The Street Says Goodbye To Vera

Hello and welcome to A Slice Of Soap. Time to look at what’s going on this week in soap-land…

Coronation Street w/e 1st February

It’s time to say a final farewell to Corrie legend Vera Duckworth. Get your box of Kleenex tissues ready for her funeral. Look out for Street scoundrel and all-round bad boy Terry Duckworth cos he’ll be putting in an appearance and that can only mean one thing…TROUBLE! Poor Jack is worried sick about the day ahead and in a terrible state over his speech. He knows everyone will expect him to pay a tribute to his beloved Vera, but isn’t sure he has the courage to stand up in front of the whole congregation. Will Jack muster up the boldness needed to make his speech? 

Jason gets closer to Becky and Michelle’s unable to stop thinking about Alex; she calls Wendy to see how he is. Yawn. Sorry, but this storyline is about as interesting as a wet weekend in Wigan. Maria’s fuming when Carla pointedly lets slip that Liam only left Birmingham because Tony turned up. Maria’s irate and storms out of the pub convinced he only came home to her because he couldn’t have Carla. What a wimp! Maria – grow a backbone for goodness sake.

Elsewhere Kevin’s relieved to be home, but Rosie’s still at loggerheads with her mother and sister. She’s also fed up of the bullying at school and decides to go back to the factory. Adding petrol to an already burning fire, Rosie and Kevin head off for their father–daughter night out which leaves Sally and Sophie extremely irritated. Will there ever be peace in the Webster household?

Also on Coronation Street:
David and Tina cause a rumpus in the Rovers
Jason’s still feeling depressed about Sarah
Michelle secretly arranges a meeting with Alex

EastEnders w/e 1st February.

As you may know by now, an entire episode will be dedicated to Dot Branning. She’ll be sitting alone in her home with her tape recorder reminiscing about her life. I’m really looking forward to this one-off special, it should be an interesting show – very Alan Bennett. Perhaps we’ll get an insight into her feelings for her wretched son, Nick Cotton (remember him? Who could forget him!). I’d love to hear Dot’s theory about what made him go over to the ‘dark side.’ Definitely not to be missed.

Also this week, Roxy’s determined to reveal Jack’s true colours. Zainab’s troubled (when is she not troubled?) as she’s seriously in debt, but attempts to keep the news to herself. Minty learns that he’s going to be a dad and is excited about the pregnancy. However Hazel has something on her mind. Ronnie and Jack’s relationships hits the skids (for obvious reasons) just as they’re talking of moving in together. Elsewhere a familiar face arrives back in Walford with a bang (don’t tell they’ve done a u-turn and decided to bring back Cindy Beale after all!). Her return brings a smile to Dot, but will mean problems for others. Meanwhile Hazel shocks Minty with the truth about her condition.

Also on EastEnders:
Hazel upsets Heather.
Shabham puts Tam in a difficult position.
Dot has a decision she needs to make.

Hollyoaks w/e 1st February

Hey guys, this is the week that Lord Lloyd Webber puts in an appearance on  ‘HollywoodOaks’ – the soap with all the beautiful people (except him). He’ll be playing himself so look out for him. Then again, how could you possibly miss him? He’ll stand out like a sore thumb among all those great looking people. The storyline centres around Summer’s determination to become a West End star. A great week for Hollyoaks.

On with some other business and Kieron’s concerned about John Paul’s relationship with flirtatious Robin, but John Paul mistakes his concern for disapproval of his sexuality. However, Kieron has a revelation of his own and admits that he’s gay too. Summer hatches a plan to bag herself her dream job. O.B. prepares to pitch his inventions to a team of investors. Ste (our modern day Robin Hood whose surname should definitely be AL – geddit? Ste…AL) nicks £20 from Amy’s purse and blames it on Michaela.

Poor Michaela wakes up in hospital disorientated and completely unaware that she overdosed on heroin the night before.

Also on Hollyoaks:
Sarah’s struggling to cope with the knowledge of Kathy’s letter
A nervous Summer prepares for her big audition
Sasha suffers a drug-induced hangover.

Emmerdale w/e 1st February

Sam and his little son Samson have the whole village sick with worry when the pair go missing. That’s the serious stuff. On the lighter side, Val locks herself in the ladies and refuses to go to her hospital appointment. Unrelenting, Pollard orders her out and off to the hospital. Later, however, Val shocks everyone when she agrees to join Viv’s charity aerobics display.

Jo is having doubts about marrying Andy; is the jailhouse rocking their relationship? No, it’s not the jailhouse – this couple are just not destined to be together.

Meanwhile, Debbie is initially reluctant when Jo asks her to babysit. However she’s soon surprised to find herself enjoying the experience. Could Debbie be finding her inner mother?

Also on Emmerdale:
Zak and Lisa are consider temporary custody of Samson.
Pollard suggests a TV appeal for Sam.
The police search for Sam and Samson.

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