincher."

Doesn’t Chris Fountain’s dilemma make you wish you were in a soap? Income can be supplemented by appearing in panto or from skating around an ice rink (or, in the case of Mohammed George – our hero Gus – you can be paid for doing absolutely nothing).  In the next life, I definitely want to come back as a soap star!

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13 Responses to ‘Justin’ Set To Quit Hollyoaks

  1. Sabrina says:

    Justin is booooooooooooring, kill him off Hollyoaks

  2. Charlette says:

    Chris is an amazing actor, i love all his storylines as Justin…but i think Chris should do the ITV tour, not only the money but it will be a good experience and total honour that they asked him. LV Chaz xx

  3. Paul says:

    Jesus whoever writes this article is a little bit on the jealous side of whoever appears on TV! Moaning about how much Chris gets paid to do Hollyoaks (where he is an admirable and creditable actor) or filming Dancing on Ice. When in all fairness their probably getting paid a hell of a lot more than they should for writing this trash.

    Good luck to you Chris, ignore anyone who tries to shoot you down like this jealous wannabe.

  4. Lauren says:

    Chris cant ever leave Hollyoaks, What will my eyes feast on?
    Gutted x

  5. Lucy says:

    Don\’t get me wrong, Justin\’s had some good story lines but if killing him off means we can get rid of that soppy girlfriend of his off our screens then I am all for it!!

  6. christine says:

    I think chris is a really good actor better that some of the people you see on telly now a days who are getting loads of monjey and cant act. I dont think we should judge people .The money he earns he deserves it theres a saying (never begrudge anyone for what they have because you dont know how they got it) I think if he wants to take the better money its up to him but he should just remember What side his bread is buttered

  7. Laura says:

    I think he is really good at skating but he has to decide on which job he most enjoys????????????????but he is also really good in Hollyoaks.

  8. Unknown says:

    I think chris (justin) is good in hollyoaks and seen as though i watch hollyoaks everyday im gonna want him to stay, but really he should just do what he really wants to do and if ice-skating is what he wants then who are we to stop him?

  9. phil says:

    Chris has his moments in hollyoaks, but is so far up his own ass in real life would rather him do the live show so I don\’t have to suffer him again. 70K How can C4 be mug enough to pay him that?? I know 100\’s of young actors that would outshine half of the current soap actors for a fraction of the cost that the mug TV companies pay for the wooden performances they pay for now

  10. Emma says:

    hes a bore.i cant stand him in hollyoaks!!!!  hes not even good lookn….

  11. mandy says:

    I think Chris Fountain (A.k.a Justin Burton) is an amazing young actor and has brought some fabulous storylines to hollyoaks.  However, He is clearly an extremely talented ice skater and you can see it is something he enjoys. So, Chris at the end of the day follow your heart, lifes too short to be unhappy.  In reality, it aint really about the money what  would make you happy in the long term? you\’re a star no matter what. Mandy

  12. Niki says:


  13. Soap Blogger says:

    Grishnuka, I\’ve edited your comment for language. Don\’t forget folks, this is a PC-rated blog. Please keep comments clean.
    08 February 13:14
    (http://cid-acf7d4609b969d5b.spaces.live.com/)for goodness sake people, its holyoaks. the actors in holyoaks are S**T at acting.

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